New York Suburbs with the Shortest Commute to NYC

New York City is a dream city to many people around the globe, not just the US. Hence, New York City is constantly experiencing migrations of people into it. Logically, when moving, most of the people do the research of the area they are moving into. This research is the best way to gain insight into the lifestyle of the area, as well as the best place to move to. From hiring a professional moving company, like Best Movers NYC, to doing research on where you want to move to, the relocation process will require your utmost attention and devotion. If you are planning your relocation to NYC, but do not know where to move to, this article is for you. Join us, as today we discuss the New York suburbs with the shortest commute to NYC. Let us make this dream relocation process a positive moving experience.

NY suburbs with the shortest commute to NYC

New York, commonly known as New York City, is the most populous city in the United States of America. With a population of 8.8 million, the city of New York is also the most densely-populated city in the US. The city itself is situated on one of the world’s largest natural harbors, the city is a major trading point ever since 1624.

a man talking on the phone while driving in a cab in NYC to represent suburbs with shortest commute to NYC
Each NYC borough and neighborhood has something new to offer, but their commute proximity is key to living in the city

The city itself is composed of five main boroughs, that together make NYC. Those five boroughs are:

  • Brooklyn
  • Queens
  • Manhattan
  • The Bronx
  • Staten Island

Each borough has a status of a city on its own. Collectively, they make one of the most popular and most populous cities in the world. However, we are not here to talk about the boroughs, but the suburbs themselves. Nonetheless, knowing what boroughs there are will help you start your own research on this subject.


The first suburb we are going to talk about is Bronxville. Technically a village, Bronxville is an urban suburb with 6.400 residents located 15 miles away from Midtown Manhattan. To be clear, Midtown Manhattan is often considered the center of NYC. If you were to take a train from Bronxville to Manhattan, it would take you about 30 minutes to arrive there. Of course, you have to take into consideration the rushes and crowds the city constantly has. Bronxville is great for families, has good public schools, and offers a B-tier rating in commuting. Its proximity to Manhattan will allow you to be in the proximity of most happenings in the city. If you want to move to Bronxville any time soon, you should consider hiring Manhattan movers to help you move. Living in Bronxville also offers a great opportunity to walk to nearby attractions or suburbs/boroughs.


When talking about suburbs with the shortest commute to NYC, we cannot skip on Pelham. Namely, this small village in Westchester County has a population of around 12.500. The suburb itself is slightly below Bronxville and has an entrance to the East River. Due to the fact that it houses a lot of families and young professionals, the majority of the population in the suburb owns their homes.

a woman in a white jacket standing on the train station while a train passess by
Pelham is also known as the commuting center in the city

Pelham is around 10 miles northeast of Midtown Manhattan. In fact, Pelham is one of the most popular commuting areas people move to in NYC. You are around 28 minutes away from the Grand Central Station and 30 minutes away from Midtown Manhattan. If moving to Pelham is something you would choose, hiring residential movers NYC is the best way to go. Pelham is north of the borough of Bronx and is perfect due to its proximity to everything in the city.

Scarsdale is on our list of suburbs with the shortest commute to NYC

We can see a little trend going on here. Namely, all of the suburbs we talked about so far were from Westchester County. However, because most people view Manhattan as the city center, Westchester County represents a perfect place to live in if you want to be close to Manhattan. This NYC suburb has a population of around 18.000. Out of all the 18.000, only 31% work in the neighborhood they live in. The rest works in Manhattan, for most cases. Hence, Scarsdale is surely a place where you can live and commute, if you work in Manhattan. The Metro-North is the subway system you want to catch to commute to Midtown Manhattan. It would take you approximately 34 minutes to arrive there. Scarsdale is considered one of the most wealthy towns in all of the US. The median household income is $250.000.

Rockville Centre

To spice things up, now we are going to talk about a suburb in Nassau County, instead of a suburb from Westchester County. Rockville Centre is an NYC suburb that homes 25.000 people. One of the main reasons people move to Rockville Centre is the ability to live a car-free lifestyle. With the territory spanning only 3.5 square miles, people often refer to Rockville Centre as “Mini Manhattan”. Bikes, scooters, and walking are the main forms of transportation here.

a happy man exiting a blue subway train
Rockville Centre is a great place to live because it is well-connected with the majority of the city

However, the reason Rockville Centre is in our suburbs with the shortest commute to NYC list is that it is around 34 minutes away from Penn Station. Furthermore, if you move there using long distance movers NYC, know that everything is fairly close to you. For instance, the Kennedy Airport is 15 minutes away, while Lower Manhattan is about 25 miles away.

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