Top 10 Best High Tech Attractions in New York

Technology is fundamental in today’s digital age. There seems to be a new invention almost every few months. If you want to look at all the amazing innovations from the past and the present, then these are the destinations Best Movers NYC recommends you visit. They are definitely the most high tech attractions in New York you can enjoy even if you don’t know a lot about technology.

We looked at some places that we found the most unique and interesting. These can be found all throughout New York and you can visit them as tourists or if you move here. Actually, these are a must-visit if you move here. They can be quite full as tourists from all over the world visit these attractions. So, be sure you organize yourself and visit them out of season. These are in no particular order.

computer part
If you love technology or just want to see what modern science can do, then we recommend you visit these places as they will give you a unique and educational experience!

Five high tech attractions in New York: museums

New York Hall of Science

What better place to start than the NY Hall of Science? It was opened in 1964. When Queens movers drop you off, you can go straight to the museum. It is interactive, as well as impressive. There are different activities and exhibitions everyone can enjoy. Even if you have kids it will be a unique experience for them, as there are amazing programs for kids as well.

You can visit historical discoveries, and modern discoveries and learn something new. The best part about it is that they use the “design-and-play” method. You can have a fun great time playing with technology and learning new things. Moreover. if you visit a certain time, you don’t have to pay for a ticket.


SPYSCAPE is an amazing museum focused on secrets and spies. It is divided into 7 different parts: Encryption, which focuses on the cryptanalysts; Deception, which takes visitors through the FBI’s hunt; Surveillance; Hacking, which focuses on the Anonymous group; Cyberwarfare, which focuses on Stuxnet; Special Ops, which focuses on WWII spy gadgets; and Intelligence. Overall, it’s a unique experience that will make you feel like you are in a spy movie.

SPYSCAPE is located on 8th Avenue. We recommend you visit this as soon as Manhattan movers drop you off. It is definitely one of the must-visits when coming to NYC. There are also different collaborations: like Batman and James Bond. The tickets are on the expensive side, around $40, but we think it’s worth spending that much money!

spy equipment from one of the high tech attractions in New York
Finding out about the history of spies and historic spy moments is pretty amazing as they are pretty secretive. As one of the high tech attractions in New York, SPYSCAPE will let you do this.


Museum of Innovation and Science or MiSci, for short, is an all-ages exhibit. It is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, but open the rest of the week. From Wednesdays to Fridays it is open for schools and scheduled groups, and on the Weekends it is open for everyone. MiSci is a great place that was founded in 1934 and holds many historical pieces. Artifacts from collections and archives are often featured in the Museum’s exhibitions and programs.

Moreover, you can visit different performances, special events, and even planetarium shows. This can make you feel pretty nostalgic. You will learn a lot of things as this is one of the most educational museums in Schenectady.

The Intrepid

Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum is another great museum to look at high-tech gear. However, this time, we are looking at high-tech military gear. It has a great collection of ships and aircraft which you can view. There are many great activities for kids, and they put an accent on historically and modern-day important women. It has yearly events we recommend you visit. A normal ticket costs $36, but there are a few add-ons you can add that will make the experience way more interactive, but they can get quite costly.

What we recommend you do is arrive at your new place with Midtown movers, go for a walk, and while you are on that walk you can visit the Intrepid. It does not take a whole day to view so it’s a perfect activity for when you just feel like relaxing. We recommend you take the full package if you have money, but we know things can be a bit pricy.

Arcadia Earth

Movers SoHo can guarantee you that SoHo is full of interesting museums and activities for families. We would like to mention the best tech-related museum which is Arcadia Earth. Unfortunately, it is currently closed as it is undergoing renovation. Arcadia Earth is self-described as: “The first immersive augmented reality journey through planet Earth”. There are a lot of unique and exquisite events, as well as private-held events. It’s a beautiful museum full of color and LED lights. It’s very beautiful and aesthetic.

As it is currently closed, we are not sure about the price of the tickets or when it is going to reopen. However, we hope it’s soon. It is definitely another museum you must visit. Arcadia Earth uses cutting-edge technology that makes the whole thing possible. You will definitely have a unique experience. Moreover, if you are looking for high tech attractions in New York, then, this is the one you must check out!

These were all of the museums we recommend you visit when coming to NYC. These are high-tech in different ways: from the equipment they use to their exhibitions and what they present. What is also important to note is that all of these museums are quite different in their own ways, so there is something for everyone to visit here!

vr experience
Entering the world of virtual reality is as futuristic as it gets. Using high-tech equipment, Arcadia Earth presents you with a unique and memorable experience.

Five little less high tech attractions in New York

Why did we classify these attractions as “less high tech”? Well, it’s simple: it’s because they are not strictly about technology, but they still use amazing technology to make the experience of visiting them unique. Visiting them will make you appreciate the work put in behind the exhibits.

National Museum of Mathematics

The National Museum of Mathematics is still, in a way, connected to technology. This museum shows something most people find scary when they’re in school: maths. However, they show this in a unique and new way that will make you fall in love with mathematics. They are connecting mathematics and real life in the best way possible: by showing you math in everyday life. There is a whole exhibit focused on patterns in our everyday life.

The museum is located near Madison Square Park, on Rose Hill. Only a 20-minute walk if your Murray Hill movers drop you off there. You can also find many different museums and attractions near this one. For example, the museum of Sex is located just across from this museum. Learning about maths and then going out and enjoying yourself sounds like a great plan!


Fotografiska is a photography museum. What is so special about this museum is that it is located in a church. So, the outside is old-fashioned and antique. Meanwhile, for their exhibitions, they use all types of equipment. A lot of their exhibitions are quite high-tech. That is the main reason we are mentioning this art gallery, out of all of them.

Fotografiska is a branch of art museums and galleries, this one was conveniently opened for our Gramercy movers to visit in Gramercy Park. At some point, there was an amazing restaurant opened here. However, it was closed because of the pandemic. Still, there are plenty of other activities to do after visiting Fotografiska, since it is located on a pretty public street.

led lights
People sometimes forget that technology can be used in art – as a form of expression or to get viewers integrated into art pieces. In some of the high tech attractions in New York you can visit are to die for!

Color Factory

Continuing with the theme of art, the Color Factory is an amazing interactive museum that is a must-visit. It is pop-art themed and is a collaboration between many different artists. Moreover, it uses innovative technology to bring the art experience to you. There are a few locations throughout the U.S. This one was opened near the Hudson River. On your way to relocate yourself with movers NYC to NJ you can visit this museum. But we recommend you plan a whole day for this museum.

Another important thing to add is that we recommend you book going to Color Factory way in advance. The cheapest tickets go from $35, but, depending on what you want, you might have to pay a little bit more. They are probably the most famous for their pit ball. However, there are many more aesthetic and innovative things to be seen. So, without giving away too much, if you need a pop of color in your life, then the Color Factory is for you!

Museum of Moving Image

The Museum of the Moving Image is focused on art, history, technique, and technology of digital media. In this aspect, it is pretty high tech. You can see the history behind some of your favorite movies, as well as how the film industry has evolved in the past 2 centuries. The museum is not the most interactive, however, it does give you the opportunity to learn about this media from audio and video. There are a lot of stunning visual elements that will bring the world of moving image.

The museum is located in Queens, so this is definitely a must-see when Astoria City movers drop you off. Tickets range from $12 to $20, which is a pretty decent deal if you ask us. It takes around 2 and a half hours to tour the whole museum. You can view a lot of cult movie props, especially horror movie props. If you are a film fanatic you must visit this museum.

planet earth seen from one of the high tech attractions in New York
Every new technological item is a world on its own. Who knows how far technologically we will come?

Hayden Planetarium

These were all destinations we wanted to review thoroughly. However, we would also like to mention some more destinations that use technology to give you a unique experience.

More high tech attractions in New York

  • NY Aquarium
  • Stevens Institute of Technology
  • RMSC (The Rochester Museum & Science Center)
  • Museum of the Earth
  • Vanderbilt Museum
  • Newark Museum of Art

These were all locations that we think you should visit.

high tech smartphone
Sometimes we forget that the most amazing high-tech attraction in New York is actually in our hands!

To sum up, all of the locations we have mentioned can be classified as high tech attractions in New York. Whether they use technology to give you a unique and memorable experience or their main focus is technology, they all heavily depend on it. In our everyday life, we take technology for granted. But, when you think about it, a lot of work and history goes into making one smartphone. Finding out about the history of technology or going to see how technology is used to make art come alive is truly magnificent. Those are the main reasons we recommend these places. We guarantee you will enjoy yourself and have a great time!

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