10 New York hikes you need to take this spring

If you enjoy hiking or being in nature, you know spring is a particularly great time for this. Everything starts to bloom, blossom, and come alive. Taking walks and soaking in the beautiful nature that New York has to offer is one of the favorite activities among the residents. We want to highlight 10 New York hikes you need to take this spring. Even if you have never gone hiking, it’s a great way to connect with nature. You will be witnessing everything come alive and, aside from that, enjoying yourself in a relaxing environment is definitely something you need after local movers NYC drop you off at your new place. We will list all the amazing NYC hikes you must take, especially this spring. And, hopefully, this will inspire you to explore these routes on your own.

Hiking is definitely something that anybody can do. You can go hiking with your family, friends, or alone. Hiking is not about getting to your destination, but about going on a journey. That is the main reason so many people enjoy hiking. Moreover, it is a great way to get exercise without doing too much work. Hiking can lower stress levels, get you connected with your thoughts, and calm you down. So, why wouldn’t you occasionally escape the fast life of NYC and go on a walk in nature?

woman hiking
Connect with yourself and nature by going on hikes!

Easier New York hikes you need to take this spring

When talking about hiking, it’s not a smart idea to put a beginner on longer and harder tracks. That is why we decided to divide this list into two parts: harder and easier hiking trails. This way, you can know exactly what to expect and not be surprised. We always recommend you do extensive research when it comes to hiking trails but we will list some basic information you need to know.

1. Van Cortland Park

Starting off with definitely one of the easiest parks to have a casual walk or small hike: Van Cortland Park. There are a few hiking trails located in this park, but they are not very secluded. This park is easy to access, especially if you move with moving companies Wakefield to this neighborhood. That is precisely why we put it on this list. Although it is not the most amazing and beautiful park, it is the most accessible one. If you are heading back from work and need a quick walk in nature, then you can easily come to Van Cortland Park and enjoy yourself.

One of the New York hikes you need to take this spring that’s very popular with bikers is Van Cortland Park. You will also see a lot of children, dogs, and people generally. If you want a calmer and quieter place, then maybe skip Van Cortland Park. However, if you just want an easy-access park, or to be surrounded by nature but don’t want to walk far, then Van Cortland Park is for you. One more thing to mention, you can directly go to Old Croton Aqueduct Trail from here, which is a trail we wholeheartedly recommend.

2. Mount Hope Park

A great trail when you want to be alone, but not go too far to take a hike. You probably will not meet a lot of people here and if you do, they are most likely to be bird watchers or fishermen. There aren’t a lot of people taking their pets for a walk, and if there are the pets must be on a leash. This place should be your go-to place if Mount Hope movers bring your things to your new neighborhood. Enjoying some private time in nature will help you relax. You can bring your kids here as it is not too steep. Moreover, you will enjoy the view while passing a lot of lakes. The trail is well-kept but can get slippery in autumn and winter. So, going during spring is the optimal decision you can make!

3. Central Park

A lot of people wouldn’t consider Central Park when thinking about popular places in NYC to take hikes, but it is. Even though it is in the center of NYC, people often forget how big it is and that there are quite a few secluded places. Wherever movers in Manhattan help you relocate, Central Park will be accessible to you. It takes around two hours to make a loop around the whole park. The best part is that Central Park is wheelchair accessible. It isn’t really a real mountain hike per se, but it is definitely a great walk. The best time of the year to visit Central Park is definitely spring while everything is booming. Who knows, you might even have a cute rom-com moment!

central park
Central Park is a bit of an unusual place to go hiking, but you have to admit it is a great exercise.

4. Riverside Park

One more easily-accessible place located in Manhattan is Riverside Park. You can walk along the shore of the Hudson River and enjoy looking at the water. Who does not enjoy looking at water? The best part about this place is that is located in the center. Riverside Park is located very close to Central Park so you can visit them both in a single day. This can especially be possible if you have recently let Upper West Side movers help you unpack your things at your new place. Then, immediately after that, you can explore the booming nature of Riverside Park. It is a great place for children as well as pets, or just having a walk on your own. And takes around an hour to walk the whole distance!

5. Stairway to Heaven

Now, this is quite a peculiar trail. To begin with, Stairway to Heaven is located in New Jersey so it is perfect if you are hiring movers NYC to NJ and moving there. Secondly, this trail is not a singular trail, but a few trails intertwined. They all vary in difficulty, but there are a few easier trails. That is why we put it on this list. This is an especially popular trail for bird watchers, so you might see them looking at fascinating bird species. Elevation gain is not high at all (it is around 270 meters). There is a clear path with stairs, which some people might not enjoy. You can see amazing nature here and enjoy being alone. It is also a great trail for kids. It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on which route you take!

stairway to heaven is surely one of the New York hikes you need to take this spring
Stairway to Heaven is exactly what it sounds like – a lot of stairs leading to the most beautiful view.

Harder New York hikes you need to take this spring

After reviewing some of the easier New York hikes you need to take this spring, we want to focus on some harder ones. They are harder because they either take longer to complete, meaning you need more stamina, or they are harder to complete. If you are in shape, even as a beginner you can take these on, but we do recommend learning how to hike safely by going on easier terrain first.

1. La Tourette Park

This is a great park with many different paths, but not with that much elevation gain. You should visit this particular park should be visited in either spring, summer, or early autumn. It is said this park is the most beautiful in spring. Some routes are up to 10 km long and can take around 3 hours, but they are fun. If you feel like getting lost in nature, then this is the perfect hike for you. You can occasionally run upon fellow hikers, pet walkers, or bikers, depending on what time of day you visit La Tourette Park. But, most of the time you can avoid other people. You might hear cars or plains that will take you out of the experience of being away from NYC. Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid this besides ignoring it or putting on headphones (which we do not recommend as you won’t be able to listen to the sounds of nature). The noisiness can be a dealbreaker for some, so keep that in mind!

kids chilling
Having fun family time while hiking is the best!

2. Inwood Hill Park

This gem you will get to know when you move with movers in Inwood NY is one of the most majestic places to hike. There are quite a few routes, with a lot of them being a bit challenging. There are a lot of things to explore, from caves to trees, and, in the end, you will be looking over the Hudson River. Most of the trails are unfortunately paved, but the parts that aren’t are where the fun begins. Most of the routes take around two hours to complete and, with some of them, you’re sure to get pretty sweaty! It’s unlikely you’ll encounter many other people while exploring. This way you can enjoy springtime to the fullest. One more thing to mention is that this park is especially beautiful in winter. And, although we are talking about going hiking in spring, we can’t help but recommend you revisit Inwood Hill Park during winter, especially if it snows.

3. Prospect Park

Right in the middle of Brooklyn, you can find Prospect Park. There are a few off-main-route routes that are quite challenging as you will have to jump over stones and wood. Maybe even climb a few trees. Prospect Park is fun because you get to explore its peaks. If you decide to explore all of them at once it will take you around 2 hours. We do have to mention you have to be careful around people, as there have been a few incidents in this park. Also, we do not recommend you go very early in the morning or when it’s dark outside. Brooklyn movers can confirm that Brooklyn has become pretty safe in the last couple of years. However, that doesn’t include Prospect Park. So, be careful.

prospect park
A very beautiful place to explore, especially if you live in Brooklyn.

4. Alley Pond Park

One of the more interesting paths, often getting mixed reviews is Alley Pond Park. This park is usually pretty empty, so you probably won’t see many people (if you see any). That is quite unusual considering it’s located in a pretty populated area. You will see what we mean when you move with movers in Glen Oaks. The reason why this place isn’t visited by many people is because of the challenging terrain. That’s what makes it so fun! The trails aren’t as clearly marked as they are in other places, but that is what many people enjoy about this particular park. You can have an amazing foliage experience and you will feel like you have left NYC completely. There are also a few cultural events being held in this park, so keep an eye out for that!

5. Fort George Hill: Highbridge Park

This is definitely the hardest route on this list and usually, only bikers take on this challenge. You can also go hiking here, but it will take you a lot of strength and time. It is unlikely you will encounter other people while exploring which can be an amazing thing. There are a few routes you can take, and some of them will get you to great heights and amazing views of the Bridge. Others will help you explore the beauty of Highbridge Park. Whichever route you take it is unlikely you will be disappointed. You can only feel relieved after having movers Bronx help you get settled into your new place. So, don’t wait and go explore this park immediately!

a person exploring New York hikes you need to take this spring
These were New York hikes you need to take this spring! We are sure you will enjoy them!

Final words on the New York hikes you need to take this spring

We have mentioned some of the most fun and accessible places to explore in NYC. These are the New York hikes you need to take this spring and there is no reason not to. All of them are on the easier side (even the harder ones), and you can easily get to these places and explore them. Grab your hiking shoes and go have fun!

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