Things to know before moving to Bensonhurst

So you’re moving to Bensonhurst soon? How wonderful! If you play your cards right, hire professional movers New York residents to deem top-quality, and stick to your schedule, moving to Bensonhurst can be a walk in the park. That said, don’t forget to stay stoked about your upcoming relocation and all that awaits you in your new neighborhood. However, no matter how good a particular neighborhood sounds, there are almost always both positives and negatives to it. That being the case, it’s best to approach the topic of researching your future neighborhood as a scientist would. That means taking in all the facts and then creating a bigger picture. Here are some things you can expect from a small and family-oriented Brooklyn neighborhood that’s Bensonhurst.

A toddler sitting by a Christmas tree.
Bensonhurst is the perfect place to move to with your family!

Moving to Bensonhurst – a story of a happy family

If you’re expecting crazy New York vibes from Bensonhurst you’ll be truly disappointed. Bensonhurst is everything but a busy New York neighborhood. Stepping into it from surrounding neighborhoods you’d think you were teleported somewhere completely different. And even though that might not sound too promising to those wishing to engage in New York madness, it’s absolutely a haven for those who are looking to have a simple and peaceful life. That being the case, moving to Bensonhurst is a great option for families with children. Not to mention friendly movers Bensonhurst residents trust that will handle any moving needs you might have now, or in the future. All in all, Bensonhurst is a friendly, quiet place, best suited to those who value peaceful family life.

Bensonhurst climate

Bensonhurst climate is the climate children will surely love, but elderly not as much. Even though the summers are warm and humid averaging around 84°F, the winters are very cold and windy with temperatures dropping as low as 28°F. Probably all youngsters would argue that cold winters are the best thing ever. That is, of course, because cold winters mean snow, sledding, and building snowmen! However, such low temperatures are probably not best suited to people with arthritis and other illnesses and conditions reactive to cold.  The weather is also wet and partly cloudy year round which means carrying an umbrella is a must.

Low traffic and many places to play freely

Bensonhurst is one of those neighborhoods where you can still see children playing freely on the streets. That’s mostly possible due to low traffic. And even though that may be great for families with kids, those that rely heavily on commute might not enjoy this neighborhood. However, low traffic means more fresh air. Not only will children be able to play in the streets, but they will be much healthier doing so.

Friendly neighbors and diverse community

Bensonhurst is riddled with different cultures. Mostly those that are known to generate warm and welcoming people with a strong sense of family and community. Expect your neighbors to be of Italian, Hispanic, Afroamerican, Eastern European, and Asian descent. Also, expect your new neighbors to be friendly and invite you for a coffee and amazing cultural dishes. Of course, make sure to return the favor whenever you can. You’ll definitely win over your neighbors with a sweet treat and a smile.

A family playing charades with new neighbors after moving to Bensonhurst.
By moving to Bensonhurst you’ll gain new friends!

Moving to Bensonhurst can save your property and your life

It’s only natural that when moving you’d want your new neighborhood to have low crime rates. After all, safety is the number one priority for most people. Luckily for Bensonhurst residents, Bensonhurst has significantly lower crime rates than the rest of New York. The rate was as low as 5.6 crimes per 1000 residents in 2019. That is significantly lower than 11.3 crimes per 1000 residents which is the New York average. That in itself puts Bensonhurst high on the list of neighborhoods suitable for children.

Move to Bensonhurst and watch it grow

It’s important to note, though, that Bensonhurst is developing! In 2019, 285 units were authorized by new residential building permits. That number comes out to roughly 3% of total new units being built in Brooklyn, and 1.1% New York units. In 2018 the number was even higher with 338 units approved. That said, it’s obvious that Bensonhurst is developing! However, not everyone likes that idea. After all, people are moving to Bensonhurst to avoid the city busyness. If you’re one of those people, worry not. It’ll probably be a while before Bensonhurst becomes just one more typical New York neighborhood.

Bensonhurst schooling for optimal education

Another thing to know about Bensonhurst is that schooling is some of the best in the city! The schools in this region follow the same principles as the whole neighborhood. That means that the teachers are warm and friendly. This then helps children learn stress-free and consequently fall in love with learning. If you don’t believe this, the numbers speak for themselves. In 2019, 66.6% of Bensonhurst 4th graders performed at grade level in English, and 60% performed at grade level math. Those are quite impressive numbers compared to 49.4% of children that performed at grade level English, and 49.6% that performed at grade level math citywide.

Children studying in a classroom.
Bensonhurst schools are some of the top schools in New York!

Relocating your business to Bensonhurst

Moving a business to a new place can be stressful, especially if you’re moving it to a place completely unknown to you. Bensonhurst might seem like a bad place to move a business to. However, no matter how quiet and peaceful Bensonhurst is, it’s still a part of Brooklyn. Brooklyn is a lively New York borough that is in the heart of New York City. That being the case, Brooklyn offers plenty of business opportunities. When you think about it, living and owning a business in Bensonhurst offers the best of both worlds. You’ll reap the benefits of moving your business to Brooklyn, but also be able to enjoy a quiet family life that’s typical for Bensonhurst.

You might also be moving your business within Brooklyn from one place to another. If that’s the case, you probably already know what Brooklyn offers in terms of business opportunities. Still, your business can benefit from changes. Moving your business is one such change. Hiring local movers in Brooklyn is the best way to relocate your business locally quickly and safely.

So is moving to Bensonhurst the right step for you and your family?

That’s absolutely on you to decide. However, it’s obvious that Bensonhurst has many traits that a family with children would deem desirable. That said, Bensonhurst being the way it is it’s also the perfect place for all singles, couples, and families without kids that just love simple family life. To conclude, moving to Bensonhurst is not for everybody, but it’s also the place to be for many.

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