Moving to Brighton Beach: What to expect?

Brighton Beach, a Brooklyn neighborhood located precisely on the beach which is no surprise given its name. It is also known as Little Odessa due to its Eastern European community. Being the way it is, makes Brighton Beach perfect for all those who love spending quality time on the bench and multiculturalism. Still, wherever you’re moving it’s advisable to learn a thing or two about the place you’re moving to beforehand. Moving in itself is very stressful. That’s why it’s best to get to know your future neighborhood well so you can prepare for the relocation properly. There are reliable movers in New York that can alleviate a good chunk of moving stress. However, only you can prepare yourself mentally for the undertaking so you can get ready for moving to Brighton Beach in every way possible.

A group of people having fun on the beach.
The biggest selling point of Brighton Beach is the Beach!

Things to know before moving to Brighton Beach

When it comes to evaluating a new neighborhood Google is your best friend! That is, of course, if you’re unable to experience it first hand. If you can it’s best to have a day trip, walk around, and get to know the neighborhood before moving. Be creative! Moving should be fun and exciting and there are many ways to discover your new neighborhood. However, the same as every neighborhood, Brighton Beach has both good and bad to it. It’s important to keep in mind though that good and bad can be subjective as well. Some people prefer quiet neighborhoods engulfed in greenery and nature, while others love concrete, skyscrapers, and city noise. That means that Brighton beach might be the perfect choice for one person and not really the best choice for someone else.

A relatively safe neighborhood

Brighton Beach is a relatively safe neighborhood compared to the national average. That makes this neighborhood particularly good for raising children. But how does that translate to concrete numbers? Burglaries are almost 5 times less likely to occur compared to the national average. On top of that theft is 50% less likely to occur. But what is probably the most important, murders in this neighborhood are 6 times less likely to occur with 0 murders occurring per 100.000 inhabitants! That means that if you’re looking for a safe neighborhood, moving to Brighton Beach might be the right step for you!

A tight-knit community with a rich cultural background

Brighton Beach has a relatively small and tight-knit community. This community is known for its Eastern European warmth and charms. That means that after your move with cheap movers you can rely on you’ll have plenty of money to spend in wonderful Russian-styled bakeries, shops, and restaurants. You’ll have wonderful international delicacies right at your fingertips. You can also expect warm and welcoming neighbors. However, if you’re not the one for making friends with people in your near proximity, Brighton Beach might not be for you. On the other hand, if you’re somebody who likes meeting new people and experiencing new cultures there’s no doubt you’ll enjoy Brighton Beach.

A group of neighbors having fun.
You can expect to meet many friendly people and neighbors after moving to Brighton Beach!

Moving to Brighton Beach for the beautiful beach

The beach is probably the biggest selling point of Brighton beach. It is after all in the name itself. The famous Brighton Beach beach is covered in finely milled sand and has a long boardwalk. That means that after you’re down having fun by or in the ocean you can have a stroll. On top of that, the ocean is usually around comfortable 71.6°F degrees during the summer which makes it perfect for water activities and swimming. However, during winter and springtime, the ocean can get pretty cold with temperatures dropping to 42.8°F. In autumn, however, the water temperature is roughly 62.6°F which is enough only for the bravest of the brave to take a swim. Or, well, Russians.

Still, living virtually on the beach has many advantages. For one, the air is different. Vaporized ocean water makes the air much cleaner and healthier in combination with lower traffic by the beach. Not to mention all the benefits inhaling saline mist can have on upper respiratory system health.

On top of that having a beach so close by can inspire a person to go out in the sun and engage in activities. Riding a bike by the beach, playing fetch with your dog, or playing volleyball with your friends and family are all viable options that we who don’t live by the beach simply don’t have. If you’re one of the lucky ones moving to a neighborhood with a beach take advantage of it for all of us that don’t! Once you’re done moving comfortably with some of the best Brighton Beach movers there are, go for a walk by the beach. Your health and body will thank you for it!

Unfortunately, not too affordable of a neighborhood

New York, in general, is quite expensive. However, some neighborhoods are more affordable than others. That means that no matter what your budget is you can find a suitable neighborhood for yourself in New York. Unfortunately, Brighton Beach is quite pricey when it comes to renting and buying. Two-bedroom apartment rent can be as high as $2,500! That’s significantly higher than many other neighborhoods in cheaper New York boroughs such as Bronx or Queens. That said, if you’re set on Brooklyn there are a few more affordable neighborhoods like Bay Ridge and Brooklyn Heights. However, Brighton Beach is a wonderful neighborhood with many perks and as such is worthy of paying a little extra if you have the money to afford it.

A woman counting money.
Rent in Brighton Beach can cost a pretty penny. That’s why you should evaluate whether moving to Brighton Beach s the best step for you financially!

Relocating to Brighton Beach can be the right step for the right person

Moving is a serious endeavor. It’s a huge step that requires a lot of planning and preparation. That said, preparing in every way possible is key for a smooth transition. That means that you can greatly benefit from hiring quality assistance to handle your moving tasks while you prepare yourself mentally for the move. There are many expert local movers in Brooklyn that can handle anything you throw at them with ease. Having such strong support during a move is key for an easy move. With proper help, you’ll have enough time to take care of yourself and do the tasks only you can do. Researching your future neighborhood included. Be honest with yourself before making any big decision. Moving to Brighton Beach can be the right step, just make sure you’re the right person to take it!

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