The safest NYC neighborhoods for families

Moving with your family can be very stressful. Not only because moving is so demanding, but also because of all the pressure choosing the perfect neighborhood for you and your family brings. Your new neighborhood should undoubtedly be a great fit. However, aside from that, safety should be your main priority. Sure, choosing great expert movers from the list of moving companies Best Movers NYC has to offer is important, but first, you have to choose what neighborhood you’re moving to. If you already live in NYC that may not be as hard of a task as it would be for someone moving from another state. But regardless of that, learning more about what the safest NYC neighborhoods for families are can only help you choose quicker and better.

Safety comes in all shapes and sizes

First of all, we should define what safety is. Raising kids in NYC is very hard. A lot happens in NYC and unlike small and quiet cities with plenty of fields and meadows for your kids to play, New York is absolutely crazy. That’s why it’s very important to choose one of the safest NYC neighborhoods for your family and yourself. But what even is a safe neighborhood?

A child playing safely in a yard.
Safety is not just a lack of crime, but a lot more than that!

Well for one, it’s obviously a neighborhood with low crime and murder rates. You shouldn’t be living in a neighborhood where pickpocketing, robberies, and similar are a thing. But there are also other things you should be wary of. Reckless driving, fighting, and hostility are also big no-nos. Kids are not as good as adults are at avoiding danger. That means that even the smallest non-issue for an adult could cost a child their life. So to protect your family, including your children, it’s best to choose a safe NYC neighborhood.

The list of safest NYC neighborhoods for families in 2021

Just like you should avoid fraudulent movers in NYC when moving, so should you avoid unsafe neighborhoods. Luckily, there are plenty of completely safe neighborhoods in NYC that are great for families. But a neighborhood that is great for a family should have a lot more than just safety. Here are our picks for the safest neighborhoods in NYC for families that you and your family might enjoy that also have a lot else in store.

Battery Park City – The absolute safest neighborhood for families in NYC

When it comes to safety, Battery Park City scores all the highest scores. It’s relatively smallish compared to some of the other neighborhoods on the list, with a population of roughly 16000 people. However, that’s perhaps its advantage. It’s a very compact neighborhood with a friendly and safe community. Predominantly families with kids and young professionals live there. All of that makes for a very peaceful neighborhood. Aside from that, traffic is also pretty low while there are parks and a ton of greenery all over the place. If money is not an issue, find residential movers NYC residents recommend ASAP and move to Battery Park City. It doesn’t get much better and safer than that.

A family sitting on grass at a park.
Battery Park City is a great option for families since is both great and offers a lot in terms of parks and playgrounds!

Tribeca – A close second

Completely different from Battery Park City architecturally, Tribeca is still one of the safest neighborhoods in NYC for families. Its population is just a smidge larger than that of Battery Park City, and it sits at almost 19000 people. Though just as safe as Battery Park City, it doesn’t have just as many benefits. Don’t get us wrong, Tribeca is still one of the best options in New York. However, there aren’t as many places for kids to play freely. You’ll probably have to watch your child more often and take them places yourself. Still, Tribeca is a great and safe option for a family and there’s no way you’ll regret moving there.

Park slope – Plenty of safety as well as fun for the whole family

If moving to Brooklyn with family is something you want, Park Slope should be on your radar. It’s significantly larger than the previous two neighborhoods, with its population being a whopping 46000 and counting. It’s a very dense urban neighborhood but it’s still very safe. Ranked 8th on the list of the safest neighborhoods in NYC for 2021, it’s also considered to be a good pick for families. But aside from being safe, this neighborhood is also very fun. There’s a ton to do for both kids and parents. Restaurants, bars, parks, playgrounds, and all sorts of activities for families, are just some of the things you can expect in Park Slope. So if you’re concerned about safety but you also like a bit of fun, Park Slope might be a great option for you.

Prospect Heights – A nice medium for those that love a bit of everything

Prospect Heights is not just one of the safest NYC neighborhoods for families but also one of the best fitting neighborhoods for families. Its population is somewhere around 23000 people which means it’s a golden middle. But just as its population, everything else in Prospect Heights is quite well balanced. It’s a good mix between an urban neighborhood and a serene and safe one. That means that if you move to this neighborhood with your family, you’ll be able to choose how you want to live. Prospect Heights doesn’t dictate a certain pace and that makes it great for families that like to mix things up.

A father carrying his daughter on his shoulders.
Some of the safest NYC neighborhoods for families, like Prospect Heights, have a lot more to offer than just safety!

There are plenty of safe neighborhoods for families in NYC

Battery Park City, Tribeca, Park Slope, and Prospect Heights are definitely considered to be some of the safest NYC neighborhoods for families. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty more. If none of these neighborhoods tickle your fancy or you simply can’t afford to live in them, worry not, there are a lot more safe neighborhoods for you to choose from. Do your research and find something safe that will fit you and your family. Neighborhoods are not one-size-fits-all, and that’s okay, as long as you’re staying safe.

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