The Quietest Neighborhoods in NYC to Move To

Many people consider New York as the city of their dreams and many wish to have a chance to relocate here. However, life in New York City can be pretty hectic, especially for those coming from smaller cities and towns. Eight million people and a great number of tourists add to the city’s hustle and bustle. This is one of the loudest places with lots of traffic, people, and a rich nightlife. For this reason, if you are planning to relocate here you need to learn as much as possible about NYC. Best Movers NYC can help you with your relocation as soon as you find the neighborhood that can suit you. In case you are looking for a more quiet area, luckily NYC can offer that as well. Therefore, read this article and discover what are the quietest neighborhoods in NYC.

The city that never sleeps

People call it this way for a good reason. When you pronounce the name of the city, hardly anyone can think of a piece and quiet. Therefore, if you are looking for New York to become your future home, you need to make research its neighborhoods. There are five main boroughs of the city. Between subway, foot traffic, cars, and constructions it is not always easy to find a calm area. Manhattan is one of the most famous boroughs of New York. Before you hire movers Manhattan, you need to know that the area reports less than 1,000 noise complaints per capita. In addition, if you compare it to the Bronx or Brooklyn, Manhattan seems to be quieter.

Some of the quietest neighborhoods in NYC in Manhattan are :

  • Upper East Side
  • Lenox hill
  • Carnegie Hill
  • Battery Park City
  • Lower East Side
  • Lincoln Square
  • East Village
a woman looking through the telescope at one of the quietest neighborhoods in NYC
It is possible to find some of the quietest neighborhoods in NYC

Upper West Side

The area runs from 59th Street to 110th Street on the West Side. This area is a great location that is close to everything, yet it offers a bit of peace and quiet. This is one of the most picturesque areas in Manhattan where the filming of many famous movies took place. The area between Central Park and Riverside Park offers an abundance of green space. Contact your movers Upper West Side to help you with the relocation to this gorgeous area. You will have access to the tree-lined streets and many different parks in the area. In addition, its block-size apartments block the noise additionally.

a man in a cab talking about the quietest neighborhoods in NYC
Upper west Side is a popular residential area with a suburban feel

Battery Park City

Before 1972 this was a marshland area. Nowadays, its 92-acre offer both modern condos as well as a lot of green space in the area. Being home to Battery Park City Esplanade, it remains one of the quietest areas in NYC. It is bordered by the Hudson River on three sides which gives the area additional peace and quiet. As it is outside of many Manhattan attractions, it is no wonder why families with kids prefer to live here. Yet, it is still close to the Financial District and has a good transportation connection to many different neighborhoods of Manhattan.

Queens and some of its quietest neighborhoods in NYC

According to the most recent statistics, Queens seems to be quieter than Manhattan. Although it reported more than 50,000 noise reports, most of them are in the category of loud music. On the other hand, Queens reports fewer noise reports for banging than the Bronx and Brooklyn. However, before you hire Queens movers, you need to know that people are talking and watching TV louder than in other areas. Apart from that, Queens still remains a quiet residential family area with all the busy city perks. This is the second-largest borough with a population of around 2,4 million residents. It is also a very diverse community where you can taste some of the best Indian and Chinese food. There are many luxurious tall buildings, but Queens also has a lot of green surfaces where you can have nice picnics.

Bayside (Queens)

In this area, you will find a mixture of urban and suburban feel at the waterfront area. What its residents can truly sense here is the feeling of community. You would still have the big city vibe, yet live in a quiet, spacious, and most importantly safe area. Contact movers Bayside NY, and take your family to this charming neighborhood. In Bayside, there are many popular schools, and this is one of the main reasons why people with kids wish to relocate here. In addition, there are plenty of homes and apartments to rent or buy here for a relatively reasonable price. Next to this neighborhood, other quiet ones are Long Island City, Elmhurst, and Maspeth.

a bridge over a river
Queens has some of the quietest neighborhoods in NYC

If you are considering Long Island City

Although it may seem strange to look for peace and quiet in NYC, Long Island City in Queens is one such neighborhood that has it all. This is yet another waterfront neighborhood that offers a wide variety of beautiful parks and a stellar art scene. This is one of the quietest neighborhoods in NYC. In addition, many people who work in Manhattan choose to live here and commute since it is quieter than Manhattan. Approximately it takes 30 minutes to get to Manhattan, but you will have a feeling that you are far away from the city bustle. The Gantry Plaza State Park is near so you will have access to a green surface. Finally, apartments here are wide and spacious so it is comfortable for renting to larger families.

Brooklyn is one of the quietest neighborhoods in NYC

This is one of the busiest boroughs in the city of New York. With plenty of rich nightlife and social events, this borough is louder than the other boroughs of NYC.

a bridge in one of the quietest neighborhoods in NYC
Noise claims in Brooklyn come from parties with loud music

However, there are still places where you can find some peace and quiet. Regarding claims about noise, they mostly come from the ‘Loud Music/Party’ section. Before you contact residential movers Brooklyn, you need to know that the two most quiet areas in this neighborhood are Brooklyn Heights and Park Slope. Back in the ’90s, this was a working-class borough. Nowadays, many young families and hipsters come to live in this area. Brooklyn is one of the most populous boroughs of New York with more than 2,7 million people. The way of living is more relaxing with great cultural and entertainment events. You can check out the Brooklyn Art Museum or Barclay’s Center.

Park Slope, Brooklyn

Another example of a peaceful and quiet area of NYC is Park Slope in Brooklyn. Being close to Prospect Park, there is great access to local parks, restaurants, and plenty of walkable places. When it comes to transportation, it has great transportation routes such as Long Island Railroad, bus, and subway. For those who prefer driving a car, it has easy access to all the main routes. Among the most positive things about this neighborhood is the fact that here there is a lot o entertainment. On the other hand, it still preserves a beautiful and quiet setting. If you like street fairs, visiting a zoo, or botanical gardens, or eating tasty barbeque, this is the right place.

Brooklyn Heights rates among the quietest areas in NYC

This part of the city is one of the quietest neighborhoods in NYC. Here you will have a great sense of community, still living in the big city. Many young families with children decide to raise their children here. This makes it highly family-friendly. Brooklyn Bridge Park is close to this area with plenty of playgrounds for children. If you wish to book Brooklyn Heights movers, you will enjoy tree-lined streets and great scenery. In addition, Brooklyn Bridge Park got the award as the most beautiful waterfront park in the area. This offers a great view of the city without too much noise which often appears to be a problem in the city.

Get to know the Bronx before moving there

This is the only borough of New York City that is not an island. Being north of Manhattan, this is coming as the second-loudest borough of NYC. Just like other boroughs of New York, it is not an exception when it comes to noise. Parties and loud music are present in this area with more than 40,000 complaints and reports about these factors. If you decide to move to the Bronx, you will be moving to the tech-raising area. In addition, rent prices are still relatively low if you compare them to the rest of the boroughs of the city. Living here you will have the opportunity to save hundreds of dollars. Relocating here, you would be close to the biggest park in the city- Pelham Bay Park. Your kids will enjoy the Bronx Zoo and the New York Botanical Garden.

a city view from a coast looking at some of the quietest neighborhoods in NYC
Riverdale is popular among families with young kids

One of the quietest Bronx areas- Riverdale

The Bronx has diverse offers when it comes to renting or buying a house or an apartment. Since it is maybe not as popular as Brooklyn or Queens, you can buy or rent a home in an affordable yet quiet area such as Riverdale. New Yorkers consider this one of the hidden games of the city. The affluent neighborhoods of Hudson Hill and Fieldston are among the most popular areas in the neighborhood. There is a selection of large houses with a lot of privacy so you should contact movers Riversdale NYC. This area is rich in history and the Riverdale Historic District emerged from here. As this is a quiet residential area, you can find here homes for rent for reasonable prices. As this is one of the highest elevations in the city, it has some spectacular views o remember.


One of the most beautiful areas of New York is in Fieldstone, the Bronx. Just like all other quiet neighborhoods of New York, this one has a large and beautiful park nearby- Van Cortlandt Park. You will have a unique feeling of being private and quiet at the same time being in a big city. What makes the place attractive to families is the suburban vibe that it gives off. In addition, there are still plenty of amenities such as bars, restaurants, and shopping areas. There are many famous public schools in this neighborhood. Finally, since it is very peaceful and safe, it is also a nice place to retire.

Staten Island the forgotten borough of NYC

The reason why this borough may not come to your mind when speaking about some of the quietest neighborhoods in NYC is there are only two ways to access it. It is either via the Staten Island Ferry or driving over the Verazzano Narrows Bridge. Although Staten Island has one of the smallest communities, it is still vibrant and cheerful. Contact your Staten Island movers and come to live in this area with a very diverse population. This neighborhood has a fantastic background, as well as popular restaurants with tasty food. If you work in Manhattan, you might not have a good commuting connection. However, living here means living in one of the most affordable areas where you can actually buy a home for a reasonable price.

a city view seen from the water
Staten island has a diverse and cheerful community

Silver Lake of Staten Island

Staten Island has the least amount of noise disruption and this relates to all of the neighborhoods of the borough. Among the most peaceful ones in Silver Lake. A highway is only five minutes away and also is the ferry. You can take a ride on the ferry and see great views of the city of New York together with the Statue of Liberty. There are many beautiful parks with scenic views which you can enjoy here with your family. In addition, you can help your elderlies to retire in this quiet neighborhood. Among the other popular family-friendly areas in this borough are GreatKills, Huguenot, and New Dorp.

Final words

Living in NYC can be diverse from different perspectives depending on your needs. Although this is one of the busiest places in the world with lots of noise, there are still some quiet corners that people prefer to live in. The great fact is that you can find the quietest neighborhoods in NYC in all the boroughs of the city and tailor the relocation to your needs.

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