Explore These Beautiful Covered Bridges In New York

If you like to imagine yourself in a different time, take beautiful pictures, or simply enjoy nice walks in the fresh air, then we have a real treat for you today. New York residents get to enjoy some of the most beautiful tourist attractions every day. Now you can be one of them! Covered bridges are the state’s precious gems hidden all throughout various boroughs. These breathtaking constructions are here to make something as simple as walking enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing for you. We at Best Movers NYC are here to help you explore these beautiful covered bridges in New York at your own leisure. You’ve worked hard to get here. Now it’s time to take a walk around, explore and enjoy all the amazing perks of living in New York. There is a lot to see and discover and we can serve as your guide through this exciting journey.

Historical landmarks of New York

The state of New York was once home to over 300 covered bridges. Due to natural disasters like floods and earthquakes, not there are only 22 of them. These bridges carry with them the spirit of the time they were made for. During that time they might have lost their functionality and most of them serve only as a memento of times gone by. Furthermore, most of them are located on private properties and are protected and maintained by their owners. If one is to enjoy the beauty of these constructions, one might require special permission. However, these bridges are worth the effort. As a great part of the state of New York’s history, they are so much more than a way across a river. They are in fact cultural landmarks that thousands of people visit to admire.

Are you ready to explore these beautiful covered bridges in New York?

Therefore, if you’re one of the old souls who could appreciate their beauty, we have compiled a list of the most noteworthy ones. That shouldn’t suggest that the ones we didn’t mention here are not worth your time. Sometimes it’s best to go on a hike in a wood, get lost and find a bridge out of nowhere. Not many people can truly understand the beauty of covered bridges. But if you’re tired of everyday life, or are just now finishing a stressful ordeal like moving to Chinatown, then visiting one of these bridges might awaken some feeling of whimsy inside of you yet.

one of the most beautiful covered bridges in New York
Enjoy the ambiance of the most beautiful covered bridges in New York. The comforting atmosphere that each of these constructions has will deliver a feeling of whimsy.

Hide Hall Covered Bridge – the oldest in the entire United States

Starting off our list of the oldest bridge in the entire nation, alongside Hassenplug Bridge in Pennsylvania, the Hide Hall Covered Bridge is located north of Cooperstown in Otsego County. It was originally constructed in 1823 and it’s the oldest bridge in New York State, and in the entire United States, in fact. Today it belongs to the Glimmerglass State Park. It was built on the property of Hide Hall, which is one of the most remarkable buildings of neoclassicism in New York.

This bridge crosses Shadow Brook and represents a true sight to behold for all history lovers. Owned by the state of New York, it was renovated in 1967 and is a treat for all those that appreciate the beautiful covered bridges in New York. If you’re looking for a peaceful and charming place by the river, then you simply must visit Hide Hall Covered Bridge and see its beauty in the flesh.

Visit Jefferson County and take a look at their only covered bridge

Frontenac North Country Covered Bridge was built in 1979 and is located in Jefferson County. It is one of the two covered bridges in the state of New York with a double walkway. This bridge crosses a private pond and it is maintained by its owner. Therefore, you need to ask for permission before visiting this charming bridge. The bridge might not be as old and rich in history as some others on this list, but it has seen its fair share of interesting events. Many weddings took place here, and various renowned visitors came to enjoy the site in its full glory. Furthermore, this place also hosted numerous New York State Covered Bridge Society meetings. If you’re one of the many covered bridge lovers, then you should book your visit as soon as possible. This place is definitely worth the trip and your time.

a pond with lotuses
Crossing the private pond, this one’s special. Visit the private covered bridge in Jefferson County!

Joe bridge – strong and reliable

If you’re looking to get away from the business of Manhattan, you should visit the town of Jay. It’s the perfect contrast to what you might be used to. Not to mention, it has one of the most interesting covered bridges in the state. Jay Bridge is a covered bridge that was built in 1857, crossing the East Branch of the Au Sable River. In case you’re just now settling in after dealing with Manhattan movers, you can treat yourself to a field trip to the town of Jay. Its covered bridge is extremely important to its residents. It’s currently the only surviving covered bridge there, having outlived many predecessors who have fallen victim to floods and other natural disasters.

A historical landmark you’ll surely enjoy

Currently, in the process of renovation, Americana Village Covered Bridge is the only covered bridge still standing in Madison county. This bridge incorporates a Warren-style truss design. This style is extremely rare and therefore this bridge should definitely be on your radar. Get a break from your Queens moving and other day-to-day problems to enjoy the view of Americana Village Covered bridge. Americana Village also includes a general store, church, blacksmith shop, tavern, and bandstand. American Management Association purchased this property and started this project. Even though the village itself is currently closed to the public, the bridge isn’t. You can still go there, enjoy the view and take some awesome pictures.

One of the most striking and beautiful covered bridges in New York – Eagleville Covered Bridge

Eagleville Covered Bridge was built in 1858. This bridge is located in Washington County. It’s near Battenkill State Forest, which makes it an ideal spot for camping and hiking. Its red colouring and interesting structure make it stand out from the trees surrounding it. If you are a nature lover, we imagine it would be quite a discovery to simply stumble upon it on your hike. Forget about all the Upper East Side moving and busy lifestyle! If you’ve made for camping trips and fresh air, it doesn’t get much better than this. From fishing to bird watching, this trip would surely be worth your time. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Eagleville bridge is worth visiting on its own. However, you get to experience your favourite outdoor activities there as well, which makes it a perfect choice!

camping tents
Visit one of the most beautiful covered bridges in New York, while enjoying the nature surrounding it.

Famous for its beauty and practicality, The Mill Brook Covered Bridge rates high on this list

The Mill Brook Covered Bridge is located in Ulster County. This bridge is known among the covered bridge fans for four of its buttresses, which give it a characteristic look. Previously known as Grants Mill Covered Bridge, this bridge was originally built in 1901 and it stood the test of time with slight alternations over the years. The town of Hardenbergh is where you should head if you’re interested to see this specifically covered bridge, as it crosses Mill Brook. The residents of Hardenbergh are proud of their covered bridge both for its beauty and its practicality. It may lack the sophistication of some of the famous landmarks you can find in New York City for example, this covered bridge has a quiet charm that can’t be denied. Forget about your Upper West Side moving troubles and relax by going away to Hardenbergh for the weekend!

A noteworthy Ulster County bridge with a funny story behind it

Carrying the name of the forge that was nearby the brook it crosses, the Forge Covered Bridge is also located in Ulster County. This bridge is built in 1906 and it helps people cross Dry Brook. It’s a private bridge and, therefore, all who wish to cross it should ask for permission. It was bought in 1953 for a price of a single dollar by one Mr. Kingdon V. Gould. His son was the one to work on the renovation of the bridge and restored it to its former glory as the many years of previous use were starting to show. As a result, we have this beautiful bridge to gaze upon whenever we feel nostalgic and the stress of our everyday lives is starting to show. Take a break from your Staten Island relocation to enjoy the sound of rushing stream beneath the Forge Covered Bridge!

Enjoy the memories of the simpler times these bridges carry with them

Carrying private traffic across Vly Creek, Waldbillig is the only covered bridge in Albany county. Even though you’d need permission to get access to this bridge, we can promise you that it will be well worth your effort. That’s because, just like the Americana village covered bridge, this one is also built in Warren style. These two are the only two such bridges, so true connoisseurs will appreciate their similarities as well as their differences. If you’re down to make a field trip by visiting the bridges we mention here, then you should definitely remember to visit these two. It’s true that they’re not as relevant as the streets of Wall Street, but these bridges serve their own purpose that only the lucky few can truly appreciate. Take a break from Wall Street movers and enjoy the spirit of the simpler times these bridges were made for. 

Sullivan County still has four covered bridges

Otherwise known as Gem of the Endless Mountains, Sullivan County also has four standing and fully functional covered bridges. The most interesting is perhaps Beaverkill Covered Bridge. This bridge originated in 1865, and it opened a way to what was, until that point, an uninhabited area. From then on, it served the purpose as a gateway to a remote area, where only the hunters and lodgers dared to venture. There were a few attempts to replace this covered bridge with a more modern one, made of metal. However, we are happy to say that it stood the test of time and it remains there today.

Beaverkill Covered Bridge is much the same as it was when it was first built

There were small changes to this bridge, including facing the abutments in concrete, but its appearance is otherwise the same. Take a break from the ever-changing bridges of today, and forget about that Brooklyn relocation that’s waiting for you. Visit Beaverkill Covered Bridge and learn the true meaning of endurance. You can hardly expect to find a better example of people fighting hard to preserve their history than this simply covered bridge in Sullivan County.

a man with a bear
Beaverkill Covered Bridge opens the way to the remote areas, where only the hunters dared to go before.

Respect the history behind the covered bridges

Now that you’re better familiar with the beautiful covered bridges in New York and their rich history, we hope that you will appreciate the beauty and endurance that they have shown. Not many people have the time and the patience to travel across the state and stare at something as simple as a covered bridge. However, for those of you who do, you might want to take a moment to truly appreciate the work certain communities put into preserving their history and their memories through their covered bridges. Remember to always ask for permission whenever necessary before crossing a bridge and be respectful while admiring the bridge’s beauty. It would be easy to replace them with something more practical, but not as easy to restore the years of history they remind us of.


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