The most unusual and cool attractions in NYC

New York City is a goldmine for famous landmarks. Yet, there are also those unusual and cool attractions in NYC that are waiting to be discovered. Not many tourists dare to venture off the beaten path. However, as a potential future resident, we encourage you to do so. Allow Best Movers NYC to guide you through the city’s lesser-known yet enchanting destinations, offering a fresh and intriguing perspective on the vibrant metropolis.

Old City Hall Station

New York City’s Financial District isn’t only about Wall Street. In fact, it also holds secrets that lie underground. One such secret is the Old City Hall Station. It is a historical jewel that remains tucked away from the daily buzz. This attraction offers a unique blend of mystery and history, promising visitors and those who decide to settle in the area with Financial District movers an unforgettable journey into the past.

Initially opened in 1904, this station was a true marvel of its time. It showcased fantastic architecture, with Guastavino tile arches creating a mesmerizing effect. Now, statistics indicate a resurgence of interest in historical sites. The Old City Hall Station, in particular, is a testament to its rich history. One that built the modern metropolis we see today, and, as such, is a must-visit for those looking for a unique trip down memory lane.

Yet, to make the most of your visit, planning is vital. Joining a guided tour can grant you access to this hidden world, enriching your experience with facts and stories. Also, keeping a keen eye on the details will allow you to appreciate the craftsmanship that went into creating this underground masterpiece.

Picture of a train
The Old City Hall Station offers a glimpse into history.

Roosevelt Island Smallpox Hospital Ruins

Transitioning to another part of the city, Roosevelt Island presents a fascinating yet eerie reflection of the past. The Smallpox Hospital Ruins stand as silent witnesses to a time long gone. It offers visitors a raw and unfiltered glimpse into history. Built-in the 1850s, this Gothic Revival-style structure now lies in picturesque ruin. While the site offers a deep dive into the past, it also serves as a visual spectacle with the beautiful ruins against the modern city backdrop. This blend of old and new serves as a powerful reminder of the constant evolution of our surroundings. It’s a place where history meets the modern world, offering a rich story for every visitor.

It’s no wonder this spot has gained a reputation as one of the unusual and cool attractions in NYC. It is an excellent canvas for photography enthusiasts, including those recently settled with Roosevelt Island NY movers. If you happen to be one of them, we recommend carrying a camera. That way, you’ll add more depth to your visit. Capture the haunting yet beautiful ambiance that engulfs the ruins and take home memories of a lifetime.

Knowing the best time to visit can further enhance your experience. For instance, early morning or late afternoon visits can help avoid the crowds, offering a more peaceful exploration. Also, packing some snacks and a good pair of walking shoes can go a long way in ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable venture through the area.

Mmuseumm in Chinatown

Right in the heart of Chinatown lies one of the more unusual and cool attractions in NYC, known as Mmuseumm. This unique destination defies the conventional notion of a museum by occupying a freight elevator’s compact space. Here, art enthusiasts can witness a dynamic display of contemporary artifacts from around the world, packed in a small yet intricate setting. Not many newcomers are aware of this masterpiece, although, considering its uniqueness, it definitely should be among the first to explore following a successful relocation facilitated by Chinatown movers.

Truth be told, this locale is not just a museum. It’s a portal that shares thought-provoking stories through its carefully curated exhibits. For example, in 2019, it featured items ranging from cornflakes to Iranian self-defense tools for women. Considering the stated, we can safely say that this is where seemingly mundane objects tell rich stories, offering visitors a fresh perspective on everyday items.

So, while you are there, make sure you have plenty of time to absorb the stories behind each display. The museum operates typically from Thursday to Sunday. This way, it accommodates both busy New Yorkers, as well as visitors who wouldn’t have the time to visit on a work day. Plus, after a trip to the Mmuseumm, one can explore other attractions in Chinatown, making a day rich with discoveries and culinary delights.

Picture of miniature items
This museum in Chinatown puts everyday items into an interesting perspective.

New York Transit Museum

Onward to Downtown Brooklyn, there is a New York Transit Museum, a place that many will agree houses not just corporate offices but also offers a journey back in time. A favored spot for locals and tourists alike, this museum provides a deep dive into the comprehensive history of New York City’s transit system. It does so by showcasing a remarkable collection of vintage subway cars and buses.

  • In addition, this museum gives insight into the daily commuting life of New Yorkers through the decades. This provides a very tangible connection to the past. Reports indicate that it attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors yearly, some of whom even end up seeking relocation assistance from Downtown movers due to the charm observed.
  • Furthermore, here, one can enter old subway cars, learn through interactive displays, and even drive a bus simulator. This is especially interesting for families, as children can enjoy the hands-on exhibits, making learning fun and engaging.
  • Yet, visiting is not just about walking through exhibits. One can benefit from guided tours, attending special events, and engaging educational programs tailored for all age groups. Keeping an eye on the museum’s calendar for events can enrich the visit, offering deeper insights and learning experiences.

Robotic Church

Diving deeper into Brooklyn, specifically Red Hook, one comes across a unique space that blurs the line between art and spirituality: the Robotic Church. This attraction, although uncommon, is often recommended to those recently settled with Red Hook NY movers by avant-garde art lovers.

Created by artist Chico MacMurtrie, the Robotic Church offers an extraordinary experience. It immerses visitors in a space where robotic sculptures perform rhythmic, choreographed movements. What’s more, a 2016 article by The Creator’s Project highlighted that these performances could create a sense of spiritual transcendence, taking the audience on a journey through movement and sound.

While the space may not hold regular hours for visits, it is often open for special events and performances. Therefore, checking the schedule and planning your tour in advance can ensure you witness this breathtaking synthesis of art and technology.

Picture of a robot playing the piano in one of the unusual and cool attractions in NYC
Take a trip to the Robotic Church and witness the power of technology!

Edgar Allan Poe Cottage

Next on the list is the historic Edgar Allan Poe Cottage in Fordham, where the famous writer spent his last years. This house transports visitors back to the 19th century. It connects to the life and times of one of America’s significant literary figures. Stepping into this humble abode, one can explore Poe’s personal space, including the bed where he allegedly envisioned the haunting poem “Annabel Lee.” Experts believe that Poe penned several of his most famous works in this very house. So, it offers a direct link to the creative space of the renowned author. For literature enthusiasts, a guided tour of the cottage presents an opportunity to dive deeper into Poe’s life. It also allows them to understand his struggles and triumphs in the place he called home. So, if you have a knack for literature, this Fordham landmark is a must-visit.

The Met Cloisters

In the picturesque setting of Fort Tryon Park, the Met Cloisters await to transport you to medieval Europe. Often regarded as one of the prime spots to go to when looking to unwind post-engaging one of the best moving companies Manhattan has, this branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art embodies European medieval architecture, art, and gardens.

The place houses over 2,000 artworks, with some dating back to the ninth century. In fact, in 2019, the museum attracted a record 7.36 million visitors, reflecting its status as a world-renowned hub for art and culture. This museum offers a rare glimpse into medieval life through an immersive experience encompassing art, architecture, and tranquil gardens. Furthermore, the gardens themselves are a major attraction, meticulously designed to reflect the period, with plants and layouts true to the Middle Ages.

Lexington Candy Shop

Let’s rewind to an era gone by at the Lexington Candy Shop, a true gem on the Upper East Side. Stepping into this establishment is like taking a journey back to the 1920s, a time when soda fountains and classic American diners were the heart of New York’s culinary scene. This shop, established in 1925, has preserved its traditional ambiance, offering an authentic experience that defies the sands of time.

Their menu offers a variety of traditional American delicacies. Anything from classic burgers to hand-made sodas prepared the old-fashioned way can be found here. In fact, their sundae was listed as a “must-try” by several NYC food guides, attesting to its delicious taste and authentic preparation. What’s more, the shop operates in its original location, ensuring that generations of families can share the unique and cherished experience it offers. Visitors recommend coming with a nostalgic heart and an empty stomach to appreciate the atmosphere and delightful offerings fully.

Picture of candy in a jar that can be found in one of the unusual and cool attractions in NYC
Lexington Candy Shop has some delightful candies you must try!

“Sleep No More”

Next up, the unusual and cool attractions in NYC continue in the form of immersive theatre with “Sleep No More.” This theatrical phenomenon has changed the face of theater in Brooklyn, as many of those previously relocated with the moving companies Brooklyn has to offer can confirm. This show, a reimagined, immersive version of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, has been praised by critics and audiences for bringing a fresh, interactive approach to theater. It has garnered numerous awards, including a Drama Desk Award for Unique Theatrical Experience. In this show, the audience is more than mere spectators; they are part of the unfolding drama, free to explore the sets that span multiple floors of a refurbished warehouse.

The Mysterious Bookshop

Venturing into the heart of Tribeca, you will stumble on the Mysterious Bookshop. This revered establishment, founded in 1979 by Otto Penzler, is one of the oldest mystery-specialized bookshops in America. It is a place to buy books and also one to immerse yourself in an adventurous world of mystery, crime, and suspense. It has made a name for itself as an oasis for those who crave spine-chilling stories and enigmatic plots. With every step you take inside this place, you will be greeted by towering shelves housing both new and hard-to-find titles. Also, the shop regularly hosts events with renowned authors.

Picture of a sign with letters
NYC’s Mistery Bookstore is one of the most unusual and cool attractions in NYC for book lovers.

Which one of the unusual and cool attractions in NYC will you visit first?

As we conclude, remember that New York City offers more than mainstream sights. This guide to unusual and cool attractions in NYC invites locals and tourists to venture off the beaten path. Here, they can discover rich history, experiences filled with creativity, and ones that are truly one-of-a-kind. Explore the hidden gems that make the city genuinely unique and exciting. Use this guide as a start, and you will meet people with similar interests. And who knows? They may even guide you to similar locales in the city.

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