Apartment cleaning tips for busy New Yorkers

Are you an NYC local juggling the city’s fast-paced lifestyle while striving to maintain a clean and organized apartment? The rhythm of city living leaves little space for clutter, and that’s where this guide, brought to you by Best Movers NYC, becomes invaluable. If you’re seeking apartment cleaning tips for busy New Yorkers, you’re at the right place. Whether navigating Manhattan’s bustling streets, embracing Queens’ distinctive charm, or enjoying the cultural scene in Brooklyn, these insights empower you to conquer mess and enhance your living space.

#1 Adopt a laundry routine

Avoid the laundry mountain with a consistent laundry routine. Wash sheets, bath towels, and clothes at least twice a week. Regular laundry sessions prevent the accumulation of dirty clothes, keeping your apartment fresh and organized. Also, if there ever comes a time to move with residential movers Brooklyn residents rely on, you’ll have an easier time packing the said laundry if most of it is clean.

To make the laundry process more efficient, sort your clothes into designated baskets for colors, whites, and delicates. This way, when wash day arrives, you can start the washing machine without the hassle of sorting through a mixed pile. Additionally, consider using mesh laundry bags for delicate items, protecting them from potential damage in the washer.

woman laying underneath the pile of clothes
Apartment cleaning tips for busy New Yorkers include regular laundry to prevent clutter and keep things fresh.

#2 Don’t let the mess and clutter overpower your kitchen

The heart of your apartment, the kitchen, often requires quick attention. Plus, it’s common knowledge that a tidy kitchen enhances your overall living experience. Therefore, as soon as you have settled in with local movers NYC locals turn to, start working hard to keep it in its best possible shape. Keep an all-purpose cleaner spray and paper towels handy for wiping down counters, tiles, stovetops, cabinets, and appliances. Also, regularly tackle spills and messes to prevent the buildup of grime.

We also recommend you start resorting to washing dishes immediately after use. This simple practice saves you time and ensures your kitchen remains clutter-free, as there won’t be any pile-ups in the sink. Additionally, consider designating specific areas for items like spices, utensils, and cutting boards. Doing so streamlines meal preparation and minimizes the chances of a cluttered countertop.

#3 Use dryer sheets for baseboards to keep dust at bay

Cleaning baseboards is often overlooked, but it significantly affects your apartment’s appearance. An exciting trick involves using dryer sheets. Not only do they clean effectively, but they also repel dust, ensuring longer-lasting cleanliness. This simple hack is a favorite among savvy New Yorkers who value efficiency. However, when using dryer sheets for baseboards, gently wipe them along the edges of the baseboards to remove dust and dirt. The sheets’ anti-static properties prevent dust buildup, keeping your cleaning efforts effective for a more extended period. This method saves you time and reduces the frequency of thorough baseboard cleaning.

#4 Keep your bedroom clean & tidy

After a long day in the City That Never Sleeps, your bedroom should be a sanctuary of tranquility. Start by regularly washing your sheets and blankets to ensure a clean sleeping environment. Air out your mattresses and give your flooring a quick vacuum. For a deeper clean, once in a while, consider thorough steam cleaning mattresses. To elevate your cleaning further, take a few minutes to clear off nightstands and dressers, putting away items that don’t belong. This small step can make a significant difference in the overall tidiness of your sleeping quarters.

apartment cleaning tips for busy New Yorkers include changing bed sheets and mopping by two women
Efficient bed linen care and regular mopping ensure you have a serene sleep haven to return to daily.

#5 Resort to a 20-minutes-a-day cleaning method

Breaking cleaning tasks into manageable portions is critical for busy individuals. Dedicate just 20 minutes a day to cleaning tasks. Sweep, vacuum, dust, and surface clean your living room and kitchen. This routine also involves picking up any stray items to maintain an organized atmosphere. Consider setting a timer for each task during your 20-minute cleaning session. This time-based approach helps you stay focused and efficient, ensuring you make the most of your cleaning without feeling overwhelmed. By dedicating a short period each day to cleaning, you’re consistently maintaining your space pristine, making it easier to tackle more significant cleaning tasks when needed.

#6 Shop for furniture that’s more than meets the eye

Space is precious in New York apartments, and this is something those who previously relied on local movers Queens NY has to offer can attest to. But don’t let the lack of space get the best of you. Instead, invest in furniture that serves multiple purposes. When choosing pieces, opt for those that offer storage solutions, helping you keep your apartment organized and clutter-free.

Innovative examples of such furniture include

  • Convertible sofa beds,
  • Drop-leaf dining tables,
  • Storage ottomans,
  • Wall-mounted desks,
  • Bunk beds with desks or sofas,
  • Expandable coffee tables,
  • Bookshelf room dividers,
  • Storage headboards,
  • and Nesting tables.

#7 Address ”potential” clutter before it becomes one

Prevent clutter from piling up by addressing incoming items promptly. Whether it’s mail, packages, or shopping bags, deal with them as soon as they enter your apartment. Allocate specific places for each item to prevent them from spreading around. Create designated zones near your apartment’s entrance to streamline dealing with incoming items. Install hooks for keys, a mail organizer for letters, and package shelves. When each item has its place, the chances of things cluttering your living space become minimal. Furthermore, regularly going through these areas prevents them from becoming mess magnets.

woman in her kitchen dealing with clutter applying apartment cleaning tips for busy New Yorkers
Addressing incoming items promptly curbs clutter buildup and enhances apartment organization.

Transform your space with expert apartment cleaning tips for busy New Yorkers

Regardless of how unbelievable it seems, maintaining a clean apartment in NYC is achievable, even for the busiest individuals. By following these practical apartment cleaning tips for busy New Yorkers, you can create an inviting and organized living space. So, implement these strategies, and watch as your abode transforms into a haven of cleanliness, comfort, and serenity.

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