The 10 Best Places to Retire in NYC

Retirement often includes many changes for seniors. Besides a different lifestyle, they also look forward to moving somewhere else. In this article, we are sharing some of the best places to retire in NYC that will interest you. Once you decide it’s time to move, make sure to contact us at Best Movers NYC. We are ready to execute your move hassle-free, so you can have a fresh start in a new neighborhood. Feel free to contact us whenever you are ready to relocate to your chosen place of residence.

The best neighborhoods in NYC have everything retirees need

There’s a reason why certain NYC neighborhoods are better than others. When people decide to retire, they rather opt for places where they have everything at hand. In addition, the neighborhoods farther from city noise are ideal for retirees. Another trait that makes a neighborhood stand out is proximity to parks and green surfaces in general. On the other hand, some retirees prefer urbanized neighborhoods with low crime rates.

senior couple looking forward to settling in some of the best places to retire in nyc
The best places to retire in NYC have all in one place.

Besides proximity to shops, hospitals, and recreational facilities, the very living space is important to retirees. Most retirees prefer to downsize to smaller homes after years of hard work and a fast-paced lifestyle. For these reasons, real estate prices also contribute to a final decision.

Rego Park is one of the best Queens neighborhoods to retire

This neighborhood became one of the safest, family-friendly neighborhoods. Due to the influx of people from all over the world, the community in Rego Park includes people of different cultural backgrounds. Whenever you go, there’s a piece of foreign cultures, as well as smiling faces of laid-back residents. A convenient public transport system makes it easy to access other parts of NYC. Furthermore, plenty of shops, coffee, and dining options are there for you to try out. Many events take place in Rego Park and there’s so much you can do in your free time. So make sure to browse some of the best movers in Rego Park and find your ideal moving crew.

Hell’s Kitchen is among top Manhattan neighborhoods for retirees

There’s a reason why Hell’s Kitchen ranks high among top places for living in New York. Although urban and dense, this neighborhood is favored by retirees as well. Once a rough NYC area, Hell’s Kitchen developed over the years and earn its good reputation. The safety factor is important in this neighborhood, which is why many choose to move there. Plus, there’s always something happening in Hell’s Kitchen. In addition, the community is vibrant and quite laid-back. People living in Hell’s Kitchen like to enjoy and are easy to get along with.

nyc ice skating rink
Some retirees prefer to stay in urban environments.

If you call yourself a foodie, then tasty gastronomical options found in Restaurant Row – on West 46th Street – will pleasantly surprise you. After that, you may check some of the various art exhibitions that take place in Hell’s Kitchen. The safety rate is pretty high, and everything you need is available at hand. In addition, it’s never boring in Hell’s Kitchen since there’s so much to do and see. You can visit the Intrepid Sea museum, or partake in water-based activities like kayaking. Sounds great? Book some of the best movers Manhattan has on offer and kickstart your relocation journey whenever you’re ready!

Chelsea is another great place to move and retire

Believe it or not, Chelsea is another popular Manhattan neighborhood for retirees. Despite the urban environment, there are many benefits to living in Chelsea after retirement. Home to diverse cultures, Chelsea is known for its liberal community. Chelsea used to be packed with immigrants looking for better living standards. Nowadays, it’s one of the most open-minded and liberal communities you’ll find in NYC. No matter where do you come from, you are welcome there. 

nyc street mural
The art scene of Chelsea is one of a kind.

The art scene in Chelsea is truly one of a kind and worth experiencing. As a well-known artsy neighborhood, you can expect to come across street murals, various exhibitions, and other cultural events. One of the most famous galleries is Tyler Rollins Fine Art.  Furthermore, it’s important to note that Chelsea residents live active lifestyles as well. For those who enjoy sports, there’s The Chelsea Piers sports complex by Hudson river with so many different fields for skating, ice hockey, and other sports. If you’ve already chosen Chelsea as your next home, all you have to do is search among the best movers in Chelsea

You’ll enjoy the benefits of Forest Hills

Forest Hills is another laid-back and peaceful neighborhood, ideal for families, retirees, and those who prefer to live away from noisy areas. Since its origin in 1906, Forest Hills cultivated a strong sense of community. Due to excellent schools, families prefer to move here and raise their kids in a calm environment. On the other hand, retirees can enjoy a multitude of options. If you’re a foodie, you’ll love the dining options in Forest Hills. There are also many running trails, as well as tennis courts. Once you move to Forest Hills, you’ll notice that residents like to play tennis very much.

It’s possible to find homes in short-story or high-rise buildings. Depending on your preferences, you may choose to live in historic, pre-war buildings, or opt for modern ones. As soon as you find your new space, make sure to find and contact some of the best movers in forest Hills.

New Dorp is a small but vibrant place

A quiet atmosphere and low crime rate make New Dorp a great place to retire. Although densely populated, this neighborhood has everything you need. There are various options for small apartments in case you consider downsizing. Plus, the real estate prices aren’t as high. Living in New Dorp is overall more affordable than the rest of NYC. By moving there, you also get to enjoy quality leisure time in High Rock Park or walking by Midland Beach. Or you can stop by Cue Time Billiards, and have a good time playing pools while the music comes from the jukebox.

Both former and current residents report only positive experiences after moving to New Dorp. The people are quite helpful, and thus easy to get along with. You’ll notice that the vibe in this lovely neighborhood is quite internationalized. Therefore, there’s a high chance to be a neighbor with people from some of the European countries. If this neighborhood meets all your requirements, then take time to look up some of the best movers Staten Island has on offer, and schedule your move on time.

Astoria has everything you need

Aesthetically pleasing homes and a vibrant environment will make you feel at home in Astoria quicker than you think. Astoria has so much to offer, which is why this place saw an influx of newcomers. Here, you have everything at hand. Plus, the quality of life is surprisingly good. Besides regular supermarkets, you also have various organic food shops such as GreenBay Marketplace. The neighborhood is also famous for its delicious food choices. Once you try out the food in Mombar, you may also check Astoria Seafood or Queens Comfort. After you pick a new home in Astoria, make sure to pay a visit to Lockwood – a unique shop that sells home decor among other things. Also, don’t forget to check the best movers Astoria has on offer and schedule a moving date.

cute vintage shop
There are many interesting shops in Astoria.

Herricks has a great reputation as one of the best places for retirement

Located about 30min from NYC, Herricks still remains a top moving choice among seniors. The suburb has all the necessary amenities, and the community is quite liberal and diverse. You can expect to have a relaxing life there, while still enjoying many interesting activities.

Besides retirees, young families often choose to raise their kids in Herricks. The schools are among the best in NYC, and the environment is less crowded compared with the rest of the city. Since it’s not that far from NYC, Herricks is also favored among remote workers.

The community in Huntington Bay is what makes this neighborhood great for living

Looking for a neighborhood with Long Island Sound nearby? Huntington Bay might be a great choice! This lovely neighborhood has plenty of space for retirees, as well as lots of green surfaces. Also, the community is welcoming to newcomers and quite helpful. In case you are interested to learn sailing, you can do it while living in Huntington Bay! The residents prefer an outdoor lifestyle, which is a plus for those who prefer an active lifestyle.

a senior black man running outside
Residents of Huntington Bay lead an active lifestyle.

Briarwood is perfect for those who prefer quiet neighborhoods

If you are looking for a quiet place with lots of greenery, Briarwood is the ideal place to retire. Due to the low crime rate and strong community, it’s not a surprise why this neighborhood is appealing to many young families. Furthermore, you can spend your golden years in Briarwood by partaking in water sports, sailing, etc.

Does Briarwood seem like the best place for you to retire? Then book some of the best movers in Briarwood and start your new chapter!

Manhasset is excellent for retirees for many reasons

As a lovely suburb on Long Island, Manhasset deserves to be ranked among the top neighborhoods to move to and spend a retirement. Plenty of green surfaces and proximity to all the necessary facilities are the reason why this place is convenient for living.

Choose a trustworthy moving team to help you relocate

Searching for an experienced moving crew is what comes right after you choose desired neighborhood. Moving represents a new life chapter for most retirees, hence why it’s important to have reliable movers at your disposal. In order to find the best crew to carry out your relocation, make sure to start looking on time. In case you’re moving for the first time, don’t hesitate to ask for help.

a guy in a moving company van
After you pick one of the best places to retire in NYC, take time to find reliable movers.

Make a list of verified NYC movers

It’s important that the NYC local movers you want to hire have the licenses and provide insurance options. The relocation period is an important period that takes plenty of time. Numerous tasks must be completed before you settle in your new neighborhood. That’s why hiring a reliable team of movers is a half-job done. Make sure the company you hire:

  • Provides a free relocation estimate.
  • Offers all services in one place.
  • Has a good reputation among former customers. 
  • Doesn’t have a track record of legal disputes.
  • Commits to delivering high-quality services, as well as ensuring a stress-free moving journey.
  • Has a capable moving crew that can work even if unexpected circumstances postpone the move or change the schedule. 
  • Provides all-day customer support.

Make sure to learn about your moving rights and responsibilities. Also, go over each point in a contract before you put a sign on it. It-s necessary to understand all terms and conditions, to avoid potential misunderstandings Your safety during the move is extremely important. That being said, avoid any moving company that doesn’t check everything from the above-mentioned list. That way, you’ll avoid additional fees these companies don’t disclose before you sign a deal with them.

Learning about your future neighborhood will keep you motivated

Moving can sometimes take longer than initially planned. However, rest assured you have nothing to worry about when you have a professional team to help you. In addition, reading about your new place of residence will give you extra motivation. When you remind yourself why your chosen neighborhood is one of the best places to retire in NYC, you’ll feel less overwhelmed by moving duties. Once you settle in your new home, your blissful retirement period may begin!

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