New Trends In The NYC Moving Industry

Approximately 31 million people are moving yearly throughout the US alone. That means that almost 10% of Americans change location every year. With one of the most mobile populations in the world, the US moving industry is much larger than it seems. But, even so, the demand for quality moving services is constantly on the rise. The pandemic has caused massive swings in terms of the concentration of population nationwide. Albeit people were, and still are leaving big cities for smaller places, recent reports confirm that more people have moved to New York City than have left it. Naturally, in response to the events, new trends in the NYC moving industry transpire. These tendencies are conditioned mostly by why, when, where, and how people move to or from NYC. Our specialists at Best Movers NYC will share the latest events and the effect they have on the NYC moving industry.

A person working from home - new trends in the NYC moving industry
As hybrid work becomes the norm, many people in NYC look to move to more spacious homes

The pandemic and what precedes the new trends in the NYC moving industry

People around the globe have experienced changes in daily life due to the coronavirus. And New York as an epicenter of the pandemic in the US has seen massive shifts in its population. As offices and schools were closed people were confined to their homes with no end in sight for the scenario. Many bars, restaurants, entertainment, and retail venues were shut down, so many people in the city lost their jobs. Working remotely has become the new norm, so many opted to pull off their roots and leave the concrete jungle. 

The unprecedented exodus that was at its peak between March and May 2020 has provided the grounds for many of the latest trends in the NYC moving industry. In this period of the infamous year, the best residential movers in Manhattan have been busier than ever. Along with the new realities shaping the Big Apple, this period of the year is also the beginning of the peak moving season. The key figures of official moving reports at this time are as follows:

  • More than 5% of the total NYC permanent residents left the city between March and May 2020. This trend continued at a steady pace well into 2021, and only recently its course has changed direction in the opposite.
  • The best movers in NYC report that long-distance moving requests have gone up by a whopping 200% as compared to previous years.
  • More than 60% of people moving in this period reported that they are changing their address temporarily. As a result, the demand for storage also went up, since most were leaving their possessions in safekeeping. And as the city is slowly getting back to its pre-pandemic pace, many people flock back in and yet again keep the movers in NYC exceptionally busy.

Who was moving out of NYC in the summer of 2020?

As of 2022, and with most businesses and institutions resuming operations at a pre-pandemic pace, we are witnessing an influx of people returning to NYC, or even new residents putting their roots here. However, the socio-economical changes that came about in 2020 have prompted many New Yorkers to settle in elsewhere. So, are there particular demographics that were affected the most? Who were the people leaving NYC and playing the main cast in creating the new trends in the NYC moving industry? The best long distance movers in NYC were overbooked. And, these are the main 3 categories of clients they reportedly had.

  • Students and young adults moving back in with their parents in various states;
  • Families with children moving to suburban areas and smaller places;
  • Wealthy people decide to move to their second homes out of the big city.
A family moving in their new home
Families with kids are the largest group of people moving out of NYC

For many families with kids, this has been the ideal time to purchase a more spacious residential home and permanently move to a calmer suburban area. For them, moving back to the City That Never Sleeps might just be off the charts for a while. But, the majority of people in the other two categories moving from NYC have stated that they are coming back at the earliest.

What neighborhoods in the Big Apple saw the biggest outflow?

Back in 2020, New York City was only second behind San Francisco in terms of people moving out of it. Perhaps it’s not a surprise that the wealthiest NYC had the most move-outs in this period of time. Thus, the best movers in Manhattan had their hands full of work. Reportedly, the part of Manhattan between the 42nd and 59th street lost 12,000 residents in 2020, as compared to 3,000 in 2019. The source for these figures is mainly the United States Postal Services, where the change of address is reported.

In particular, movers in Upper East Side have noticed an increase in bookings for outbound moves. The recent trends in the NYC moving industry, however, confirm that those who left are steadily returning to their former addresses.

A street in Manhattan
Some of the most affluent Manhattan neighborhoods saw the most move-outs in 2020

According to the analysis, residents of the top 10 wealthiest NYC neighborhoods were 4.6 times more likely to leave the Big Apple during the pandemic than at any other given time. The best movers in Chelsea also report a surge in people moving out of this affluent neighborhood in 2020.

But, movers in Upper West Side have seen a record number of people moving out from the neighborhood, with 25,000 more residents leaving this part of NYC in 2020 than in 2019.

Withal, statistically, most people that left NYC during the pandemic were residents of the wealthiest neighborhoods, with the borough of Manhattan leading the way.

Brooklyn is growing in power more than ever

Brooklyn is home to nearly 20% of the total number of NYC residents. In the past decade, it has grown its’ population by 230,000 permanent residents. In light of the events due to the pandemic, Brooklyn notes the highest increase in private-sector jobs in the city. The best movers in Brooklyn confirm that many Manhattan residents shifted across the East River in search of more spacious homes. Although it isn’t likely that any other borough will take Manhattan’s leading role in the city’s economy, moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn is a recent trend in the NYC moving industry that doesn’t show signs of slowing down.

The prices of property in Brooklyn have reached a record high during the pandemic. For people working from home, it has become the latest most appealing NYC location. Besides, commercial movers in Brooklyn also report that many small businesses open new branches or entirely shift in this borough. The best movers in Brooklyn are in unison that this is an ongoing trend, even as the effects of the pandemic slowly subside. In fact, relocations from Manhattan to Brooklyn have only intensified in the last couple of years. This trend traces its beginnings much before 2020.

Moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn is among the new trends in the NYC moving industry

What parts of the Big Apple remained relatively static during the NYC pandemic exodus?

What drove the statistic numbers up in terms of people leaving NYC during the pandemic are in large part the people who were leaving the most affluent neighborhoods. Certainly, these are the parts of the Big Apple that have seen major swings in the number of residents. However, movers in Queens report that the entire borough hasn’t experienced massive or not even out of the ordinary number of move-outs. A good example is the neighborhood of Jackson Heights. Most people living here are essential workers on the lower-income scale. And, the majority don’t necessarily have the means to leave on short notice.

Further, the best movers in The Bronx also rate the moving out of NYC tendency as usual during the summer of 2020. Quiet residential neighborhoods such as Melrose have anything but emptied out. The same goes for most Brooklyn neighborhoods too.

Where did New Yorkers prefer to move to?

As much as 79% of New Yorkers moving in 2020 didn’t actually leave the NYC metro area. About 20,000 Manhattanites hopped over in Brooklyn. Many have booked the best movers in Staten Island and have swapped tiny condos for more spacious residential homes. In truth, most New York residents haven’t really moved that far. Westchester and Suffolk Counties are among the most popular relocation destinations for families. And, among the Tri-state area, western Connecticut and Philadelphia are the preferred choices.

And yet, there is a bulk of those who have left the state lines altogether. So, moving from NYC to Miami has been the most common choice for New Yorkers moving interstate. In total, 19,000 people left NYC for Florida. However, only 9,000 of those have relocated to the Sunshine State permanently.

With its welcoming business climate, the Lone Star state has also been a favorite among NYC transplants. Hence, moving from New York City to Texas might not be among the new trends in the NYC moving industry. However, for those who have been weighing their decision for a while, the events in the recent couple of years have certainly strengthened their determination to pull off roots for the south.

Staten Island
The vast majority of New Yorkers moves within the NYC metro area

The new trends in the NYC moving industry as of 2022

Indeed, the effects of the pandemic are felt in all areas of human activity. It has affected all businesses, and the moving industry is no exception. If you are planning to book the finest movers in NYC soon, it’s important to know the latest trends in the manner of providing moving services. Essentially, the general outlines in terms of safety protocols remain in place:

  • Social distancing. To prevent the risk of exposure to the virus, physical contact should be at a minimum. Premier movers in NYC always have the best interest of their customers and employees in mind. Therefore, everyone involved in the moving process is required to keep a safe distance from one another for optimal protection.
  • Virtual moving estimates. Before the pandemic, most moving companies in NYC would provide moving estimates based on in-person home surveys. However, due to health concerns, one of the latest trends in the NYC moving industry is virtual moving estimates. To conduct the survey, NYC movers use online platforms. Besides, all moving paperwork has been digitalized and it’s assigned online.
  • Sanitizing moving tools and equipment. The best movers in NYC have protocols in place to ensure all possible sources for spreading the virus are curtailed. Thus, they sanitize all moving props, so to ensure maximum safety.

Tech moving assistance is among the most convenient new trends in the NYC moving industry

There are numerous mobile apps to help you keep on track with your move. And yet among the most useful online tools for moving are platforms such as Best Movers NYC. Moving becomes especially challenging when you have to mind numerous health precautions and protocols. And, finding the best movers in NYC isn’t all that simple, to begin with. Hence, online platforms offering moving advice and assistance are among the latest moving industry trends in NYC and surely are greatly appreciated by anyone planning a relocation.

customer support - new trends in the NYC moving industry
Online moving support and move advisors are useful tools growing in popularity

Movers in NYC provide more flexibility

The moving industry is an essential trade. This means that not even in the peak of the pandemic have moving companies ceased activity. To adapt to the new dynamics, the best movers in NYC are always on the lookout for the most functional solutions. This means that you should expect the finest NYC movers to coordinate your move with diligence. Their focus is on having a backup plan for every moving scenario. Besides, they are adjusting their practices to ensure everyone’s well-being, and offer moderations in moving costs as well.

More people are moving to NYC than before the pandemic

In 2021, NYC offices and businesses slowly started opening their doors. Those who have left the Big Apple temporarily were quick to return. The streets of Greenwich Village, Chelsea, and other residential neighborhoods in Manhattan were soon flooded with moving vans. Moreover, in the period between July and September 2021, NYC has added 6,332 new permanent residents. And those are on top of the pre-pandemic number. So, the Big Apple has anything but lost its appeal. It still is the place where many dreams are at home.

However, this also means that the property prices are yet again spiraling up. And not only that but the costs for quality moving services as well. And with the upcoming warm weather, it’s only reasonable to predict that the new trends in the NYC moving industry will be overbooking of the best movers in NYC. So, if you’re planning a move to or from the City that Never Sleeps, start early. Talk to our specialists today, and book save the date with the finest NYC movers.

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