Queens neighborhoods people are leaving

If you’re planning a move to New York City, Queens is always a popular destination. It’s a great place for newcomers. You’ll feel right at home wherever you come from. Queens is diverse and has something for everyone. Leading a fast-paced lifestyle here will be your daily life. As everything changes quite fast, so do the real estate trends. A lot of things change over time. Therefore, if you want to be at the top of your game, you should get familiar with the news. Namely, moving to Queens requires some preparation on your part. Before you hire a professional moving company like us at Best Movers NYC, you should know what you’re getting yourself into. New York is a city where a lot can change overnight. You want to choose your neighborhood carefully. Therefore you should first learn all about Queens neighborhoods people are leaving before you finally decide.

Queens neighborhoods people are leaving
Are you planning to leave your Queens home? You are hardly the only one. There are a lot of Queens neighborhoods people are leaving.

Belle Harbor is one of the Queens neighborhoods people are leaving – and with good reason

The first neighborhood on our list is Belle Harbor. This small neighborhood is a typical example of a bad investment if you’re just now arriving in New York City. However, if you already live here, chances are that you know all about it. Namely, the main problem of this neighborhood is the NYC borough of Queens is the financial side of things. High costs make Belle Harbor one of the neighborhoods people are leaving more and more each year. With housing prices rising and living expenses going ever higher, this neighborhood is a less than ideal solution for new arrivals. Most people in Belle Harbor are homeowners. With such a big rise in home value on the real estate market, it’s no wonder many people decide to hire the best movers in Belle Harbor. However, we wouldn’t recommend buying a place here. Living expenses are just not worth it.

Ready to leave Hollis?

Hollis is located in southwestern Queens and there are a lot of positive sides to living there. It’s diverse with 80% of the population being Black or Hispanic and 20% White. It has a lot of affordable houses available and it prides itself on its suburban look. However, the real estate in the area can be pretty hit or miss. It’s easy to get a short end of the stick. Furthermore, the fact remains that it’s one of the poorer parts of Queens. That’s one of the main reasons people hire the best movers in Hollis to get them out of there. In addition, Hollis has a lot of traffic, which is not something you really want.

people moving
When you are not satisfied with you current living arrangement, it is time to move. It is really not that complicated,

Glendale – one of the Queens neighborhoods people are leaving due to its poor connections to the rest of the city

The best movers in Glendale are also quite popular nowadays. Glendale is also one of the neighborhoods that have both positive and negative sides. The one thing that truly stands out when it comes to this neighborhood is its poor connection to the rest of the city. The fact is that most people here own a car. That doesn’t leave a lot of parking spaces. Other than that, the crime rates are low and it’s overall a pleasant place to live. However, the lack of transportation can be a true problem. It’s one to make people want to look for some other part of the city. This may seem minor, but good public transportation is the key if you live in New York City. Therefore, it’s not a wonder that this is a deal-breaker for many people.

Jamaica – a great place to seek employment, but so much when it comes to looking for a home

Jamaica is one of the Queens neighborhoods you really want to avoid. It’s a commercial place that isn’t well-suited for living. There are a couple of residential zones in Jamaica, but they all have the potential to become business spaces. Jamaica has a great location. That’s not an issue. However, it’s also true that you shouldn’t be looking to buy a house here. Retailers blossom here and the business is booming. Because of this, a lot of people tend to look for a home in other parts of the city. Hiring the best movers in Jamaica to get you out of this commercial jungle is a good idea if you live here. Therefore, if you plan to move to Queens, it’s safe to say that you could do so much better than Jamaica.

woman in nyc
Make sure you view the problem from all angles.

Know exactly what to avoid

To sum up, moving to Queens NYC is not necessarily a bad idea. There are a lot of nice places here. However, you should also look for a place that suits your needs. Make sure to remember all the reasons people tend to leave certain Queens neighborhoods. You don’t want to be in their stead in a couple of years. Remember to pay attention to:

  • the location – look for good residential areas
  • public transportation – you want to be able to move about easily 
  • the crime rates – safety come first 
  • real estate prices – make sure you can afford living there in the long run 

Make a decision based on all the facts

Now that you know the Queens neighborhoods people are leaving are, you know what places to avoid at all costs. Furthermore, you should keep in mind all the reasons people tend to leave their neighborhoods. If some neighborhood seems appealing to you, make sure you check for all the red flags. You don’t want to move somewhere simply to realize that you made a mistake a few years from now. Once you’re sure that you made an informed decision, you’ll feel much better about moving to Queens.

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