Moving to Manhattan in October: all you need to know

Every period during the year has its own pros and cons when it comes to relocation. You have some great reasons to move during summer, but there are also some really good reasons to move during the fall or winter. If you opt for moving to Manhattan in October, there are a few things you should know before you start. Don’t worry, with enough knowledge and preparation you will do just fine.

This giant is never sleeping and there’s always something happening. If you love fun, you’ve come to the right place. You need to learn a little bit more about Manhattan. For example, learn about the traffic there, and learn about the way of life in the new place. Find out about the difference in prices between the place you are coming from and Manhattan. Moving to Manhattan in October will present its own challenges but you can use this guide to overcome them and make your relocation a nice adventure. There is a reason a lot of people pick this month to relocate.

Moving to Manhattan in October requires a good plan

Manhattan waits for no one so you should work fast. Make a list of all the stuff you need to do before you move with some of the best movers in Manhattan. That way, you won’t leave any business unfinished. Make sure you pay for all the utilities in your previous place and try to spare some cash in case you have to pay something once you arrive at the destination. Inform your friends and your family about the move beforehand. A few months in advance would be great but if that’s not possible, try to do so a few weeks in advance. That way you’ll give them time to process the big change you’ll make in their life.

A person is sitting on a bench next to a handbag and a notebook covered with autumn leaves.
Moving to Manhattan in October means moving during the autumn and autumn can be a great season to move.

Pack your things properly

Maybe you aren’t used to living in a place as crowded and as big as Manhattan. However, there are some downsides to living in such a gigantic place. You will most likely have to get rid of most of your stuff before moving to Manhattan in October. It’s just that crowded. Living in a place like Manhattan is really expensive. So, you should get a small place to live in. If that means leaving a lot of your stuff behind or selling them, so be it. If you can’t afford to rent a bigger place you must go through this process. Your valuable items should be packed carefully so you shouldn’t spare money when it comes to buying packing boxes. The higher quality the better. These boxes will keep your stuff safe from any kind of damage or breaking.

Label all of your boxes before moving to Manhattan in October with local movers in Manhattan. Labeled boxes are much easier to handle. You won’t have to waste time opening boxes just to figure out where the box belongs. Do not forget to place your cutters somewhere close and obvious. Don’t forget to wear some winter clothes since it will be October.

There are coins all over the surface.
If you plan your budget well, you can only save money.

Plan your budget precisely and in advance

It’s really important you keep in mind that Manhattan is one of the most expensive places in the world. From stuff like rent and utilities to food and essential stuff, prices are much bigger than compared to some places on the other side of the country. So do yourself a favor and plan ahead so you can save some money you can use in an emergency before you begin your relocation with Best Movers NYC. Try to learn to cook if you don’t already know how because you will be eating most of the time while in Manhattan. If you have any plans on how to change your new place there are quite a few ideas on how to renovate your home without breaking the budget you already have. Have you considered having a roommate? Because that’s a great way to save some more money! You can split choirs if you have a roommate and other obligations you usually have as an apartment owner/renter. You can take turns when it comes to cleaning, grocery shopping, and cooking, so it makes it all easier if you have a roommate.

Take care of the paperwork on time

Everyone knows paperwork is as boring as it gets. However, you need to make sure it’s all good and correct. Get your papers straight or you’ll most probably end up in trouble.

Here are a few examples of mandatory paperwork obligations that you should know before moving to Manhattan in October:

  1. Change your address for your monthly subscriptions, cards, bank accounts, and any other kind of membership that is valuable to you. Cancel the ones you won’t use anymore.
  2. DMV– if you plan on driving once you move to Manhattan, you will have to get a New York driver’s license 30 days after you move or earlier. Definitely not later.
  3. Don’t forget the insurance- make sure you are protected and protect your valuable possessions with some kind of insurance. The city is a really huge place and it’s not as safe as the smaller areas around the country.

If you do your paperwork well and on time you will have no problem staying in Manhattan.

There's a halloween pumpkin next to a calendar.
Celebrating Halloween in a new place is a great way to start your new life.

A big change requires a mental preparation

Manhattan is different than other places in the world in many ways. It’s always awake, literally 24/7. Literally! People who live here have much lower chances of obesity. That’s because they are on foot most of the time and don’t sit too often or too much. They only use their flats and homes to sleep in them.  The rest of the time they are enjoying the outdoors and the nightlife. If you’re not into a fast-paced kind of lifestyle, you should definitely take a moment and prepare for the big change that is coming. Try to walk or jog a bit more each day for a month before you relocate with commercial movers NYC to Manhattan in October. That way, you will be used to walking a bit more because you need to do something outside of your apartment. That is the main activity that awaits you once you get there. Moving to Manhattan in October might seem stressful, but it will be just fine if you do it the right way!

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