Pre-Move Measuring Checklist

In order to successfully pack, load, and move your items you need to make a Pre-Move Measuring Checklist. A lot depends on the size of your stuff. For example, how much and what kind of packing material you need. And even the size of the moving truck depends on it. In such situations, it’s best to hire Best Movers NYC. Because only they can guide you on the right path of your move and its preparation. It should be noted that moving is a very demanding process and that is why professional help is necessary. In this text, you will learn how to make your pre-moving list, as well as what are the basic things of moving.

A person who measures his furniture
Measuring your furniture before moving can help you plan the interior of your new home in advance.

Why is a Pre-Move Measuring Checklist needed?

This list gives you the option to plan it before you start moving. So, making this list isn’t a waste of time, but it can be very useful to you. Also, it’s necessary to make this list for security reasons. When you negotiate with your moving company, its local movers in NYC will know in advance how much moving truck you will need. It may take two trucks. Considering your pre-moving checklist, they will be able to determine the approximate price of moving. For safety reasons, this list is needed because it will prevent the truck from being overloaded. And if things are tight inside they can damage each other.

No matter what the move, it’s necessary to do some things before moving. A measuring checklist can bring you a lot of benefits. Because by making this list in advance, you can know which packaging you will need for packing as well as its quantity. But you can also plan the design and layout of the furniture in your new home in advance. Of course, it’s important to note that you only measure the furniture you want to move. So before you start measuring, determine which things you moving and which you don’t.

Office moving
And when it comes to office moving, a pre-move measuring checklist is necessary.

Commercial movers in NYC can help you deal with large office furniture. They can provide you with their services when it comes to office moving. Also in this case it’s necessary to make a pre-moving checklist. In this type of relocation, this is very important. Because it’s necessary to move large desks, shelves, and all other office furniture. This type of moving can be a little more demanding than usual.

Which includes a Pre-Move Checklist

No matter what type of move it’s, you should always make your list. So, even if it’s Residential moving, don’t take risks, but measure all your furniture and parts of the house. We have singled out a few things for you that you should never forget when making your measurement list.

  • Measure all the rooms in your new home. With this step forward, you will know if some of your old furniture will suit you. And you will have the opportunity to organize your new space in advance.
  • Sort your furniture and other bulky things. Don’t start measuring until you have completed this step. First, decide what you will move to and what will not. After that, make a list of things you are moving with you, and take the next step. Also, keep in mind that you don’t leave chaos behind. Take care of the things you don’t need anymore. Give or donate those that are in good condition. And those that no longer serve any purpose, recycle.
  • Measure all the things you want to move with you. When we say this, we mean furniture and other bulky things. So measure everything that requires special treatment. Pay attention when measuring furniture, because surely 70% of your furniture can be disassembled. Long distance movers in NYC can help you with this. Their services are much needed if you are moving long distances.
  • Provide appropriate packaging. Based on the measurements you get by measuring your belongings, choose the packaging. Packaging should be made of quality materials and ecological. In addition to the packaging, you will need to procure protective material for your belongings. The amount of it will also depend on the size of the things you are moving.

Don’t forget things that require special care during packing and moving

Don’t forget that there are things and objects in your home that require a slightly different approach and way of packaging. Therefore, you need to pay special attention when you need to pack and move:

  • Works of art, such as paintings, sculptures, busts, etc.
  • Large mirrors
  • Kitchen utensils that are mostly glass and ceramic
  • Expensive kitchen appliances
  • Large TVs, music system, piano, billiard, etc.

When it comes to moving these things, it’s very important that you take all the necessary measures. And measure them first. These things, in addition to being very sensitive and fragile, are also are not resistant to shocks, water, and scratches. On top of all that, any of their physical damage can cost you a lot. Because these things are very expensive.

Living room with art paintings and other glass souvenirs
The Pre-Move Measuring Checklist isn’t only based on measuring furniture but also other household inventory.

Finally, we would like to remind you, that moving is a very complicated and demanding process. Which requires a lot of work and planning. That’s why it’s necessary to make a pre-move measuring checklist. And for a successful move, you need a good moving plan. But in addition to a moving plan, you also need a proven moving company. So, don’t go into this process without those two most important things. And measuring all the things you want to move with you.


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