Guide for moving your business to Staten Island

You don’t organize moving your business to Staten Island like a simple private move! For the smooth running of your relocation, many things must be taken into account and many tasks must be completed before the moving day. You need to be aware that it is not an easy task. Luckily the Best Movers NYC are there to take charge and ensure the smooth running of your move! Furthermore, to prepare you for the move here is a little guide for business relocation.

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Best Movers NYC will make moving your business to Staten Island a smooth experience.

Inform your employees about the move

Once you made a decision to move, it is important to inform your employees as quickly as possible. This way no one will be caught off guard and everyone will have time to prepare for the transfer. This will give enough time to your employees to organize the move. Reassure and involve your employees in the move. Whatever the reason for the move, make it a positive event and celebrate it. If you are unsure about the location, do not hesitate to ask your employees and customers for their opinion. This can sometimes avoid certain pitfalls that you had not thought of.

Decide on a budget for moving your business to Staten Island

The question of the budget remains a central point to be considered when relocating moving your business to Staten Island. To get an accurate estimate of how much to consider for the cost of the move, there are some criteria that you need to look at.

  • The layout of the offices during installation: interior decoration, investment in new furniture, reparations
  • The equipment to buy to optimize the work of the teams once the company move is done (computer hardware, software, computer accessories).
  • The choice of a moving company to organize the transfer of the offices
  • The equipment to buy to transport professional items (cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, packaging).

The total cost makes it possible to plan an overall budget allocated to the change of offices by choosing whether or not to call on a team of movers specializing in the relocation of companies.

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The first thing to do when you are planning a move is to decide on a budget.

Compare quotes from movers

Once you have decided on the date by allowing a small margin for any delays, you will be able to request quotes. Do not hesitate to request several quotes from different moving companies. Moreover, do not hesitate to contact them by phone if in doubt about a specific question. Once you have chosen the best commercial movers Staten Island, make sure to block the date and reserve the vehicle for the transport of your equipment. However, when signing the moving contract, be very careful with small details that directly influence the final price: insurance, contract options, deadlines, or even the expected volume.

Pay attention to the choice of the date. Pick a weekday move instead of the weekend, it will cost you way less. Furthermore, check with City Hall if there are any major popular events on the day of your move and try to avoid them. This will avoid unnecessary traffic jams. If you have a small budget, it is of course possible to carry out your office move alone by renting a suitable truck and mobilizing your employees! However, if you have expensive equipment, it is best to hire professional commercial movers NYC. You don’t want to risk damaging your equipment.

Change your address before moving your business to Staten Island

In order not to have administrative problems, you must anticipate this change of address early enough. This will prevent any loss of mail. It is also important to notify your internet provider in advance. This way you can ensure that the connection will be operational when you arrive at your new premises. These small details can have serious consequences for your business if you don’t anticipate them in advance. Fortunately, thanks to the internet, you now have the possibility to modify a lot of your contracts online (electricity, taxes, telephony, etc.). Furthermore, don’t forget to notify your clients before you move. This way they will know how to get in touch with you at your new premises.

A woman moving coordinator organizing moving your business to Staten Island.
Designate a relocation manager to supervise the relocation and make sure everything is done according to the schedule.

Coordinated work thanks to the moving manager

In order to properly coordinate all logistics operations of your move to the borough of Staten Island, it is preferable to designate a relocation manager by department or by the team who will be both a coordinator and a reporter to the person in charge of operations. In this way, it will be easier for this responsible person to coordinate all operations harmoniously and to follow the progress of the operations schedule. Delays can occur but it is important that the person in charge remains in control of the situation and can readjust and make time for the unexpected setbacks. Having a manager per team makes it possible to lighten everyone’s workload.

This is the perfect time to do the inventory of the entire company including the IT equipment. Besides, business relocation is an opportunity to invest in new furniture and adapted computer equipment. This should be included in the initial budget allocated for the move. Furthermore, sorting is a reflex to have when moving, whether it is personal or professional. After several years spent in the same place, we tend to accumulate unnecessary things. Sorting is an excellent way to allow employees to relocate serenely, in a clear and pleasant way.

The moving day

Of course, the day of moving your business to Staten Island remains the most crucial day, but remember that preparations are key for a seamless moving experience. If you have the best movers Staten Island by your side you have nothing to worry about. Once everything is in its place, remember that the adaptation phase for your employees can last a few weeks. It is therefore important to keep some time to answer any possible doubts and even manage certain unforeseen events that may appear during this period.


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