NYC Waterfront Parks to Visit in All 5 Boroughs

As soon as you move to the Big Apple, you’ll find that living in this iconic location has many benefits. This magical city is talked about in books, movies, and advertisements, and what will await you is even more than that. Suffice it to say, there are 520 miles of coastline and you’ll be able to experience every romantic scene at dozens of waterfront spots. Although Central Park with its 26,000 trees is a truly picturesque landscape, you will find many fantastic parks in all municipalities. Among them are many parks on the coast. This time, with the help of New York experts from Best Movers NYC, we will get to know NYC waterfront parks to visit in all 5 boroughs.

NYC waterfront parks to visit in all 5 boroughs are now a part of your life

Anyone who moves to New York soon realizes how lucky they are to live in a city surrounded by water. It allows one to escape from the daily hustle and bustle, street chaos, and pollution. New York offers its residents huge green spaces, but if they are next to the water, the experience is complete. As jewels of New York’s boroughs, waterfront parks will relieve you of all stress with their beautiful view of the skyline. Let’s see where you can spend your first free weekend after arriving in the Big Apple.

Little Island is one of NYC Waterfront Parks to Visit in All 5 Boroughs
There are many NYC waterfront parks to visit in all 5 boroughs that are great places for recreation and stress relief

Waterfront parks in Manhattan

Manhattan is geographically the smallest borough in NYC. With over 1.6 million inhabitants, this center of finance and economy is also a place of amazing landmarks and buildings. The most famous park, Central Park is considered one of the most beautiful in New York. After moving to Manhattan, you will spend a lot of time here. However, other parks are not far behind in their attractiveness, especially those along the Manhattan waterfront.

Hudson River Park

Hudson River Park is a 550-acre public park that stretches over four miles of waterfront on the west side of Manhattan. It offers lovers of outdoor activities unlimited time for walking, running, playing, relaxing, and spending time with family and friends. Annually, more than 17 million people visit the park to enjoy the great river views, see sidewalks, and piers to explore. Once the move to Chelsea is over, you’ll need time to rest and relax, and Hudson River Park is the place to do it.

The Battery, Downtown Manhattan

This park is located in lower Manhattan and occupies 25 hectares of public space. Since you have moved to the Battery Park City neighborhood, you will be able to visit other attractions besides the park. There is the Jewish Heritage Museum, the Skyscraper Museum, and the Irish Hunger Memorial. The park is located near the harbor and is a great place to walk, bike, enjoy the view from a bench, or have a picnic on the grass.

coin telescope and view of NYC
There are plenty of NYC waterfront parks to visit in all 5 boroughs. All of them will give you beautiful views of different parts of NYC

Inwood Hill Park, North Manhattan

The park, which is considered one of the oldest parts of New York, is located in the northern part of Manhattan. It can be said that it represents the image of this borough as it once looked. It is characterized by an unusual terrain resulting from glacier movement. There are unusual caves, valleys, and ridges, but also the last natural salt marsh and forest. Near the city that never sleeps, you can enjoy the peace that this park offers. Walking and biking trails, playgrounds, athletic fields, dog trails, and barbecue areas await you there. Also, you can enjoy the view of the Hudson River.

Riverside Park, West Side

This is one of the eight official scenic landmarks in New York. It contains a series of athletic fields, a skate park, a promenade, a section for cyclists, and a public marina. The park is 4 miles long and 100 to 500 feet wide, occupying 253 acres of NYC. It is a great place for kayaking enthusiasts, and outdoor recreationists but also for pet owners. It is ideal for hanging out with friends along the coast and provides you with regular events throughout the year.

Four Freedoms Park, Roosevelt Island

Located on Roosevelt Island in New York, this park is free to the public. You can visit it any day if you are near Upper Manhattan. The park is surrounded by trees and a walk through the park will allow you to get to know the statuary and quotes carved on the stone. Views from this part of the East Side of Manhattan and Long Island City are complemented by views of the flowing river and passing boats.

A man takes a picture of his family in the park as they rest on the grass
Millions of New Yorkers and tourists from other parts of the world go to some of the most beautiful NYC waterfront parks to visit in all 5 boroughs every year.

Governors Island

As part of the Manhattan borough Governors Island is a great place to escape from the daily hustle and bustle of New York City. The park is easily accessible by ferry and is open to the public all year round. There you can rent bikes or walk, and children can play in the longest slide in NYC. These 172 acres are an ideal place for a picnic, golf, and relaxation with a view of calm water. Views of Lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty are another plus for going to this waterfront park.

Waterfront parks in Queens

Unlike Manhattan, Queens is New York’s largest borough by area. This suburban community, along with the borough of Brooklyn, is part of Long Island. A large part of the total coastline of New York belongs to Queens. Rebuilt after the devastating Hurricane Sandy in 2012, today Queens’ beaches and parks are very popular with residents. Once you’ve moved to Queens, among the waterfront parks, you’ll find several that will catch your attention.

Gantry Plaza State Park

This park along the East River has a fantastic view of Midtown Manhattan. With its 12 hectares of territory, the park is a beautiful public area with four piers, landscaped gardens, and a unique fog fountain. In the evening you can relax on one of the lounge chairs and enjoy the view. During the day, there are basketball and handball courts, playgrounds, and a fishing pier. Located on the shores of Long Island, it is easily accessible by ferry. Many residents and visitors to Queens enjoy walking along the waterfront.

A couple sets along the waterfront park path and looks at the phone
Waterfront parks are places to make memories.

Astoria Park

Astoria Park covers almost 60 hectares of Queens County territory. Located next to a beautiful river, the park starts on the south side of the Triborough Bridge and runs to the north side of the Hell Gate Bridge. Many visitors go at night to enjoy the city lights in the evening. During the day you can go for a walk, run, ride a bike, walk with your pet, or rollerblade. There is a large jungle gym for children, and the swimming pool is being renovated. This will be your frequent location once you move to the Astoria neighborhood.

Rockaway Beach and Boardwalk

Rockaway Beach is a favorite place among residents of the Rockaway Peninsula, as well as other New Yorkers. It offers a soft sandy beach for swimmers and waves for surfers. This is the only legal place to surf. Beach and Boardwalk offer 170 acres of waterfront terrain, where in addition to beaches there are also playgrounds as well as water fountains. During the year, this is a very popular place for outdoor activities.

Socrates Sculpture Park, Astoria

This waterfront park in the Astoria neighborhood is also an open-air museum with an amazing view of Roosevelt Island. This park is dedicated to supporting artists in creating and presenting artwork to the public. So far, more than 1000 artists have presented themselves in this 5-acre park. The park is the center of a cultural program as well as a place of education.

NYC waterfront parks to visit in Brooklyn

With about 2.8 million residents, Brooklyn is the most populous borough in New York. It shares Long Island with Queens and has many areas open to the water. Although Prospect Park is Brooklyn’s largest, the borough also contains many of the bestNYC waterfront parks to visit in all 5 boroughs, including waterfront parks. Even though it is the most populated part of New York, many people immediately fall in love with it after moving to Brooklyn. These are parks on the coast where you can spend wonderful moments with your family or alone.

Family playing on the green areas of the park
Happiness requires a little green space and a lot of good moods. Spend an unforgettable afternoon with the family at one of NYC’s waterfront parks.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Located right next to the Brooklyn Bridge, this park is a great family-friendly location known for its picture-perfect views. From there, you’ll enjoy views of the Manhattan skyline as well as the Statue of Liberty. During this time, your children can play on the green lawn or roller skates in the roller rink. With its 85 acres of territory, it is located along the East River shoreline. The park also has soccer fields, restaurants, and a pop-up pool. Once you move to Brooklyn Heights this will be a great place to occupy your entire day.

Shore Road Park

Shore Road Park is a popular destination for Brooklyn residents and visitors alike. It is located along the Shore Road and Belt Parkway on the west side of Brooklyn, in the area called Bay Ridge. This is a great place for a picnic, but also for jogging and walking lovers, skaters, and dog owners who like to go for walks with their pets. It has a great view of Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty, Coney Island, and Fort Hamilton’s Army Base.

Domino Park

Domino Park is a public park that stretches four miles along the East River near the Williamsburg Bridge. The 5-acre territory is quite busy when the weather is nice. So, try to come in the early hours when you move to the Williamsburg neighborhood. Domino Park consists of several areas. The Elevated Walkway is a great place to enjoy the scenery of the East River and Manhattan. Another interesting part is the playground. Since the park was built on the site of an old sugar factory, this part includes a smaller part of the sugar factory, giving it the appearance of a cute mini factory. Here your children can play, climb and explore. The third part belongs to the “Tacocina” food stand, where you can meditate along the coast while tasting tacos and other Mexican snacks.

view on big city from one of the NYC waterfront parks to visit in all 5 boroughs
Residents of cities surrounded by water are happy people. Enjoy all that NYC’s waterfront parks have to offer.

Waterfront parks in Staten Island

At 58.5 square miles, Staten Island is the third largest borough in New York City. It has a little more than 470 thousand inhabitants, but it is the second richest borough, right after Manhattan. As a municipality with 170 parks, it is also known as the greenest borough. Since Staten Island has struggled with severe ozone and smog pollution for years, it’s good to have these green spaces to enjoy every day after moving to Staten Island. All parks cover about 12,300 hectares of protected land.

North Shore Esplanade, St. George Park

The North Shore Esplanade will give you convenient access to the waterfront. Although it has a little less greenery than other waterfront parks, it offers beautiful views of Manhattan. The best lookout point is at the Staten Island 9/11 Memorial. In addition to the view of Manhattan, you can walk, run or enjoy a bench and sunbathe.

Waterfront parks in the Bronx

One of the most beautiful green areas of the Bronx is its Botanical Garden, which occupies as much as 250 acres of its territory. Otherwise, 25% of the total area of this borough is under green areas. Among the largest parks in NYC is the Bronx’s Pelham Bay Park. After moving to the Bronx, you will have the opportunity to have a picnic in this iconic NYC park.

buildings near water in the night
Escape the daytime crowds at one of the waterfront parks. A special experience is in the evening when the lights of the big city are reflected in the water

Pelham Bay Park, East Bronx

This largest park in New York occupies 2772 acres of its territory. That means it is three times the size of Manhattan’s Central Park. Located in the northernmost corner of the Bronx, this park is full of different habitats. Whether you’re a fan of forests, meadows, salt marshes, mixed scrub, or seashores, Pelham Bay Park will not disappoint. Many Pelham Bay Park events are held in the park throughout the year, and thanks to the variety of terrain, you will have countless opportunities for fun and recreation.

Now you know which NYC waterfront parks to visit in all 5 boroughs

Waterfront parks can be great places to take a break from the daily activities and crowds that are especially pronounced in cities like New York. These are places of festivals, events, concerts, gatherings, and recreation. Living in NYC will allow you to enjoy a large number of parks and now you know which NYC waterfront parks to visit in all 5 boroughs.

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