Essential Items You Need for Your First NYC Apartment

Almost every person’s dream is to move to New York and experience a life full of excitement and adventure. However, this move isn’t all about lovely things that are waiting for you. One of the main things that can complicate your move is finding the right apartment. After all, New York is really expensive and you are lucky to find an apartment that is affordable. In most cases they are tiny. Thus, what you must consider is what essential items you need for your first NYC apartment. Decide what to move and what to buy. Then, you may get a free quote from your professional moving company and you’ll be ready for your new life in NYC.

Let’s see the essential items you need for your first NYC apartment

Everyone who moves will surely say they need everything. Nevertheless, bear in mind that you are moving to NYC to probably limited space and you must make choices. Check what you really need to bring. Maybe a good idea would be to measure the apartment beforehand in order to get the right decision. Whatever you decide your residential movers NYC are at your disposal. Hence, check our suggestions, and hopefully, our advice will serve you well.

buildings in Manhattan
After finding the right apartment start thinking about the essential items you need for your first NYC apartment.


We decided to start with your bedroom since one thing you need after a hard-working moving day and the excellent work of your residential movers in the Bronx is a good night’s sleep. Moreover, when it comes to your bedroom there are a few things to consider when thinking about essentials. Some of the main things to take into consideration are a bed and mattress, blankets, window coverings, tv, table lamps, clothes hangers, and dressers.

Bed and mattress are crucial

First comes first, you need rest. Especially after the relocation is completed. Thus, you need a comfortable bed. In our opinion, you should invest in quality beds but even more in quality mattresses. Of course, there’s no need to spend a lot of money on mattresses. You can find a decent one for less than a thousand dollars. It all depends on the brand and size you need. What matters is to take your time and choose a mattress to satisfy your needs. As for bed frames, find a cheaper metal one. On the other hand, you can always go for a more expensive frame. Your budget will finally determine everything.

Kitchen essentials

To be realistic, dining every day in restaurants in NYC is a pretty much expensive endeavor. Thus, a much better alternative is to have your kitchen ready for use. There’s a variety of items you need. One thing is certain, your residential movers in Queens will have a lot to pack and transport.

  • dishes (plates, bowls, cups)
  • silverware
  • a pot and a couple of pans
  • oven mitts
  • dish towels
  • paper towels
  • cleaning supplies ( sponges, dish soap, glass cleaner)
  • food storage containers
  • plastic zip bags, foil, and a plastic wrap
  • cutting board
  • small appliances (toaster, hand mixer, blender, can opener, coffee makes)
  • a large trash can and corresponding bags

Furthermore, don’t forget one important thing. Make sure to save money and time for your trip to the grocery store.

kitchen with all the essential items you need for your first NYC apartment
Make a checklist of the essential items you need for your first NYC apartment kitchen.

What do you need for your living room?

Basically, by choosing the basic things you need for your first NYC apartment you’ll have a much easier task when it comes to your living room. There aren’t so many small things to think about, unlike other rooms in the apartment that your residential movers in Staten Island must deal with.  Hence, you need a couch, a coffee table, an area rug, table lamps, standing/floor lamps, a tv, window coverings (blinds or curtains), and pictures of family and friends you can display.


An even easier job for your residential movers in Brooklyn when we talk about essential things for your first NYC apartment. Thinking about the new bathroom should lead you to prepare some plastic or wicker baskets to store some things. We can point out hair brushes, a hair dryer, shampoo, conditioner, body wash and soap, toilet paper, laundry detergent, a small trash can, and cleaning supplies (toilet cleaner, toilet brush, sponges).

Still, there is one thing you mustn’t forget. When you are moving you are to pack your essentials bag. It should include the things you need from day one. Most of the things are related to the bathroom. For instance, we would say to pack towels, toothbrushes, toothpaste, body wash, lotions, and hand soap.

Let’s end up with things you need for your entire apartment

We have already mentioned this, but in general, you need a variety of cleaning supplies to get your new apartment in order. We must mention rubber gloves, a vacuum cleaner, a mop or rags, and multi-purpose cleaning supplies.

someone wearing rubber gloves holding a yellow plastic spray bottle
Prepare everything to get your new apartment in order.

Also, you need some tools to make your life easier. Think about screwdrivers, pliers, hammers, screws, and nails. Do you want to hang some shelves on the wall?

Last but not least, we advise you to have extension cords since a lot of NYC buildings pre-date cell phones and other electronic devices. Therefore, you won’t have a large number of outlets nor will they be in the best places too. With this in mind, a few extension cords should be on your first apartment checklist. Think about the slightest details.

Prepare well for your new home in NYC

Altogether, consider what essential items you need for your first NYC apartment. Remember not to bring everything with you. Determine what is in a good state and what you really need. Other stuff can be bought and you can get your apartment ready after a while. Once you’ve moved start enjoying NYC and its beauty and abundance of opportunities. After completing your everyday chores you can finally relax in your cozy apartment.

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