NYC Neighborhoods With the Best Rental Deals for 2022

New York City is the best place to live for so many people. But I think that we all can agree that this lifestyle is on the pricey side, especially when it comes to renting an apartment. So we made a little search to help you find NYC neighborhoods with the best rental deals for 2022. If your area is not on this list, you should think of changing it. And we strongly suggest you contact the best movers in NYC to help you with your relocation.

What are NYC neighborhoods with the best rental deals for 2022?

You may doubt that there are any NYC neighborhoods with the best rental deals for 2022, but we are here to give you some facts and to prove to you that you find some hidden jams. So starting with the obvious, you mostly won’t hire Manhattan movers if you want to save some money on your rent. So you should start looking at some neighborhoods that are not that far from the city, but way cheaper. If you take care of your finances, you can live a perfectly normal life on an average budget. So, let’s start with our list.

NYC neighborhoods with best rental deals for 2022
Here are NYC neighborhoods with best rental deals for 2022.

Riverdale in the Bronx is among NYC neighborhoods with the best rental deals for 2022

For people who know the market well, this can come as a surprise. Riverdale in the Bronx is not really well known as a place with low real estate prices. But ironically, that doesn’t count for the rental market which tends to be affordable. This is actually one of the most affordable and yet very beautiful neighborhoods where you can rent yourself an apartment. The advantages are many: plenty of greenery, beautiful views of the Hudson, and historic homes. So it is no wonder why Bronx movers have a lot do to.

The average size of a one-bedroom apartment is actually larger than in most of the New York City neighborhoods. And the price for an apartment with one bed and a bathroom goes somewhere around $2,500. Riverdale is really not far from the city. Using the metro, you can be at a Grand Central Station in 20 minutes. If you are a nature lover, you will be so grateful to live in this neighborhood. There are also so many shops and restaurants to enjoy. So, if you take all this into consideration, you should think of calling residential movers Bronx as soon as possible.

Kew Gardens in Queens

Some people refer to Queens as the quitter little sister of Manhattan and we find it charming. There is a lot of greenery here and it is very densely populated in the center of the Queens. Kew Gardens is built starting from the late 19th century up to the 1950s. It is actually one of seven planned garden communities that New York City can boast of. Queens movers really enjoy relocating people here, because they are aware how much they will enjoy their new life. And this neighborhood is a mix of family homes, co-ops, apartment complexes, and condos. So there is a place for everyone here.

There is a lot of greenery in Kew Gardens.

The average studio in Kew Gardens will be charged about $1,600. When it comes to transportation, its residents will have several transportation options, from buses, subway, or a train. For shopping, you can go to a Queens Center shopping mall because you will be able to find all the major brands there. But since it is often crowded, try to go early in the day whenever you can. Among other advantages, many say that they had the best Chinese food of their lives in Jade Chinese Restaurant. And if this information rings your bells, call local movers Queens to help you relocate there.

Brooklyn’s Bay Ridge

At the southwest of Brooklyn, in between Sunset Park and Verrazano Bridge, you can find this popular neighborhood called Bay Ridge. Since this area is kind of famous by solid public schools, many families have contacted Brooklyn movers to help them move their home there. And combining that with lower prices and the close proximity to the highway, it is just no wonder. And on top of it, there are so many historic houses here.

If you are a person who really appreciates breathtaking views, you would love to be here and not miss the view of the harbor and the Verrazano Bridge. Have in mind that the 2 beds, 1 bathroom apartment for rent will be paid from $2,000 up to $2,700. Bay Ridge is actually well connected by the R train which works at all times. The parks are really spacious and have some wonderful sunset views, even on the Manhatten. And you have to know that moving there just doesn’t have to be that expensive. Just ask for commercial movers Brooklyn and their quotes.

Can any part of Manhattan not be on a pricey side?

Well, we get you if you are wondering is there any part of Manhatten that can even come close to a cheaper price. Since many younger people and professional people are looking for an affordable apartment space in the city center, agents and media like to label Washington Heights as one of the last affordable neighborhoods in Manhattan. If this is your dream location, and you just found this information, call commercial movers Manhattan now and ask them to help you relocate there.

manhattan - NYC neighborhoods with best rental deals for 2022
Can any part of Manhattan be part of NYC neighborhoods with best rental deals for 2022?

The average studio can be rented for about $1,700, so if this is a reasonable price for you, go find your next home and hire local movers Manhattan to move you there. This is actually one of the last neighborhoods in Manhattan where you can find a decent, spacious apartment for a solid price. You could use buses and the subway for transportation. It is expected that you can find easy access to many shops and stores, as well as restaurants, but you may wonder about the safety. Washington Heights is actually the third safest part of Manhattan, just after the Upper East and West Side. Now, how great is that!

On the list of NYC neighborhoods with the best rental deals for 2022, you can find Crown Heights in Brooklyn

If you are fond of cultural life, you can find it in the center of Brooklyn. Crown Heights has many libraries, parks, and museums. The popularity of this neighborhood raised as it was seen as an alternative to much pricier Prospect Heights and Park Slope. This area has some wonderful attractions, such as Brooklyn Botanical Garden, Brooklyn Public library, and Prospect Park.

Crown Heights in Brooklyn will offer you a cultural life.

Professionals who need to travel to work will be happy to know that there are few different train lines. But also, its residents will find easy access to fun and nightlife, so many people are attracted to this area. So if we are talking about rental prices, have in mind that you can find 2 bed, 2 bathroom apartments for $3,000 to $3,500.

Brooklyn, Prospect Park South

If living in a suburb of the city feels like the right thing for you, you can consider finding your next home in Prospect Park South. This is considered to be placed in the center of Victorian Brooklyn. Since the Victorian age was full of limitations when it comes to constructions, this area is actually full of houses that contain very elegant style and atmosphere. And its residents are quite protective of it and proud of their preservation of this area. Even though there are some new condos and co-ops, the norm of the place is a single-family home with some great lawn space.

victorian brooklyn
Victorian Brooklyn is a beautiful place to live in.

So you can rent a 1 room 1 bath apartment for about $2,200. Obviously, by its name, this area is close to Prospect Park, which is one of the best parks in New York City. You can find so many places to recreate or to rest. Or you can visit the zoo and find many family-friendly places and restaurants. You will enjoy different tastes and some wonderful coffee shops. Prospect Park South is considered to be a safe place for living, but you can check the crime data of this place.


If you are into a tight-knit and dynamic neighborhood in the center of Brooklyn, consider Bedford-Stuyvesant. This place is really known as the birthplace of many artists, such as Jay-Z, Chris Rock, and Biggie Smalls among the most famous. But have in mind that this neighborhood is also known as the hub of African American life in Central Brooklyn. But the drastic change had happened over the past decade. You will find so diverse area here that will offer you access to the many beautiful homes as well as some of the greatest street art.

Many people are not aware that Bed-Stuy is actually made from four neighborhoods. Those are Stuyvesant Heights, Ocean Hill, Bedford, and Weeksville. So you will find a studio with one bathroom for about $1,800. This is actually transported friendly community. There are actually some extensive bus routes. Many restaurants are locally owned and are continuing to populate the area.

In the Bronx, you can find a nice place in Spuyten Duyvil

Just below the Riverdale and just above the Harlem River, you will find the neighborhood called Spuyten Duyvil and pronounced “Spy-ten Dyw-vil”. It is an upper-middle-class area of the Northwest Bronx. Many families were drawn by the location of this place. It is very close to Riverdale and Fieldston, which are really desirable neighborhoods. It is even often called the suburbs of Manhattan. The area is filled with wonderful villas and really large houses. Recently, the population is on the rise. That brought new luxury buildings and condos. And the truth is that you will much easier find an apartment for rent here than in Fieldston or Riverdale.  And you will find a 1-bed apartment for $2,100.

When it comes to transportation options, Spuyten Duyvil has access to the Hudson Line of the Metro-North Railroad. The station provides service to Grand Central Terminal and even to Westchester County. The fare depends on the hours, and it is $6.75 when it is not a peak hour and get $9.25 for peak hours. But that is not all. You could be able to use one of the three express buses, you will get to Manhattan. Or you can use one of the local buses that will get you to the 1 train in Marble Hill and that is really nearby.

What do you think about living in a place called Sunnyside?

If you are interested in living in a family-heavy community that has many row houses and low-rise apartments, Sunnyside is your place. This quiet residential area in Queens has a diverse ethnical population. That is reflected very much in the diversity of the restaurants that are close by, and you will enjoy them if you take a walk down Queens Boulevard. Like, really, it will be hard to choose from. If you choose this area for your future home, you will for sure enjoy Sunnyside Gardens. They will add a rustic country community feeling, that is so pleasant to see.

What do you think about living in a place called Sunnyside?

Since it is so close to both, transportation and the city, this neighborhood is on a rapid rise recently. It even ranks as one of the most popular areas of Queens where people are moving to. And you can find a 1-bed studio for about $1,900.

Did we help you find out what are NYC neighborhoods with the best rental deals for 2022?

In this detailed text, we tried to help you find out what are NYC neighborhoods with the best rental deals for 2022. And we really do hope that you have a much clearer picture now. When you know what is on the market, it is easier to choose. Of course, your choice will be different depending on the phase of life in which you are now. But just the knowledge that there is a place for everyone in New York City is really great. So just take time, do your own research based on this data and step up into your new life.

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