Moving insurance – what to look for?

In order for your belongings to reach your new home in perfect condition, it is advisable that you hire a professional. If it happens that you have already found a reliable moving company, feel free to start thinking about what moving services to add to your contract. What you should also think about is adding moving insurance. This means a lot in case some unexpected and unwanted situations happen. However, there are several things you should be careful about. Learn all of them by reading this text and you will know precisely what to do.

How can moving insurance help you during your move?

Moving insurance, of course, provides some protection for your belongings during your move. However, it is important to know that this protection can be realized in several ways. For example, if a certain item is damaged during your residential relocation, it is possible that your moving company is going to compensate full value.

Woman labelling a box
Getting moving insurance is certainly one of the best decisions you can make- you will realize this very soon

Of course, it can also happen that they give you a partial refund as well. On the other hand, your movers may not accept the responsibility for relocating some fragile items, artwork, jewelry, etc. Basically, what you should know is that there are many variations when insurance is in question. So, you should be careful and ask about all of the details before you sign the contract.

You can get the insurance from your moving company

Of course, you can count on your moving company to provide you with the insurance. To be more precise you can count on full value protection and released value protection. Should you choose the first option, you should know that in case there is some damage done to your belongings, your mover is going to cover the repair or replacement. When the second option is in question, you are going to get a certain percentage of compensation. What is important is that you check this with your mover and ask about the details. They will let you know what you can expect precisely. So, either if you are moving locally in NYC or long-distance, make sure you include one of these options into your contract.

There are other companies that can provide you with an insurance policy

Moving companies are not the only ones that can provide you with moving insurance. You can also count on a wide variety of insurers. In case some of your friends or relatives have used their services recently, ask them for a recommendation. What is important to know is that insurers can provide you with a trip transit policy or endorsement. This is a policy that insures your belongings for damage during a specific trip or transit event.

Person signing documents
There is also the possibility of getting moving insurance from third parties, that is, a wide variety of insurers

It can cover you in the same way your home insurance would cover your personal belongings. However, the tricky part is that it will not necessarily cover the damage caused by the movers. So, make sure you take everything into consideration, especially if you are moving long-distance. Should some valuable items of yours get damaged, your relocation will cost much more.

There are some items your insurance will not cover

Your mover’s liability certainly has some limits. In case you have hired a reputable moving company from the website of Best Movers NYC, they are going to inform you about this part as well. However, just to be on the safe side, it is advisable that you ask your mover or your insurer which items are not going to be covered. Usually, those are perishable items, such as plants, food, or maybe hazardous materials. In addition to this, if you have added packing services to your agreement and you have decided to pack some of the items on your own, in case those items get damaged, you are not going to get a refund of any kind. This will also happen if you fail to provide your mover with information in writing about some of your items that have a significant value.

You should also get moving insurance if you are renting a moving truck

In a situation of this kind, you should know that the rental company may provide coverage for you, the passengers, the cargo, and the truck. Of course, there are several packages you can choose from, this is not the only one. However, what you should also be aware of is that there are some exceptions here as well. To be more precise, your policy is not going to include a refund for damage caused by improper packing, normal shifting of cargo, and theft of cargo.

Movers loading a moving truck
Make sure you get moving insurance even if you are renting a moving truck- get all of the information before you start completing the tasks

So, make sure you take everything into consideration when renting a moving truck. You should know the most important details about this option before you make a final decision.

Getting moving insurance is surely something that is more than recommended. Either if you are relocating locally or long-distance, you want to know that there is a solution in case some of your items get damaged. Just think about what kind of insurance policy will suit you best. Of course, this is something you can ask your moving company as well. They are going to give you a recommendation but you can feel free to make a final decision on your own. What is important is that, by getting the insurance, you are going to avoid stressing yourself during your relocation process. You want to remember this as a joyous event and enjoy your new life in a new home. And you will agree that this is worth every cent.

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