Moving from Staten Island to Manhattan

Relocations can sometimes be quite complicated. Whether they are shorter or longer, they require detailed preparation. It’s important that your belongings remain intact and that you are free from stress. Moving is an important, life-changing event, and you don’t have to plan it yourself. When moving from Staten Island to Manhattan, it is essential to have a good team at your side. That’s why we at Best Movers NYC are here to help! Whether you are moving household or business, we will handle everything for you! We will make sure you’re relocated to a new environment as soon as possible.

You have to make preparations before you move from Staten Island to Manhattan

In order for the move to go as smoothly as possible, it is necessary to plan everything. Firstly, inquire about the average cost of moving, then calculate the final cost.

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Moving from Staten Island to Manhattan means a fresh start for you!

Take the following into consideration:

  • the distance between locations
  • packing supplies
  • transport
  • storage
  • unpacking 

It is not easy to create a relocation budget to cover all costs. You can never fully define how much it will be. It’s not easy to predict everything that awaits you on your moving day either. However, there are ways to prepare for this process much more easily. The first step is certainly to find which relocation company has favorable prices and good service. Above all, the most expensive on your relocation list will be the relocation itself, which includes transportation and hiring workers. However, the price of moving doesn’t have to be high and you can easily calculate it with the help of a moving agency. Their workers will give you all the information you need and calculate the final price of the services.

Familiarize yourself with the new surrounding

It takes time to get used to the new place. Therefore, to make it easier for yourself, explore a new environment. You certainly have personal cultural preferences, entertainment, food, recreation, and the like.

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Plan your move properly to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Manhattan is the main center of all prominent events in New York. Apart from being a fashion pulse, it’s also a business center. On the other hand, fans of the urban lifestyle will admire the architecture and the very structure of Manhattan. Those who prefer theater and museums will enjoy the wide range of these institutions. It is important to point out that the Metropolitan Museum of Art is located in Manhattan! Last but not least, all foodies will be happy to try out delicious offers! Both the Upper East Side, as well as in the Upper West Side has many restaurants and food shops.

You will need a professional team of movers to help you relocate from Staten Island to Manhattan

When you contact a moving company about your upcoming move, you need to be ready. Make sure you get all the answers to check everything from the list:

  • Does the moving agency make a free assessment based on which you can get a first impression? Furthermore, make sure that the moving company you hire is registered and does not operate illegally.
  • Does the agency have its own packing supplies and equipment?
  • Ask what experience users have with the agency. Each agency can tell you how long and in what territory it has experience.
  • A moving company should inform you during the first conversation about their offer, and the prices of each service. Ensure there aren’t any hidden fees.
  • Good movers must have proper suspension equipment in all trucks to ensure that your belongings can be transported safely.
  • Does that moving company also subcontract to other companies? It is very important to know which companies are moving your household. Some relocation agencies hire other agencies to help them. Be sure to check the permit information of all companies involved.
  • Customer testimonials will provide you with a better insight into the company’s work. Look up reviews of clients who have already moved from Staten Island to Manhattan.

One of the best movers in Staten Island will provide you with the best service possible. Your best interest is in the first place, and they will ensure the relocation is executed well.

two men and a moving van
Professional movers will help you execute relocation from start to finish!

Recognize and avoid fraudulent companies

Moving companies that don’t have your best interest at heart can be easily spotted. For example, the advertised relocation price is usually not explained well and doesn’t actually say what the relocation price refers to. Furthermore, as soon as an unforeseen event is encountered (and there is always an unforeseen event: stairs, a loading route, and so on), the price will rise. Moreover, there is no binding agreement or necessary paperwork. In addition, many fraudulent movers in NYC aren’t licensed and verified. Also, don’t get mislead by their reviews. They are either fake or written by the company’s employees.

Invest in quality storage to keep your belongings safe and sound before moving from Staten Island to Manhattan

You should consider a storage solution when moving from Staten Island to Manhattan. Unexpected circumstances may lead to delays. Furthermore, private obligations may not allow you to relocate as you planned. Therefore, storage is the ideal solution. It doesn’t have to be expensive to be quality. Depending on the length of the move, you can choose the option that suits you. However, pay attention to the following before you pick the best storage for you:

  • It should have enough space for all your belongings.
  • Hygiene must be at the highest level.
  • Climate-controlled storages are the best. You don’t have to worry about the condition of your items. That includes even easily breakable ones.
  • You should have access to your stuff whenever possible.

While there are many DIY storage recommendations out there, it’s better to spend some extra money. Some of the best movers in Manhattan offer storage solutions at affordable prices. In addition, they offer insurance that guarantees the safety of your furniture and other belongings. Finally, their storage solutions fulfill all requirements so you can relax while moving from Staten Island to Manhattan.  

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