Manhattan guide for foodies

Manhattan is famous for the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Broadway, the Manhattan Zoo, and the Empire State building. And did you know that this part of New York is also a paradise for foodies? Every year, thousands of people come to the Big Apple on vacation to admire all its attractions, but also to enjoy tastes from all over the world. Likewise, Manhattan is full of people who live for these tastes. A large number of New Yorkers are self-proclaimed foodies. So, if you’re a Manhattanite, you know what we’re talking about. And if you’re a foodie new to this part of New York, contact Manhattan movers for advice. With their Manhattan guide for foodies, you can enjoy the fantastic food of Manhattan restaurants from the very first day in NYC.

NYC Restaurant Industry Statistics

There are more than 25,000 restaurants of various world cuisines in NYC. All of these restaurants provide more than 300,000 jobs, paying a total of $10 billion. Residents of the Big Apple visit restaurants 2 or 3 times a week. Statistics say that 45% of diners go out to eat several times a week, and another 20% eat out once a week. However, many fail to try all the specialties during their lifetime in the Big Apple.

a man and woman working in the restaurant that are on the list of Manhattan guide for foodies
Restaurants in Manhattan provide jobs for many residents. Among them 40% are Hispanic and 20% Asian.

Manhattan is synonymous with culinary landscapes of various tastes. The diversity of ethnic populations in one place has led to a constant mixing of cuisines and tastes. On the other hand, the high level of innovation and technology enable the emergence of fascinating spaces dominated by chefs. Restaurants appear and disappear on a daily basis. Many do not last more than a year. From small family restaurants to world-famous institutions, this NYC borough is a treasure trove of cuisines from all over the planet. So, if you’ve just moved with our residential movers in Manhattan, look for a restaurant menu that suits you.

Midtown Manhattan guide for foodies

The central part of Manhattan is the Midtown neighborhood. It is the most populated neighborhood and also the largest entertainment center in NYC. We have compiled a list of restaurants that foodies should visit when relocating, with local movers in Manhattan, in this part of town.

  • Valerie. This is one of Midtown’s hidden gems where you can enjoy truffle fries, juicy chicken, chilled seafood, or beef patties. A fantastic taste that is sure to please any food lover. You will need a reservation for this classy restaurant.
  • Añejo. This Mexican restaurant was launched in early 2012 in Hell’s Kitchen. With a unique selection of tequila, you will get a different assortment of dishes too. Whether you eat tacos and burritos or pork and chicken, you will experience the traditional taste of Mexico.
  • Sparks Steak House. If you are a true gourmet, you must not miss going to the nearby steak house. Lovers of juicy lamb chops and top wines will find their place in this top restaurant.
  • Indian Accent. Indian cuisine restaurant that offers traditional Indian dishes imbued with the ideas of contemporary chefs. Whether you indulge in the taste of wild mushroom kebabs or roast lamb, you will enjoy authentic Indian dishes at reasonable prices.

Upper West Side Manhattan restaurants

With a population of 209,084 inhabitants, this neighborhood is considered one of the richest in the city. Besides being home to many celebrities, the Upper West Side is also home to several cozy restaurants, especially along Amsterdam Avenue. 

  • Nobody Told Me. Although new in the neighborhood, this restaurant has gained a good reputation in its two years of existence. With varied food and a wide selection of wines and beers, you can have an ideal time for your anniversary as well as for a group holiday celebration.
  • Le Monde. Located along Broadway between 112th and 113th Streets, this French restaurant will offer you friendly service and delicious food. This is one of those places where everyone shuts up when the meal arrives. The smell and taste of freshly cooked food will conquer all your senses.
  • Cesca. Helpful staff, intimate atmosphere, and beautiful interior complement the quality menu that this Italian restaurant will offer you. Although guests recommend Italian specialties, you won’t go wrong if you order boiled pork chops, duck breast, and creamy burrata. For dessert, a perfect cannoli or panna cotta awaits you.
pizza on table
A mandatory part of the Manhattan guide for foodies is Italian cuisine

Chelsea restaurants

Although it is known as an art center, this neighborhood hosts foodies every day at several excellent restaurants.

  • Portale Restaurant. This neighborhood gem serves a contemporary Italian menu in a relaxed and friendly environment. With the epithet of a top place with amazing meals, it will be a great choice whether you come alone or in the presence of family and friends. Seafood meals will enchant you with their taste and the lightness of the bite that almost floats in your mouth. Risotto with red shrimp is a must-try!
  • Elmo. The restaurant, which was chosen as the best restaurant by Instinct Magazine, will offer you a modern yet elegant space filled with the flavors of American cuisine. Mac and cheese, fried chicken, tomato soup, or Elmo salad; you won’t go wrong no matter what you order.

Manhattan guide for foodies in Brooklyn

As a borough that will always keep you in action, Brooklyn is an exciting place to live. This part of Manhattan abounds with huge office spaces and is an attractive place for startups. If you have decided to start your company in NYC, contact the experts from commercial moving companies in Manhattan. Once settled in, business meetings and private lunches can be arranged at one of Brooklyn’s many restaurants.

  • Russ & Daughters. If you are a fan of herring, salmon, and caviar, here you will find a taste that will completely satisfy you. After that, sweeten yourself with babka or nut halvah, which are still made today according to the Russ & Daughters recipe, as they were 100 years ago.
  • Blue Ribbon Sushi. A nice restaurant that has a large selection of fresh fish that arrives daily from the Sea of Japan, but also the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Although the specialty of the restaurant is sushi rolls, you can freely order beef and chicken for someone who is not a big fan of seafood.
  • Ugly Baby. This Thai restaurant is a great place for a small group dinner. You can enjoy spicy Thai food with incredible flavors in the casual ambiance of this restaurant. Spicy squid and shrimps by the name Khoong Muk are a must-try.
Thai food
If you like Thai cuisine, Manhattan will offer you a wide variety of restaurants in every neighborhood

Follow our Manhattan guide for foodies and make your own

Foodies will surely fall in love with Manhattan. With countless cultures from around the world, this part of New York creates new flavors on traditional dishes. When you settle in the Big Apple, either from a nearby suburb or with the help of long distance movers in Manhattan, don’t worry about lunch. Daily exploration of culinary diversity will free you from the stress of relocation. Just follow our Manhattan guide for foodies and indulge yourself with all that the city has to offer.

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