5 Apps to Help You Sell Unwanted Goods During a Move

If you’re planning a move, now is the time to eliminate the deadweight, and declutter some items you don’t use. Moving can be really expensive, so earning some extra money is helpful. Hiring quality movers, such as Best Movers NYC, is the best option for a smooth move but is also costly. While selling your items may seem like a hassle during a busy time such as relocation, online resources can make it easier. Luckily, there are apps to help you sell unwanted goods. This way, you will save money by moving fewer items, and also make money by selling unnecessary belongings. It is a win-win situation. Keep reading to find some of the best apps for selling your items!

Poshmark – the perfect app for selling clothes

Poshmark is a popular app for selling unwanted goods in general. However, people mostly use it for selling clothes, accessories such as handbags and shoes, as well as cosmetics. It is currently available in the US, Canada, and India. It has millions of users, making it easy to find a buyer for your items. Poshmark is the perfect place to sell your clothes before moving. It has a user-friendly interface so that anyone can find their way around it. You just take a couple of photos of the item and write down key information, such as brand, condition, and sizing. Choose a price and post it on your profile. You can offer discounts to buyers, or deals for buying multiple items to help you sell faster.

A closet filled with clothes
Poshmark is one of the best apps to help you sell unwanted goods, especially clothes you no longer wear.

What makes Poshmark great for selling goods you no longer need before hiring residential movers NYC is the uncomplicated shipping process. Once the sale is made you will be given a prepaid USPS shipping label from Poshmark via the app. All you have to do is drop the package in the mail. The shipping is paid for by the buyer. An important note, Poshmark has a flat rate of 3$ commission for sales under 15$. If your sale is over 15$, the commission fee is 20%.

OfferUp is one of the finest apps to help you sell unwanted goods

If you’re trying to find apps to help you sell unwanted goods before moving with long distance movers NYC, OfferUp is another great option. Especially because you can sell anything from cars to jewelry. So if you’re selling before a move, it is a great one-stop-shop option. What makes OfferUp different is that you’re selling locally. This can make transactions quicker because you won’t have to wait on shipping to get paid. Also, this is an app available for both Apple and Android, so you can sell items only using your smartphone. It works just like any other app, you upload a photo of the entity you’re selling and add a description.

Buyers and sellers make profiles, so you can easily chat and decide on the price. Profiles can be ranked, which can be really helpful when finding trustworthy buyers. One of the biggest upsides to using OfferUp is that local transactions are completely free. However, if you ship your package, the commission fee is 12.9%, with a minimum of 2$ per sale. Last but not least, OfferUp has recently merged with a competitor Letgo making it easier to reach even more buyers.

A woman using a computer and a smartphone to find apps to help you sell unwanted goods
OfferUp is available for your smartphone, so you can sell from the comfort of your home while preparing for relocation.

Meta Marketplace – formerly known as Facebook Marketplace

Using Meta Marketplace is convenient as you’re probably already familiar with using your Facebook profile. This is no different than posting a regular Facebook status. Snap a quality photo, and add a description with all information you think is needed. You will be asked to pick a category and location. Listing on Facebook is free, but boosting your post can be paid for. Now, most people who use Meta are meeting with buyers locally, as it is free of charge. This is a convenient option when moving with local movers NYC. You can accept any form of payment, and are completely free to choose any price you think is adequate. However, if you can’t sell locally, Facebook charges a fee of 5% for shipped items. The seller gets a printable shipping label so that both parties can track it. Your payment will be submitted through Messenger.

Facebook website on a laptop
An intuitive interface and free listings are what make Meta (Facebook) Marketplace an excellent selling app.

Mercari is one of the most popular apps to help you sell unwanted goods

Mercari is an app that has become really popular in recent years. You can sell anything here, similar to OfferUp. The listing process is fairly simple and comparable to other online marketplace apps. After you take a few quality pictures, you upload them and write helpful info. As far as fees go, Mercari takes a standard 10% of the sale. But there is an additional 2.9% + $0.30 payment processing fee.

In 2019 Mercari introduced a new feature called Local pickup. They partnered with Uber to provide contact-free delivery. This is a perfect option if you have safety concerns. This method is also good when you’re preparing for a move and don’t have enough time to meet with buyers. You just call Uber and they will deliver the item to the buyer the same day. However, the package has to fit in the trunk of the car, so this won’t work for unwanted bulky items you want to sell.

eBay – a good option for selling to international buyers

One of the most well-known online marketplaces, eBay is popular for a reason. It was founded in 1995 and the number of users is continually growing. Some of the pros of using eBay are:

  • There is a variety of payment option
  • Seller is protected
  • You can sell globally.

The option for holding an auction is what makes apps such as eBay special in the sea of apps to help you sell unwanted goods. This may be the best way to get the most money out of your belongings. However, you are obligated to sell to the highest bidder once the auction ends. Aside from the auction, you can also sell your items the old-fashioned way, where you choose the price.

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