How to pack a fish tank for your NY move?

People move all the time and they bring a lot of stuff with them. You probably have a similar situation. But one thing is certain, you also have to organize moving logistics, prepare for packing, and find the best movers NYC to assist you. Also, you must shuffle through your items and find the best way to secure a seamless transition. One such item is an aquarium. A hard-to-handle and fragile item that needs a bit more attention than other items in your home. Therefore, we bring a small guide on how to pack a fish tank for your NY move. Let’s do this one together.

Moving company

Before you can even begin packing, you must find an adequate moving team to help you out. Start searching for mover online and compare moving reviews, prices, and services. In a matter of minutes, you’ll find a few eligible choices. Narrow it down to the top three and take a closer look.

Movers sitting in a moving truck
Search for a moving team that is up to the task.

Give them a call and ensure your movers have all the licenses and permits required for work. Also, they must have all the tools and a sizeable moving vehicle. Furthermore, they must possess all the knowledge, experience, and expertise to undertake this job. And finally, they should be affordable and follow all rules and regulations tied to the moving industry. Yes, it seems a lot, but you must double-check it all if you want to avoid moving scams and fraudulent movers. Find a legit moving team and let them help you out.

Secure your pets before you pack a fish tank for your NY move

The first step is to secure your fishy friends. You must remove them carefully out of the tank and place them in dedicated bins, holders, or baggies with water. You can purchase all the materials at the nearest pet shop. Or you can improvise and use bigger Tupperware boxes. Although, if you do it so, make sure those boxes are clean and rinsed properly without any chemical leftovers. But we suggest keeping it simple and purchase all fish holders at your local pet shop. They are cheap and the risk is minimal. And of course, transport your pets in those containers as well.

Pack a fish tank for your NY move – step by step

Now it is time to pack a fish tank for your NY move. It is a simple process done in only a few steps. Do the following:

  • Empty the tank and throw old water away. Keep a portion of it in a plastic bottle to keep the old scents so your fishes can feel as they are at home. Boil regular tap water and let it sit overnight. Fill bottles with that water and bring them over to your new apartment.
  • As we said before, just before emptying the tank, put your fishy friends into holders. Do not let them spend there more than a couple of hours.
  • Empty the tank of all those miscellaneous items such is as artificial grass, gravel, stones, scuba divers, windmills, snails, etc. Clean everything inside out and pack in one box.
pack a fish tank for your NY move and bring all the accessories as well
Bring your pet’s toys with you. Clean everything nicely beforehand.

That is it. Once you are in your home, fill the tank with old and new water, let it sit for a while to reach room temperature. Add the filter and toys and place your friends one by one with 15 min intervals between each. Let them accommodate the new environment slowly.

How to move it?

To pack a fish tank for your NY move is one thing, but to move it around is another. So, we suggest letting your local movers NYC do the trick and load the moving truck with it. But if you want to do it yourself, do the following. Of course, empty your fish tank, put blankets and old shirts inside. Wrap it in blister packs or in more blankets and use at least two people to move it. You can assist but your movers will do the most of the work.

Swim away safely!

Even if you are not moving a fish tank, you would still want some kind of insurance. Ye, you can obtain moving insurance from your movers. Although keep in mind they offer only a partial one which is 60 cents per pound per item. That is not enough if you are moving valuable and fragile pieces with a greater chance of damages. Therefore, we suggest seeking insurance from a real insurance company. It pays to be protected.

Now you know how to pack a fish tank for your NY move. Most importantly, how to safely wrap the whole thing up and relocate it without damages. Just ensure you have a capable moving team with you, and you won’t have any problems. Good luck and stay safe.

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