How to find a studio apartment in NYC

It is time for you to prepare to relocate to a new home! And if you’re ready to move to New York you should know that it will be both challenging and rewarding. Especially if this is your first relocation. Hence finding your first apartment is a serious barrier to entry. As well as figuring out where the best place to live in New York City is for you!  That is why Best Movers NYC will help you how to find a studio apartment in NYC with some useful tips.

How to find a studio apartment in NYC

If you are looking for a studio apartment in New York City, there are many things that you need to consider. Hence, residential movers in NYC suggest you research the following:

  • Rental brokes
  • Apartments with and without fees
  • Consider your budget
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Make sure to easily find a studio apartment in NYC

Rental brokers

You probably already know that in New York, renters often use brokers to find an apartment to rent. Also, building owners use brokers too in order to find renters. And if you’re new to the area and you are searching for your own lease, a broker may be a good choice. Also, one of the benefits of hiring a broker is the ability to offload some of the combings through listings and making viewing appointments. Additionally, a broker can help you to take the burden of apartment hunting in NYC. Moreover, brokers know the area very well and they know what’s available. They will also help you to find something that suits your wishes.

However, local movers in NYC will warn you that there are also downsides to a broker. And that is the broker’s fees. You should know that it’s a usual practice for a broker to charge between 8% and 15% of your total annual lease for the service of finding you a suitable apartment.

If you want to find a studio apartment in NYC you need to consider both apartments with and without fees

When you are listing the options for a studio apartment in NYC, you’ll often see choices to search either “fee” or “no fee” apartment listings. So, you need to know that the fee referenced here is a broker’s fee paid strictly to the broker by the apartment hunter. Hence you should expect to pay the equivalent of about a month’s rent which is probably similar to your security deposit. If this doesn’t look like a good option for you, then you will surely search for no-fee apartments. And there are several decent no-fee listings. But, you need to bear in mind that no-fee listings are located in more luxe complexes with exclusive features. Such as doormen, gyms, or rooftop patios. No matter what, you need to research thoroughly.

Consider your budget

You probably already know this, but we will surely mention it: New York is very expensive. It is good to expect a significant bump in the cost of living expenses in general, especially in your housing costs. Hence, it is wise to not send out more than 30% of your income in rent or mortgage. In New York, it’s not uncommon for people to be spending more than half their income on their rent. Even though this is no requirement for renters, you need to be aware that you may be paying more upfront and month to month compared to what you’re used to. Because the average rents in NYC vary from neighborhood to neighborhood with rents for one-bedrooms ranging from sub-$2,000 to rising above $4,000 in more popular parts of the city. And, within these expenses, you should always consider the cost of hiring local movers for your relocation.

Think about the budget if you want to find a studio apartment in NYC
Consider your budget

More tips about finding a studio apartment in NYC

When you begin your search you should pay special attention to this if you’re coming from another city. Firstly, decide where you want to live in NYC. Consider what borough and neighborhood do you want to live in. Also, think about where you’ll be working, and thus what kind of access to transportation you will need. Moreover, how you’ll want to find a new place in New York is based on your situation. So, you may be looking to rent and get on a brand-new lease on your own or with a spouse? Or, are you taking over a lease? Perhaps you are interested in renting a room in someone’s already-leased apartment? These are several ideas to consider when you begin your search.

Use your network

You can always post on Facebook or Instagram, and other social media in order to let people know that you’re relocating to New York City and that you are on the lookout for a new place. Bear in mind that many people who are looking for roommates are exclusively finding roommates by word of mouth. Hence, that new roommate could be you. So make sure that you spread the word! Because some of the best NYC apartments never hit Internet listing sites.

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Use your network and talk to your family and friends about finding a roommate

Craigslist Rooms/Shares

There are also other opportunities that you can use and thus find a studio apartment in NYC. You should know that with a wide range of choices posted on Craigslist, there’s a possibility to be some sketchy situations alongside true hidden treasures. Since you are looking for the right match, make sure to include relevant information about yourself and what you’re looking for in a roommate, so that you will live peacefully together. So make sure to consider things such as gender, age, employment status, general working hours, and lifestyle preferences. Those lifestyle preferences can include things like smoking/non-smoking, desire for pets, cleanliness, etc. Also, while you are searching, make sure to seek high-quality photos, with clear information about the rent, utilities, and fees, and posters that are forthcoming with information about themselves.

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