Coordinating your office relocation: step by step guide

The decision to move the office is not coming overnight. It involves a lot of thinking about the pros and cons. And it is usually a result of business expansion. So, while you are considering your office relocation, you are planning the other aspects of it too. Whether you are doing it consciously or not, in this phase you are already mentally going through the steps of the relocation. So, no wonder that, once you make the decision, you already have a clear vision of what has to be done. This is very good, as it will help you a lot. You will already have the idea about coordinating your office relocation. Even before hiring Best Movers in NYC, you will have a plan. What remains is to execute it.

Coordinating your office relocation - people are sitting around the table in conference room with laptops in front of them.
Keep your employees informed about relocation.

Always keep your employees informed about all office plans

Keeping your employees informed is diminishing the chances that they hear the news from someone else. Such things can cause turmoil and distrust. And, leading the office, you know very well how dedicated employees are important. With them, your business is flourishing. Without them, it would not even exist. So, soon you agree with the moving company about relocation, draft a moving plan. That plan, you will present to your employees. Explain to them the reasons and benefits behind the relocation.

Give your employees enough time to consider the coming changes

Coordinating your office relocations is also involving communication with your staff.  The timely information will give them enough time to accept the idea. Even if you are just moving to another part of NYC, they will need to check the commuting time. Also, they will have to discuss it with their family. Some of your employees will not be able to reconcile work and family obligations. Especially those who take children to kindergarten or school. On the other hand, for some employees, the change will be good. Maybe you are moving the office to their neighborhood. So, each employee will have a reason to stay with you or to leave. In case they can’t follow you, make sure to give them good recommendation letters. At the same time, you will know how many vacancies you need to announce. And all this is adding up to your moving budget.

The second step that will help you in coordinating your office relocation is defining the budget

Now, you know how many new people you have to employ. That is one of the items in your moving budget breakdown. However, to better define the moving budget, you will need a few more information:

  • How much is the office relocation cost
  • Do you need additional coverage for the items you are relocating
  • How much will the company charge for the additional services
  • What are the costs of buying the additional furniture that you will need in a bigger office
  • Do you need to invest something in redesigning the new office and how much

To define the moving costs, you can ask for quotes from a few moving companies. But, before you hire commercial movers Bronx, you will need to know what furniture and documents are you moving. That will help them to give you a more precise cost estimation. So, this is also one of the tasks when you are coordinating your office relocation.

White cables connected to an electronic device.
Every office has a lot of electronics that have to be packed properly.

The third step is to coordinate the office decluttering

Over time, a large number of documents is accumulated in the office. We all know that the Law prescribes the type of documents that have to be kept permanently. However, some documents you are obliged to keep for a year, two years, or so. After that, you are free to remove them. So, to organize decluttering of surplus documents, the best is to appoint a responsible person for each of the departments. This supervisor will further see that every employee checks the documents he or she is working with. Once all surplus documents are removed, they can continue with decluttering the other office items, like a broken stapler, etc. Once the decluttering process is completed, commercial movers Staten Island will know much packing supplies they need.

The fourth step is ordering the packing material for your office relocation

Maybe you have agreed with the moving company to provide the full-service relocation. In that case, they will take care of getting the packing material. And also, they will pack all your possessions. If you have asked only for transportation, you will have to find the right packing materials. This means you will have to order the right quantity of:

  • Moving boxes
  • Plastic wrap
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing tape
  • Styrofoam peanuts

Also, keep in mind that all belongings packed by you and your staff are not subject to moving insurance. So, in the case of DIY packing, make sure to get the moving insurance, regardless of how short the relocation distance is. In the case of full-service relocation, your things are automatically insured by the moving company.

An office with desks, chairs, laptops, people working and walking.
Soon you arrange the office, you can start to work.

The next step is packing your office belongings and electronics

It is not difficult to pack is. However, packing the office furniture is a different story. You will have to disassemble most of the furniture. Only that way you will be able to pack it. So, if you don’t have a handyman in the office, you will have to hire some help. Also, some furniture you can’t disassemble. And it may be either bulky or heavy. And the last, you need to know how to properly pack such items. Otherwise, it can easily get damaged during the relocation.

Also, every office has a lot of electronics. And they need special treatment and packing. If you have an IT team in your office, allocate this job to them. If not, the best is to ask for the services of commercial movers Brooklyn. They will know how to handle all kinds of electronics you have to move. And they can also help you to take care of data protection, by making the backup files. As well, you will probably need them to reinstall the electronics in your new office.

When relocating your office, inform respective institutions and change the office info

First, you have to inform respective institutions about the office relocation. Some of those institutions are:

  • IRS
  • Insurance company
  • Your bank
  • Service providers

Also, you will have to inform all your suppliers and customers about the address change. And agree with them about the further cooperation. Also, don’t forget to change info on your social media profiles and on your website.

Once the relocation is completed, it is time for the final step – unpack and arrange your new office

Coordinating your office relocation step by step, you have successfully moved all your possessions to a new place. What remains is to check all your documents and other items. You will also have to assemble the furniture and see how to arrange it in the new office. Also, you will need to buy some new things, to change those that you left behind. Finally, you will reconnect all your electronics. Soon you are done with arranging, you can restart the work.

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