How to enjoy St Patrick’s Day in NYC

Moving right before the holidays can carry some extra weight. You are in your new place, maybe far from your loved ones and you have a lot to process. So if you are moving these days, we are here to help you get some ideas on how to enjoy St Patrick’s Day in NYC. But first things first, let us help you relocate there. If you are still not sure how to manage it all, just do yourself a favor. Call best movers NYC and ask for some help. This is the thing you will never regret, for sure.

How to know what to ask your movers

When you are about to relocate, you should find just the moving company that works the best for you. You should find some local moving company. For example, if you live in Manhattan, look for some Manhattan movers. The advantages to it are that they will know very well your area and how to approach with their big truck. Even if there is a traffic jam, they are familiar with all the alternative ways.

Ask your movers all you want to know.

Another pro to getting a local moving company is that it will be easy for you to go to their office for an initial interview. And once you go there, explain to them your situation, since every relocation is quite unique. Ask them to offer you just the service that will work the best for you. So you should hire a local mover NYC if you are staying close by. That service will be cheaper than a long-distance one. And you sure want to get the best offer.

How to enjoy St Patrick’s Day in NYC

There still are some things you should take care of and ask your movers before you sign the deal. One of them is moving insurance and finding out all you have to know about that. But let’s see how to enjoy St Patric’s Day in NYC when you move just before this holiday. Saint Patric’s Day is also called the Feast of Saint Patric. This is a cultural as well as religious celebration that is held on March 17th, which is the date of the death of St Patric. Even though he was the patron saint of Ireland, this celebration became worldwide popular. On that date, the whole of New York embraces its Irish routes, even if they don’t have any of them.

enjoy St Patrick's Day in NYC
There are many ways to enjoy St Patrick’s Day in NYC.

Irish whiskey tasting is just the right way to enjoy St Patrick’s Day in NY

The mycology of Irish cocktails companied with musical entertainment will take place in the NYC countryside. They were holding seminars on the historical journey of the production of Irish whiskey. Since nowadays many events become online, you will be able to get to your doorstep the premium cocktail kit shipped. This will include two cocktails and three Irish whiskies, but also access to a very exclusive Livestream.

Irish margaritas on the Pier

If you love to enjoy some waterfront dining in the comfort of a private glasshouse, you will find it at Pier 15, with a special beer menu and also mini-kegs. Irish margaritas and chocolate coins are coming as a compliment to each ticket. So everyone will stay merry and sweet for St. Patric’s Day. So you can expect some traditional Irish beers, cocktails, and custom-made food many for everyone, as well as appropriate decoration. You will have wonderful sights at eh 4,500 square foot waterfront venue and will be able to enjoy views of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Williamsburg bridges.

Virtual painting event

If you are still not ready to join the mass of people, that is okay. You will still be able to have some fun from the comfort of your own home. Treat yourself to a stress-free virtual painting party. The artist that is an expert in the field will guide you through the fun and creative painting that have a St Patric as a theme. You will use all the tools at your home. You can find this as a great chance to unleash your inner creator and also to join the celebration. Ant the best part is that you don’t need to have any previous painting experience.

Rooftop party

You will be able to celebrate loudly if that is your style. The heated rooftop will offer you 2 for 1 drinks accompanied with some food specials. Because of the situation, this event will be hosted with a limited number of tickets, so hurry up to get yours if this is just the way you would love to celebrate St Patric’s Day. You will find there some seating spots, as well as VIP tickets.

rooftop party - enjoy St Patrick's Day in NYC
You can even enjoy a rooftop party.

Get a piece of Lucky Charms cake

If you are a foodie and you want to enjoy St Patric’s Day in NYC by experiencing some interesting tastes, you really should try this delicious Lucky Charms cake. That is a great way to get a piece of Irish luck. This multi-layered cake is stout-soaked and has the Irish Cream Frosting on the top. It is also coated with marshmallow cereal. It has to be preordered for at least 48 hours before Saint Patric’s Day. You can pay the whole thing $55 or decide to grab a slice for $8 in the restaurant.

How to enjoy St Patrick’s Day in NYC

We gave you just a few ideas on how to enjoy St. Patric’s Day In NYC. As you can see there are plenty of ways to do it. Whatever sounds like fun, we are sure that you will be able to find it. There are a lot of ways to celebrate St Patric’s Day and get a piece of Irish luck for yourself. So don’t stress about it, just relax and choose what fits you the best this year. And the thing is, you just moved to NYC, so you will be able to experience different kinds of fun in the years to come. Just go through the list and feel what seems like the best idea for this year. As you can see, you can join many of these events by yourself, so don’t worry if you don’t have your crew in NYC by that day.

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