Economic Impact of Moving in NYC in 2022

In the last two years moving market is under the pressure and definitely felt some loss, as many other businesses did. So if you are wondering is 2022 year for a move, we are here to give you some precious information. But let’s start with important things. If you are moving to New York, the first thing is to find a reliable company that will be your partner in this event. To find the best movers NY has to offer. Deciding on the right company that will help you in your relocation is now more important than ever before. Because we can say that the economic impact of moving to NYC is a real thing and we are here to share some thoughts on that.

Pandemic’s impact on the economy is easing, but there is an aftershock

As we all know, whit the start of the pandemic, people were terrified and many decided to leave NYC. Manhattan movers had more jobs in relocating people out of the city. Luckily, that changed and so many people decided to come back to the Big Apple. And even if we can say that economy start to recover, that is still far from ideal. Or even normal, to be honest.

The pandemic impact on the economy is easing.

The economic impact of moving in NYC on Millenials

Despite this all, there are still people who are ready for a change and who are moving. Even though the economic impact of moving to NYC is a real thing, still there are people who are ready for a change. If you are wondering who is ready for such a step these days, the answer is Millenials. They are less tied down by marriage, children, and homeownership. Only 42% of millennials between the ages of 25 and 35 are married and live with their spouse. That percentage is a lot different from the 82% of members of the Silent Generation who were in the same age range back in 1963. So if you are thinking of this kind of change, start looking at how much are NYC movers per hour.

NYC predictions on the housing of 2022

So let’s see how the economy impacts the housing market in New York. In the second half of last year, New York’s housing market noticed an incredible comeback when It comes to rents and home prices. The good news is that the city could expect a full recovery by the end of 2022. But, the bad news is that can affect the housing market that will probably become the most expensive. It can be expected that the prices continue to rise over the year. And after three years, even luxury neighbors will increase their prices. So if you want to relocate to one of those hip locations in Manhattan, find the best Wall Street movers as soon as possible.

Let’s see what are the neighborhoods where New Yorkers are moving the most

Maybe you didn’t realize, but more than 82% of Americans don’t change their home state when they decide to move. The same applies to New Yorkers, so residential movers NYC are the ones that people call the most. Sure, it is cheaper to move somewhere close to your home. But that is not the main reason why people decide to stay somewhere close. We all tend to stay close to the area that is familiar to us, even if we are ready for a change. So, let’s see what are neighborhoods where New Yorkers love to live.

new york
Let’s see what are the neighborhoods where New Yorkers are moving the most.

Upper West Side

One of the reasons why the Upper West Side is a neighborhood among the most loved ones in NYC is that it is bookended by two beautiful parks. Central Park is on the east side and Riverside is on the west. Those parks paint one of the greenest parts of Manhattan. Here you’ll also find many quiet streets and you will still have easy access to many restaurants and bars. Great schools and playgrounds are very attractive for families. Upper West Side movers will be happy to help you get there once you find your new home. You will be very close to some cultural epicenters like the American Museum of Natural History, located in Central Park, and also the Lincoln Center, a homeplace to any arts.

Upper East Side is more affordable

If you go further north, you will find some more affordable areas in the Upper East Side. You will still be able to find some pricey townhouses, but also some apartments priced reasonably. The same as Upper West Side is attached to Central Park and some of the best spots there. You can go for a jog, walk, bike, or just head down to Museum Mile where you’ll be able to approach Guggenheim, Jewish Museum, and the Met. So you want to have the best movers possible to relocate you in this buzzy neighborhood. Search patiently until you get the best Upper East Side movers you can afford.

Life in Greenwich Village

The neighborhood of Greenwich Village is not only famous for the “Friends” series. This is the location of many historical and cultural significance. Located centrally, this area is so alive all day long. There is always something going on, from live music to comedy and chess games or even social activism. Of course that you will find here many bars and crazy nightlife. Greenwich Village movers will know just the right way to approach your new home and get you there fast and effectively.

Murray Hill

If you want to experience something a little bit different and still stay in Manhattan, Murray Hill is a place for you. The dominant mentality here is: work hard, play hard. The colors of this place are made from the aroma of curry since there are several Indian eateries around. This neighborhood is known as the ‘Curry Hill’. Murray Hill movers will be able to find just the best way to get you to your new home. So wait no more, call them today for an interview if you can imagine yourself there.

Murrey Hill smells like curry.

Washington Heights

On the top of Manhattan, you will find a beautiful neighborhood of Washington Heights. Since there live many people who are part of the Dominican population, this area is known as ‘ Little Dominican Republic’. If you are looking for a strong community vibe – this is the place for you for sure. Here, you will be able to experience even 67 acres of walking paths, playgrounds, and sports courts. This comes all together with a beautiful view of the Hudson River.

When do people move the most?

The economic impact of moving in NYC can make a change in 2022, but there is some common ground. The majority of people find out that summer is the most popular. Half of the moves are done between May and Labor Day. If you’re looking at the percentages, only 3% of people are moving in January. That increases with 8% on average in April, and even more in May 10%. The rise was noticeable in June with a maximum of 13% and goes steady for July and August of 12%. After that, the percentage slows down, with 9% in September, and continues the same trend until 3% in December. So you understand that with the coming of sunny days, the moving market will be busier, so start planning on your move as soon as possible. If you’re moving to Brooklyn, you won’t regret finding the Brooklyn movers that are efficient.

If you are a person who enjoys statistics, we can even go through days, so you can plan your move smartly. Looking for percentages, we can start with 8% of people who are moving on Sunday. This rises double on 16% on Monday and then falls down on 11% for Tuesdays. Wednesday notes 13%, Thursday 14% and then it rises on the maximum 20% on Friday and then 18% on Saturday. This can be important to know because the moving quotes will be different in the connection to the day you want to move on. So if you can take some time off from your job, choose a workday for moving.

The economic impact of moving in NYC – from the view of finances

Gross Domestic Product in New York State was over $1.5 trillion, which is 8% of the USA total. For economic growth, the State of New York is on the 34th. The GDP growth is even less than half of the national increase with only 1.1%. You will understand the difference if you compare it with Wahington which is ranked among the first ones, with 4.4. percent. But we have to consider that the economy in the State of New York is the third-largest in the US, just behind California and Texas. This is even one of the largest economies in the world, even with the fall in 2020.

The economic impact of moving in NYC
The economic impact of moving in NYC is a real thing.

The rental market in New York in 2022

In the last two years, the prices went low (for New York standards). But it has changed back to almost pre-pandemic level. It gets more and more challenging to find the right place to rent at this moment. The reason for it is that there are fewer listings. That could change during this year because the number of vacant apartments could increase. Landlords should send out renewal notices with rent increases. Some renters won’t be able to afford it. And that could affect the moving market, for sure.

It gets harder to rent a place these days in New York.

At this moment, rental prices are going up. They are not very far from those in 2019. The prices are higher for high-end apartments with doorman and other amenities. More and more people who work from home are in search of large NY apartments. Since winter months are quieter on rental deals, you are now maybe in a better chance to find what you want, than you’ll be in about two months. So if you made the decision to move to the Big Apple, start your search these days.

There are some good news even though the economic impact of moving in NYC

We all know that the economic impact of moving in NYC is an important issue in a world that feels an impact of the crisis. But still, there is some good news. Since this whole situation and also winter months are a bit slower, there are fewer listings right now. It could even be possible that landlords might hold back apartments for a few more months. That way they would be able to lease them out in higher rents at the top of the season (which is summer, as we learned before).

the economic impact of moving in NYC
There is some good news even though the economic impact of moving in NYC.

Fewer listings rise competition, but there are some strategies that will help you to find a place. The option is to identify the building you would like to live in and to reach out directly to the management company. If this is not very important to you which floor is it, know that some buildings maybe have something more available than what appears online.

We were analyzing the economic impact of moving in NYC

The overall situation in the world affected every market possible in the last few years. The logical thing is that everything is shaken. But the thing is also that people are thirsty for change. And are ready to take some steps toward their dreams. For many, that will mean relocation.

We tried to analyze the economic impact of moving in NYC. And if you are still reading this, then you realize that the moving market is affected by the whole picture. But better days are coming. If you are among the people who feel like they need a change, and you want to relocate, this is not a bad time to consider it. Play smart, take in all our advice, and plan the best neighborhood for you. You should think of your pace if you want to be able to have more choice, but don’t rush too much. Trust your instincts but also check everything you can: from your movers to your rental company. Work only with the best in the field.  People who are reliable are your kind of people.

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