Best sustainable dining in NYC

Have you ever dined at a sustainable restaurant in the Big Apple? You may not be familiar with this cuisine. However, once you know all its advantages, you’ll surely become a regular guest of such a New York place. If you open the green NYC map, you will see that the sustainable menu offer is more representative. Ever since 2013, when The Sustainable Restaurant Corps (SRC) launched a survey on the sustainability of restaurants in New York, a large number of green restaurants have been opened to date. The goal is for restaurants to reduce the waste of food, energy, and water and encourage healthier eating. So, if you’re interested in the best sustainable dining in NYC, check out the picks made by the experts at Best Movers NYC. After moving to any of the five boroughs of New York, sustainable dining will be within your reach.

Some of the best sustainable dining in NYC is in the Manhattan borough

Besides being a major cultural, financial, and media center, Manhattan is also a first-class place for foodies. Countless restaurants of various cuisines attract both residents and visitors to this most popular district in New York. If you are a fan of “green” cuisine and you are moving to Manhattan, we are pleased to present some of the best sustainable restaurants in this borough.

seafood as one of the best sustainable dining in NYC
New York is a city that can fulfill everyone’s wishes. So, fans of sustainable food, don’t worry! In every borough of NYC, you will find “green” restaurants

1. Crave Fishbar, Midtown Manhattan

This seafood restaurant will be near you if your new home is in the Upper West Side neighborhood. As the first sustainable seafood restaurant in the Big Apple, it can boast of exceptional food quality, as well as procurement and preparation procedures that are in line with sustainability. Today, seafood and fish are highly sought-after goods. Statistics show that the consumption of this type of food is twice the annual growth of the population. This greatly increases the pressure on marine fish and seafood stocks. That’s why their mission is positive for both your health and the environment. In the restaurant, you will find exceptional dishes. Our suggestion is the oven-roasted barramundi with asparagus and Chile oil as well as the crab cake.

2. Villanelle, Greenwich Village

Opened in 2017 in Greenwich Village, Villanelle restaurant soon conquered its neighborhood and beyond. In addition to its offer of seasonal, local, and sustainable food, it also offers a pleasant, peaceful atmosphere, which will certainly please you after a day spent in busy Manhattan. The spring menu boasts dishes made from Long Island duck breast, Chinese broccoli, New Zealand red deer loin, roasted beets, as well as homemade ice cream. While sitting tucked away in the garden of one of its greenhouses, you can enjoy wine or hand-crafted cocktails.

3. Blue Hill’s Family Meal

When you go for a walk around St. Josef’s Church you can relax in this nice restaurant. On the menu, you can find delicious blueberry pie, flija, and chocolate sandwiches. Visitors recommend americana, juice, and champagne. Experience this family-style restaurant through its seasonal menu of vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, or gluten-free diets. The restaurant offers a garden room that can accommodate up to 16 guests and a main dining room that can accommodate up to 50 guests. After moving there, you can organize a private lunch as well as family celebrations.

4. Atera in Tribeca

Atera brings you a Danish-influenced tasting menu, paired with a selection of wines and juices. Organize your private dinner in the main dining room or the library. Given that the kitchen is in the immediate vicinity, you can observe the process of food preparation. Meals that will remain in your memory always wear seasonal colors. With handmade bread and herbal digestif production, your meals will be perfectly complemented. A farm that produces 500 different types of products is open under the Atera restaurant. That’s where sour-sharp sorrel blossoms, spicy red mizuna microgreens, and nutty ‘Dragon’s Tongue’ arugula come from.

Brooklyn restaurants can also bring you the farm to the city

If you have completed the adventure of moving to Brooklyn, and you want to rest with a pleasant dinner at a sustainable restaurant nearby, you are in the right place. Our selection of “farm to table” will soon be your favorite place.

man and woman prepare meals in the restaurant
You don’t have to go to Manhattan to enjoy the best sustainable dining in NYC. Brooklyn has great green restaurants to offer

1. Ras Plant Based, Crown Heights

This organic, locally sourced eco-friendly Ethiopian restaurant offers a variety of sustainable food and seasonal vegetables. The menu, created by the restaurant owners based on the cuisine of their ancestors, offers an incredible taste. You can find this blend of modern and traditional in the Crown Heights neighborhood. Whether you are planning a birthday party, a wedding, or just a pleasant evening with friends or family, you can rely on them. Join their mission to inspire the community to prepare and eat sustainable organic food.

2. Bareburger

If you’re a burger lover who cares about health, sustainability, and the environment at the same time, Bareburger is the place for your best sustainable dining in NYC. Made with clean, sustainable, organic, natural, and fresh ingredients, the menu is full of great flavors. In addition to burgers, there are shakes, salads, and fries, but also something more exotic like elk, ostrich, or bison. Barebuger restaurants can be found in more than twenty locations in the Big Apple.

3. ACRE, Greenpoint

This pet-friendly, sustainable restaurant bases its cuisine on Japanese fermentation methods and enzymology. It is focused on the promotion of a healthy but abundant diet. They are known for their bento boxes, chicken, pork, or salmon, which are vegan or gluten-free. In the pleasant interior or garden, you can also order sandwiches, soup, and rice cooked specially, and refresh yourself with some wine, beer, or a cup of sake.

4. Al Di La Trattoria

This vegetarian-friendly gluten-free Italian restaurant is the ideal place for you if you are a fan of ravioli, ragu, or ricotta. Sweeten it all with good chocolate cakes, panna cotta, and gelato, and wash it down with delicious local wine. Enjoy a cozy atmosphere with excellent service. The characteristic of the employees is that they take care of fast service as well as the quality of the meal. Visitors from Italy also recommend this organic restaurant.

Don’t miss some of the best sustainable dining in NYC, Queens borough

Queens borough is home to some of New York’s oldest restaurants, some of which date back to 1762 (Fraunces Tavern), but also modern, new, and sustainable restaurants that are increasingly winning the hearts of New Yorkers. According to polls conducted in the city, as many as 78% of people support the existence of sustainable food and restaurants.

a woman at the table consumes a vegan meal.
Sustainable food is nutritionally sound, low in carbon and nitrogen emissions, attentive to local needs with low environmental impact, and economically accessible to all.

1. Vesta, Astoria

You have moved to Queens borough and are looking for a unique restaurant with a taste of Italy and a good wine bar, Vesta is the right choice for you. Loyalty to the local green market and commitment to a menu without borders is what keep guests coming back to this place. Their wild boar and beef Bolognese, but also a simple roasted tomato coulis, basil oil & sourdough toast will open your way to the taste of Italy.

2. LIC Market, Long Island City

LIC Market in Queens is a great place for a classy dinner with loved ones. Apart from sustainable cuisine whose menu will pamper your senses, the restaurant’s environment, made from local and recycled materials from around the city will add to the total enjoyment. A pleasant atmosphere with a good meal, whether you’re vegan or not, will invite you for a repeat soon. Although the area is sparsely populated, you can certainly make lunch reservations after moving to Long Island City. The place has a large number of guests among employees from nearby companies. Many say they would like to have a restaurant like this nearby.

Sustainable eating in the Bronx is unmatched

The Capital of Hip-Hop abounds in restaurants with a wide variety of cuisines rich in tradition. If you’re moving to the Bronx, you’ll be able to sample meals eaten around the world.

the chef serves meals on white plates.
Chefs of sustainable restaurants are particularly passionate about their work. In addition to delicious dishes, their preoccupation is also a healthy meal that will have the least negative impact on your health and the environment.

1. Vegan Grill, Castle Hill

With a passionate team in the kitchen and investment in quality ingredients, Vegan Grill provides you with dishes that taste fantastic. Constant experimentation in the combination of ingredients creates interesting dishes. On the daily menu, you can find a crispy chicken sandwich, seasoned in addition to the meat with caramelized onions, peppers, and melted vegan cheddar cheese, as well as falafel and a salad that you will make yourself. Wash it all down with a fruit or vegetable smoothie or sweeten it with top-quality cakes. The friendly staff will meet you in any situation. If you’ve become a resident of the Castle Hill neighborhood, try this flavor.

2. Barely Vegans, New Rochelle

The main goal of this sustainable restaurant in the Bronx is to become CO2 neutral. Their unreserved love for the planet and healthy life will bring you the pleasure of almost 100% used food. What is left after preparing your meal is used to create compost that feeds the plants they grow for their restaurant. Refresh yourself with seasonal fruit juice according to your grandmother’s recipe. The menu includes meals for morning fuel, enchanted dishes, soups, and salads. With special attention to the possible sensitivities of their guests to some of the ingredients of the meal, they want to change the recipe.

Staten Island has great deliciously green places

Staten Island is the borough with the least number of people in NYC, but it is full of restaurants. Among Italian, domestic traditional, and Spanish restaurants, there are also sustainable restaurants. This borough is home to some of the city’s oldest buildings. Many restaurants are located in these buildings.

green vegan meal
Make sure you get a sustainable meal. Ask about growing conditions, production time, and expiring as well as BIO impact.

1. Nature’s Grill Cafe

One of the best sustainable spots on Staten Island is this free-range, grass-fed, all-natural restaurant. With a low-fat and cholesterol meal, you will preserve your health and at the same time enjoy a unique taste. Cage-free chicken or turkey meal, grass-free lamb meat, bison, or elk are waiting for you on the menu. Among the more popular and convenient to take away is plain flour or whole wheat and spinach wrap, with rice and veggies. Along with your chosen meal, you can also order a glass of organic and sustainable wine or gluten-free beer. This restaurant will be in your neighborhood upon moving to Staten Island. Use it to enjoy quality, sustainable food near you.

2. Basilio Inn

This is probably the oldest restaurant on Staten Island. It has been serving its visitors since 1921. Located in a carriage house that has been there since the 19th century, it was initially a favorite place for Italian immigrants. Today it is a restaurant that can host up to 100 guests in its rural European interior. With their garden and with the food they grow, they make sustainable meals for all residents of Staten Island and beyond. The most popular dishes are fried zucchini, pork chops, millefoglie, fried calamari, and branzino.

served wooden table with lobster in one of the best sustainable dining in NYC
Sustainable meals are also made from seafood, just choose the best sustainable dining in NYC and enjoy your healthy meal.

Arrange your move with us and have your first best sustainable dining in NYC

Having a sustainable diet in today’s time of pollution and unhealthy living is very important. Although many restaurant owners are introducing sustainable ingredients into their kitchens, more precise control by, consumers are needed. Sustainable food contains organic and seasonal ingredients, should be consumed within the deadline, and belong to BIO products that have the least impact on the environment. Knowing all these facts will make it easier for you to choose the best sustainable dining in NYC.


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