Why do people use storage in NYC?

Finding enough room for all your stuff is a real challenge in New York City, where apartments are often as cramped as subway cars during rush hour. That’s where the idea of extra storage comes in as a lifesaver. If you are squeezing into a studio apartment or trying to make room in your small business, having a bit of extra space can make a huge difference. But those are not the only reasons people use storage in NYC. Here at Best Movers NYC, we’re on a mission to dig into the nitty-gritty of why New Yorkers are increasingly turning to storage solutions. And today, we’re about to uncover our findings!

The most common reasons why people use storage in NYC

If you happen to reside in NYC, you know that making every inch count here is mandatory, and storage units can be a real help in that regard. That said, let’s look at why so many people in the city find them useful.

#1 Limited space in apartments

You may have heard from some people living in NYC or have realized for yourself that fitting all your things can be almost impossible. After all, the city is known for tiny apartments, which means there certainly won’t be enough room for all those items residential movers in NYC have brought in. That’s where storage units come in handy. Whether it’s things you only use in certain seasons, things with sentimental value, or just everyday items, these units offer the extra space you desperately need.

#2 High cost of larger apartments

Getting a bigger apartment can be expensive, especially in the City That Never Sleeps. You’d be surprised by the number of people who just can’t afford to live in anything bigger than a studio. Consequently, a smaller budget means less room for everything you own, which is when people often turn to storage facilities for help. And why wouldn’t they? The cost of renting a unit in one is a fraction of the cost of renting a larger living space, thus positioning off-site storage as an intelligent, money-saving option.

Cozy living room, with couch and big floor lamp.
If you’re dealing with many things and need more room, storage units are a wise choice.

#3 Seasonal storage needs

If you’ve just moved to NYC with one of the moving companies in Brooklyn, you’re in for a treat with the city’s awesome four seasons. But each season comes with its own hiccups, and that’s where a bit of extra storage can be a lifesaver. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Winter gear: New York winters are no joke, and neither is the pile of coats, boots, and scarves you’ll accumulate. When summer rolls in, a storage unit can be a perfect spot to keep your winter wear out of the way but ready for when the cold bites again.
  • Portable air conditioners: Those portable air conditioners are a blessing in the NYC heat, but what about when the weather cools down? Instead of tripping over them all winter, pop them into a storage unit. They’ll be out of your hair but easy to grab when the next heatwave hits.
  • Holiday decor: We all love decking out our places for the holidays, but what do you do with all those decorations the rest of the year? A storage unit is a great place to keep them safe and organized until it’s time to spread the holiday cheer again.

#4 Transitional living situations

In the Big Apple, things are constantly changing. One day, you may be swapping apartments guided by movers in Staten Island; the other day, you may be going on a prolonged work trip or temporarily leaving your home to focus on your education. When life becomes ridden with changes, storage units are a handy solution. They act as a temporary home for your belongings, making the transitional period significantly easier.

Two monitors, laptop and coffee on the desk.
One of the reasons why people use storage in NYC is because of its safety.

#5 Downsizing

We all have things that matter to us, either because they’re special or we need them daily. Now, imagine if you decided to move into a smaller apartment, be it for practical or money-saving reasons. You’d still like to keep those special items, right? The only question is, where do you put them when your new place becomes too small to contain them? You guessed it: in storage! Yes, you don’t have to say goodbye to all those family treasures that bring back so many memories. You can keep them stashed away for as long as you like, too. If you are interested in a more permanent solution, make sure to choose the long-term storage option, though.

#6 Business needs

Let’s say you were running a tiny business in New York City. As an owner of such, you’ve got limited space to work with. Lucky for you, storage can come to your rescue. How, you may be asking? Let’s break it down:

  • As was just said, small shops often struggle with insufficient space for everything they sell. So, imagine storage units as the extra room for your business. They keep your stock safe and easy to reach.
  • Businesses gather a bunch of papers and records over time, all of which you can keep neatly organized within the confines of an external storage space. It’s a win-win solution, really. You’ll still be holding onto essential documents, but you’ll do it in a way that doesn’t clutter your workspace.
  • If your business goes all out for holidays or special events, you might end up with a mountain of decorations. Storage units come to the rescue again! Use them as the keeping ground for all those eye-catching displays and decor.

#7 Real estate staging

Selling a home in the city can be challenging because there’s a lot of competition. To rise above the noise and get the best deal possible, it’s recommended to make the property look as appealing as possible. And guess what: homeowners often use storage units to help with this.

A nicely decorated living space with chairs positioned next to windows, a direct result of why people use storage in NYC
Storage units can help with setting up the home to look its best.

But how exactly can these units improve your home’s aesthetics? Well, it’s reasonably common for properties about to hit the market to get professionally staged. In essence, home staging is the process that involves a professional who arranges furniture and items within a home in a way that speaks to sellers. During it, it’s highly likely that you’ll be asked to put away certain things, especially the ones that seem as if they don’t quite “belong.” When you have a storage unit ready during this time, you can safely keep everything you are asked to remove from the premises and, at the same time, get that organized and pretty home that sellers are desperately looking to splurge money on.

#8 People use storage in NYC for safety purposes

Although the city has taken significant steps to improve overall safety, your apartment may be at a higher risk of being broken into depending on your neighborhood. As a result, you could feel uneasy at the thought of having anything remotely valuable in your home. However, with a storage unit, you don’t have to fear for your well-being or that of your belongings. Storage facilities often have extra safety measures in place, like cameras, special locks, and 24/7 surveillance. Such features provide much-needed peace of mind for those looking to preserve their valuables.

Are storage units something you’ll use?

Living in New York City is like being in a non-stop whirlwind of activity, where every square foot of space counts. It’s a place where your apartment often doubles as your office, gym, and storage room all in one. This is where storage units become not only helpful but almost essential. People use storage in NYC to stash away those bulky winter coats, hide their mountain of documents, or keep their treasured keepsakes safe. It’s the perfect solution for making your home feel less cramped and more like, well, home. And isn’t that exactly what it is supposed to be?

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