Why are people moving from NYC to Philly?

You have noticed that more and more people are moving from NYC to Philadelphia. You must be wondering why. Before we answer you, know that everyone chooses a better life and conditions. So, each city brings its advantages and disadvantages. If you have decided to move from NYC to Philadelphia, then you will definitely need professional help during the move. Best Movers NYC can help you choose the right solution for you. And in that way, you avoid unnecessary stress and other unpleasant situations that can happen to you. In the following we will do our best to give you an answer to the question, why are people moving from NYC to Philly.

Old Museum and park in Philadelphia.
For lovers of history and art, Philadelphia is an ideal place.

Why are people moving from NYC to Philly?

As we have already mentioned, people move for several reasons. Sometimes it’s because of work or school. And sometimes because simply another city has better living conditions. Maybe it’s cheaper or nicer. But no matter what, everyone has their reasons. We will mention some of the more common reasons why people moving from NYC to Philadelphia. When you decide to move from NYC to Philadelphia, first find out all about the new city you are going to. And by no means do you embark on the relocation process yourself, but choose a professional company that will quickly and easily carry out your relocation process.

People choose Philadelphia as their place to live because of its development. It offers good education and a great culture. Philadelphia is one of the oldest historical cities, where art is on every corner.

Reasons why are people moving from NYC to Philly?

There are many reasons why people move to Philadelphia, we will give you some of them.

  • Higher education. In Philadelphia, you can find 254 public elementary, middle, and high schools. In addition, there are a large number of very good private schools. There are also 42 universities. A large number of schools are recognized on the ranking list of the best high schools in the American News & World Report.
  • Culture. One of the greatest characteristics of Philadelphia is its culture that is found everywhere. Philadelphia is a historic city, and the cultural centers are the National Historical Park, the Museum of the American Revolution, and the Philadelphia History Museum. If you are a fan of culture and history, this is the ideal place for you.
  • Neighborhoods. Here you can find a large number of neighborhoods, each beautiful in its own way and known for something of its own. We will single out some of the most beautiful neighborhoods. And those are Northern Liberties, Fishtown, Manayunk, and The Gayborhood.
  • Cost of living. Costs are slightly higher than the standard but not much higher than the national average. Apartment prices are affordable, but house prices are higher than in the previous few years.
  • Free time. There are many ways to spend your free time in Philadelphia. If you are a fan of art and history, visit some important historical sites and enjoy discovering new entertainment.

These are just some of the reasons why Philadelphia is becoming an increasingly popular place to live. In addition to these possibilities, it offers a lot more that you need to discover and get to know. After moving to Philadelphia, make every day a new adventure for you.

A couple standing on the edge of a rock and watching the city from a distance.
Let each new day be a new adventure for you, after moving to Philadelphia.


Philadelphia is a city located in Pennsylvania. It’s also the largest city in Pennsylvania, but also the fifth-largest city in the United States with a population of about 1,600,000. Philadelphia is a historic city, made up of rich history from the very beginning of the city. Today, Philadelphia is adorned with beautiful museums and art that is expressed everywhere.

In addition to the museum, you can also enjoy the highly-rated restaurants or try the food from the truck, which you can find everywhere. If you are a fan of sports and music, Philadelphia is a place that, in addition to history, has a great love for sports clubs. Visit stadiums, arenas, or sports bars. Enjoy the beauties of the parks with your children or visit Fairmount Park and try hiking.

Have a good moving company next to you

One of the easiest parts of moving is choosing a place for a new life, but what about the rest? To make your move go smoothly, don’t go into the process alone. When you decide to move into your new home, hire a residential mover NYC and let them do their job in the best possible way. Not only will your move be stress-free, but also without sudden costs.

If you want to move your business premises or home office, you are also in the right place. As you can already guess, moving office space is more complicated than moving your home. This job is more demanding and therefore requires much more attention at every step. So don’t get into it alone, otherwise, you’ll be trapped in chaos.

Professionals from the moving company, who take care of the whole relocation process.
Hire a good moving company and at the same time get rid of stress and nervousness during the relocation process.

To avoid all the stress and chaos around you, we suggest you allow our NYC commercial movers to do the entire relocation process. In addition, it will advise you and help you avoid any mistakes that may happen to you.


People are increasingly opting to move to Philadelphia. Why? Most often, these are new opportunities that it provides. The well-developed school system, great business opportunities, and decent cost of living. Ask in detail about everything before you make a final decision about moving. Our advice is to always have a moving company by your side in such moments, which will take care of all the steps necessary for moving.

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