Which states are New Yorkers flocking to?

Life in big cities stirs mixed feelings. New York, for instance, boasts endless possibilities. However, a growing trend shows New Yorkers migrating to quieter, less bustling states. But why is this exodus happening? Are rising living costs, crowded streets, and hectic lifestyles driving New Yorkers away? And if so, which states are New Yorkers flocking to? Today, Best Movers NYC dives deeper into this question in search of answers. So, stay tuned as valuable insights await.

Which states are New Yorkers flocking to?

Numbers don’t lie. And this time, they have shown us that some individuals aren’t quite satisfied with the quality of life New York, as a state, provides. In search of a better life, among others, many decide to leave the comfort of their home in this state. And they do it on a yearly basis. While such people scatter all across the United States, and even beyond its borders, a couple of US states appear to be particularly striking to NY residents. Having said that, this article will discuss the most popular destinations, as suggested by the migratory trends. These include:

  • Texas
  • California
  • New Jersey
  • Connecticut
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Hawii

The remainder of this article will discuss each of these regions separately. While at it, we will try to highlight what it is that contributes to their appeal so much that it causes thousands of New Yorkers to leave their ”nest”.


An interesting trend is unfolding – New Yorkers are setting their sights on Texas. Recent reports highlight that nearly 63,000 New Yorkers moved to Texas in 2022 alone. And that trend, as it appears, will continue in the next years too. Big cities are massively losing population, and smaller places usually gain them in their favor. Why this Lone Star State attraction, you ask? Moving from NY to TX promises fresh prospects and transformative experiences – something that we all crave going out of the pandemic.

What are the reasons behind this migration pattern?

The reasons behind this shift are quite obvious, as they are for most of the states that New Yorkers are flocking to. And even though they have always been present, the recent inflation has only pronounced them. That said, some of the biggest migrant-attracting factors are:

  • Economy: Texas ranks high for its strong economy. It’s a hotspot for start-ups and Fortune 500 companies.
  • Cost of living: Compared to NY, Texas boasts a much lower cost of living, $45,114 yearly per capita. Imagine spending less yet enjoying more. Appealing, right?
  • Jobs: Texas’ varied industries, from tech to energy, offer many job opportunities.

Moving to Texas presents New Yorkers with a blend of growth and affordability, a combo hard to resist. And the services of our interstate moving companies in New York City are the cherry on top!

Picture of three young sucesfull people talking about which states are New Yorkers flocking to
Texas has a lot to offer, besides affordable housing

California: The Golden State for New Yorkers

California, famously known as the Golden State, is a place many people cannot resist, hence a consistent rise in the number of New Yorkers packing up and heading west. In 2021, a significant wave of over 50,000 New Yorkers relocated to sunny California. This wasn’t a one-off trend, either. The following year saw an even bigger percentage of moves. Around 58,000 individuals swapped their New York addresses for Californian ones. So, what’s luring these East Coasters to the West Coast? Let’s explore a few factors!

California’s appeal cannot be ignored

One powerful driver is California’s vibrant job market. Particularly, its tech industry is a magnet for ambitious New Yorkers. Silicon Valley, the global tech hub, offers immense opportunities for career growth and innovation. Therefore, for those keen on making their mark in the tech world, California is a dream destination.

Additionally, California’s natural beauty plays a huge role. From stunning beaches to breathtaking national parks, the state offers a unique blend of city life and outdoor adventure. This is a refreshing change for New Yorkers accustomed to concrete jungles. Culture-wise, California’s diversity is alluring as well. The food scene is a gastronomic adventure in itself, and the arts scene is vibrant and influential.

And there’s the weather, too! California’s climate, renowned for its sunshine and mild temperatures, is a welcome respite for those weary of New York’s harsh winters. This is a good reason alone for moving from NYC to California!

Picture of a lake during the autumn
California is one of the states that everyone dreams about

New Jersey: The Garden State for a serene life

In recent years, there’s been an uptick in New Yorkers trading their city skyscrapers for New Jersey’s suburban homes. Here’s an interesting fact: a whopping 50,000 New Yorkers moved to New Jersey in 2022. And this is a lower number compared to the previous years. For example, in 2019, 58,664 people left NYC for the Garden State!

New Jersey offers more than just gardens

This migratory pattern isn’t surprising when you consider the advantages of living in New Jersey. Some of the biggest benefits are:

  • Proximity: First off, New Jersey’s close-knit relationship with New York is a key attraction. It provides easy access to the city while offering a suburban living experience. Commuting for work or pleasure is as simple as hopping on a train.
  • Affordable housing: Moreover, New Jersey offers a big relief from the inflated housing prices in NYC. You can get more space for your buck, making it ideal for families seeking room to grow. According to data from Redfin, the median home price in NJ is $549,900, whereas in NY, it is $669,162.
  • Quality of life: Additionally, New Jersey boasts a high quality of life. It features excellent schools, green parks, and a slower pace of life. This is a sharp contrast to the relentless hustle and bustle of NYC.

Considering this move? There’s a lot to think about. Fortunately, there are experts to help you navigate this transition both ways. Our movers NYC to NJ understand the ins and outs of both states. As a result, they are well-equipped to prepare you for the newfound freedom you can find in the Garden State.

Picture of a couple getting on a train
New Jersey is close to NYC, in case some second thoughts occur


Which states are New Yorkers flocking to? Well, believe it or not, Connecticut. Statistically speaking, about 40,000 people have moved from NYC to CT last year. And after being interviewed, statistics showed that over 50,000 of the total amount of people are more than happy with their choice.

Three major reasons make Connecticut a desirable place to live for New Yorkers

Connecticut’s rural allure is a major pull factor. For those weary of NYC’s constant hubbub, this state’s serene landscapes are a welcome change. Imagine swapping traffic noises for chirping birds. Sounds idyllic, doesn’t it? Connecticut’s high-quality schools further sweeten the deal. This state ranks among the top for education, making it a popular choice for families. Here, children benefit from a rich learning environment without big-city distractions. Lastly, let’s touch on the cost of living. A significant decrease compared to New York makes Connecticut a budget-friendly alternative. A person can comfortably survive off of $2,146 a month here. Housing is more affordable, too. And more affordable housing means more value for money. That, unfortunately, is a rare find in today’s economy.

It’s apparent that Connecticut holds an appeal that’s hard to ignore. The blend of rural tranquility, top-tier schools, and a lower cost of living form a magnetic triad. It’s pulling New Yorkers in search of a quieter, less expensive, and family-friendly lifestyle, resulting in many moving from NYC to CT.

Picture of a couple moving in together after doing their research on which states are New Yorkers flocking to
Connecticut is a prefferd destination for many New Yorkers

North Carolina and South Carolina

The Carolinas are drawing New Yorkers southwards in surprising numbers. Over 15,000 folks decided on moving from New York to North Carolina and South Carolina in 2022. In fact, data shows that over 6000 people move from NYC to Charlotte every year. That begs the question, what’s the secret behind this Southern allure?

Southern hospitality and beyond

Yes, the famed Southern hospitality is irresistible. It’s not just a stereotype. The Carolinas’ residents are known for their warmth and friendliness. Picture being welcomed into a community that treats you like family. That’s what will happen should you choose to reside in any of these two states. Another potent draw is the mild climate. No more shoveling snow or bracing against biting winter winds. Instead, enjoy pleasant temperatures year-round, perfect for outdoor pursuits. Whether it’s hiking the Appalachian trails or lounging on Myrtle Beach, the Carolinas’ weather is a win. Moving from New York to South Carolina boast significantly lower living costs, and NC is no different. Affordable housing, cheaper groceries, lower taxes – your dollar stretches further here.

Picture of friendly people
Which states are New Yorkers flocking to? The ones that are home to friendly people!

Hawaii: The Paradise Choice

Tired of the concrete jungle, New Yorkers are increasingly seeking an oasis. So, if you are wondering which states are New Yorkers flocking to, the answer might be – an island! And none other but the island of Hawaii! The fact is, about 2,000 NYC residents moved to Hawaii in the previous year. That makes up for 3.9% of the total amount of people who moved to the area. While Hawaii has always been an ideal vacation destination, not many dare to move there. That makes you wonder, why this sudden infatuation with the Aloha State?

The Aloha State offers magnificent beaches and then some

Hawaii’s tropical weather is a major crowd-puller. Year-round sunshine and gentle breezes are hard to resist, especially for those that dread  New York’s freezing winters. Here, you can exchange snow boots for sandals. When it comes to the lifestyle itself, in Hawaii, it is slower, more relaxed, and attuned to nature. For some, swapping the NYC hustle for Hawaii’s tranquil beaches and stunning landscapes can be a dream come true. The state’s distinctive culture further enriches this move. With its deep Polynesian roots, it is a true blend of traditions, music, and dancing. In a nutshell, it’s clear that the Aloha spirit is capturing hearts far beyond its island borders. And the promise of sun-soaked days, an unhurried lifestyle, and a unique cultural immersion all contribute to the growing trend of moving from NYC to Hawaii.

Picture of a beautiful beach
Albeit the beaches are the most popular, Hawaii has a lot of other things to offer

Which states are New Yorkers flocking to? Ones that allow them to expand their horizons!

The statistics clearly show that many New Yorkers are choosing to leave the state in search of something…well, different. Naturally, these shifts hold significant implications. They transform local economies, diversify communities, and stir up housing markets. That said, it’s clear that New Yorkers, renowned for their mobility, continue to redefine and adapt their living preferences. However, it’s vital to remember that trends don’t dictate the best choice for everyone. In essence, your moving decision should revolve around your unique needs and desires, not which states are New Yorkers flocking to. Or at least, most of them are. Embrace this freedom. Popular destinations or majority decisions do not bind you. Whether it’s bustling Texas or tranquil Hawaii, choose a place that makes your heart sing. After all, home is not just a place but a feeling. So, chase what feels like it to you.



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