Where can I buy moving boxes in NYC?

When moving within or from the Big Apple, one question always crosses the mind – where can I buy moving boxes in NYC? In this article, some of the best movers in NYC will answer all of your questions. We will go through essential tips for choosing the right moving box.

Why buy boxes in NYC

Cost and convenience are two pivotal factors. Buying boxes may seem like an unnecessary additional expense compared to scavenging for free ones. However, new boxes offer uniformity in size and shape, simplifying the packing process and optimizing space in moving trucks. For instance, a set of medium-sized boxes from a local moving company in NYC might cost around $2-3 per box. However, the time and effort saved in packing and stacking can be substantial.

Moreover, the durability and security of newly purchased boxes are often superior. They are specifically designed to withstand the rigors of moving. Consider a scenario where you’re transporting fragile items like glassware or electronics. Purchased boxes, often made with stronger, more resilient cardboard and designed with secure flaps and seams, provide much-needed protection against jostles and bumps typical for a city move. Contrast this with free boxes from grocery stores or cafes, which might be weakened from previous use or exposure to moisture and pests. They may save money upfront, but the risk of damage to your belongings can lead to unforeseen costs.

three people with moving boxes
In NYC, various stores offer durable moving boxes that can withstand moving challenges.

Where to buy moving boxes in New York City

A common question when looking for moving boxes in NYC is: do post offices in NYC sell moving or cardboard boxes? The answer is straightforward – no. However, there are plenty of other options. For instance, many residential movers in NYC offer moving boxes as part of their services. These boxes are often of high quality, designed specifically for moving purposes, ensuring the safety of your items. Moving companies in Manhattan and other NYC boroughs provide a range of box sizes and types, catering to different moving needs.

Aside from professional movers, local hardware stores are another reliable source. Stores like Manhattan Hardware & Housewares Inc. in Manhattan or M&D Shapiro True Value Hardware in Brooklyn offer a variety of boxes at reasonable prices. You can find these stores easily, and they are a quick solution for last-minute packing needs.

The online marketplace is also an option. Websites like Amazon sell moving boxes and offer delivery services right to your doorstep in NYC. This option is particularly useful for those with busy schedules, as it eliminates the need to go and shop for boxes. Plus, you can often find bulk deals or specialized moving kits online, which can be cost-effective and time-saving.

A practical guide to choosing the right moving box

Selecting the appropriate moving boxes is crucial in ensuring a smooth moving process. Moving companies in Brooklyn suggest that you should consider:

  • Material and durability: Standard corrugated cardboard boxes are sufficient for most household items. However, consider double-walled boxes for extra strength for heavier items like books or kitchenware. For example, a double-walled box can safely hold up to 60 pounds, while a standard box is best kept under 40 pounds.
  • Size: A common mistake is using large boxes for heavy items, which makes them difficult to carry. Instead, use small boxes for heavy items and large ones for light but bulky items.
  • Specialty boxes for special items: For fragile items like dishes or glassware, use specialty boxes with dividers that provide extra protection. Also, consider custom crates for oversized or uniquely shaped items like artwork or large electronics, ensuring they are securely packed and protected during the move.
a mover with moving boxes
Purchasing moving boxes in NYC is easy as there are many retailers providing same-day delivery options.

Various sizes of moving boxes

Understanding different box sizes can streamline your packing process:

  • Small Boxes (16″ x 12″ x 12″): Ideal for heavy items like books, tools, and canned goods.
  • Medium Boxes (18″ x 14″ x 12″): A versatile choice for kitchen items, small appliances, and toys.
  • Large Boxes (20″ x 20″ x 15″): Best for bulky but lightweight items like clothes, bedding, and curtains.
  • Extra Large Boxes (23″ x 23″ x 16″): Suitable for large, light items like pillows, large lampshades, and coats.

How to estimate the right number when buying moving boxes in NYC

Besides how to get moving boxes, a common concern when relocating is how many moving boxes you need. Here is how you can estimate the number:

  • Studio or One-Bedroom Apartment: Generally, a smaller living space like a studio or one-bedroom apartment will require about 10-20 boxes. This estimate includes a mix of small, medium, and large boxes. For example, you might use 5-8 small boxes for books and heavy items, 3-5 medium boxes for kitchenware and miscellaneous items, and 2-3 large boxes for clothes and linens.
  • Two-Bedroom Home: For a two-bedroom home, the number of boxes typically ranges from 20 to 40. In this scenario, you might need approximately 10 small, 10-15 medium, and 5-10 large boxes. This accounts for additional items like home decor, electronics, and extra clothing.
  • Three-Bedroom Home: A larger home, such as a three-bedroom, often requires between 40 and 60 boxes. This would include a greater number of large and extra-large boxes for bulky items like bedding, curtains, and large clothing items, alongside the smaller and medium boxes for other belongings.
  • Four-Bedroom Home or Larger: For homes with four or more bedrooms, you might need between 60-80 boxes. This number typically accommodates more furniture accessories, kitchen equipment, and personal belongings.
a girl sitting among moving boxes
NYC residents often buy specialized moving boxes to ensure the safe transport of their valuables through bustling city streets.

Settling sail on your moving adventure

As you approach the end of your moving preparation, remember that the right supplies are essential for a smooth relocation. There are many places in NYC where you can buy moving boxes, all catering to every need and budget. Whether you’re moving from a cozy studio or a spacious family home, the right boxes will protect your belongings and ease the moving process. Remember, moving is not just about relocating your possessions; it’s about starting a new chapter in your life. With each box you pack, you’re stepping closer to your new adventure. The effort you put into selecting the right boxes and packing carefully will pay off when you unpack in your new home, finding everything intact and ready to start anew.

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