What you need to know before relocating to Long Island

Are you thinking about relocating to Long Island? Having worked with numerous top moving companies NYC has to provide, we understand that such a significant move requires comprehensive knowledge of your potential new home. Thankfully, this guide will give you an insightful glance at what awaits you in Long Island. From its unique geography to its diverse demographics, you’ll get a grasp of what makes Long Island a favorite destination for many newcomers.

Understanding the geography of Long Island

The island is located to the east of New York City, extending 120 miles into the Atlantic Ocean. Home to four counties, it’s noteworthy that two of these – Brooklyn (Kings County) and Queens – form part of NYC’s five boroughs. However, when most people talk about “Long Island,” they often mean the suburban areas of Nassau and Suffolk Counties. However, the true beauty of Long Island’s geography lies in its diversity. You’ll find charming suburban neighborhoods, bustling downtown areas, and even serene rural landscapes, particularly as you move further east into Suffolk County.

Picture of a bridge in NYC
Long Island is a diverse area that partly encompasses Brooklyn and Queens.


Next, let’s talk about the climate. Weather-wise, Long Island experiences a four-season climate. Therefore, you’ll enjoy warm, humid summers and typically mild winters. According to the National Weather Service, the average daily high temperature in summer is above 72°F, while winter brings an average daily high temperature below 47°F.


Now, onto the demographics. A 2020 census report shows that the population of Nassau and Suffolk Counties combined stands at approximately 8.063 million. A hotspot of cultures, Long Island’s diversity is reflected in its numerous ethnic neighborhoods. Therefore, no matter where you come from, chances are you’ll find a community here that feels like home. And if you’re thinking of how to facilitate your move, the best movers in Bronx are ready to assist you every step of the way.

Navigating transportation in Long Island

In terms of transportation, Long Island boasts an impressive network. The primary mode of public transportation is the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR), one of the busiest commuter rail systems in the U.S. It has an extensive reach, with 124 stations across Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, and King County. On top of that, access to airports such as JFK and LaGuardia, as well as several major highways, adds to the convenience, making commuting to and from NYC a breeze. Whether for work or leisure, you’ll find traveling from Long Island efficient and hassle-free.


As you contemplate making a move to Long Island, it’s essential to consider the quality of education. Fortunately, this area excels in this aspect, boasting some of the highest-ranked public schools in New York State. As per Niche’s 2023 Best School Districts ranking, four Long Island school districts are in the top 10 for the entire state, indicating a strong emphasis on education. Jericho Union Free School District, for example, is one of the highest-rated ones in the region. Furthermore, notable universities like Stony Brook University and Hofstra University provide excellent higher education opportunities.

Picture of kids in a classrooom
Education plays a big role in every child’s life.

Healthcare facilities

Apart from education, healthcare is another vital factor to consider when moving, both when moving with kids and elderly people. Rest assured, Long Island is home to world-class medical facilities.

  • For instance, Northwell Health, the state’s largest healthcare provider, is based here.
  • Furthermore, specialized institutions like the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, globally recognized for its genetics research, are also operating from this island.

Naturally, as an area that boasts an advanced healthcare industry, many businesses that are part of it will want to move here. So, if you’re managing a healthcare institution and contemplating a move, commercial movers Bronx can provide will make a transition hassle-free.

Cultural attractions and recreational activities

Beyond the practical aspects, relocating to Long Island also immerses you in a wealth of cultural and recreational experiences. Museums such as the Nassau County Museum of Art and historical sites like Old Westbury Gardens offer a peek into the region’s rich history and culture. For the outdoorsy types, the island is dotted with beautiful parks and boasts 118 miles of shoreline with some of the best beaches in the state. Plus, the Hamptons, a favorite summer destination for many New Yorkers, is located on Long Island’s east end.

Events and festivals

The local calendar is replete with events and festivals. From the famous Hamptons International Film Festival to the Great South Bay Music Festival, there’s always something happening around here. If you’re excited about being part of these events and need assistance with your move, Long Island City movers are ready to make your transition smooth and well-timed, all so you can witness these happenings in person.

Understanding the cost of living when relocating to Long Island

Long Island is known for a higher-than-average cost of living, primarily due to housing costs. According to Zillow, as of mid-2023, the median home price in Nassau County is about $711,000. Meanwhile, the median home price in Suffolk County is slightly lower, around $595,000. Rental costs also reflect this trend. Data indicates that the average rent for an apartment in Long Island is $4,000 per month. In addition, everyday expenses such as groceries, utilities, and transportation also run slightly higher than the national average. For instance, the cost of food per month for one person, on average, is $400, while in Long Island, this comes down to $570.

Picture of bagged groceries
Relocating to Long Island will have you paying more than the national average.

To move or not to?

Despite there being a growing trend of people leaving cities and moving to rural areas, many still choose city life. One that Long Island certainly can provide! If you happen to be one of those who don’t mind the crowd, then relocating to Long Island will undoubtedly bring much newness into your life. So, get your suitcases ready, have movers transport your items, and come to the area where opportunities abound, and boredom has no place in!



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