What is the Least Expensive Way to Move to Staten Island

When moving, it all comes down to the company you choose, plan, and budget. Contrary to popular opinion, an average relocation is far from being a luxury. However, there are ways to lower the price of a move. So, if you want to know what is the least expensive way to move to Staten Island, keep reading this article! Also, make sure to contact us at Best Movers NY, as we can match you with top movers in minutes.

Tips to have the least expensive move to Staten Island

The least expensive move doesn’t mean it has to be the cheapest. The reason is simple – some of the best movers in Staten Island offer quality services while keeping the price points modest. Low-priced options, on the other hand, can seem appealing at first. However, you’re very likely to get a cheap service for a cheap price. In turn, you may end up with additional costs to pay, for example, repair, better packing supplies, and so on. That’s why it’s better to go with reliable movers that offer affordable yet decent services. Even then you can cut costs but in practical ways.

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So, what is the least expensive way to move to Staten Island?

Declutter everything in your home

One of the key factors that determine the final cost of your move is the amount of stuff you want to move. Therefore, it’s good to take a couple of days and declutter your entire life. Rest assured there are shirts you haven’t worn in years, shoes with taglines, and souvenirs that collect dust. Also, maybe some furniture pieces are too bulky or too old to be moved to your new Staten Island home. Therefore, sort your items on paper or with the help of an app like Sortly. Decide what to sell, what to give, donate, recycle, and throw away.

The end result of decluttering will show you why it’s good to do it every year. You’ll notice there’s less stuff that would clutter your home. Furthermore, that means you will need fewer boxes. Plus, you can earn extra dollars by selling some stuff online. Besides e-bay, you can post the goods for sale on APP-NAME.

Use all suitcases, bags, and boxes you own

Before you make an official list of supplies, check how many boxes and suitcases you already have. If they’re durable and in good condition, use them to pack clothes or smaller but heavier items.  Don’t forget to secure the bottom and edges with clean fabric, sponges, or crumpled paper. The extra padding will keep your items in place.

Reduce the time your movers would spend working

Less time spent packing means more money in your pocket. Therefore, put some effort into your move and pack as much as possible. You can take care of clothes, sheets, pillows, and also heavier items smaller in size. Use small boxes for heavier items, and leave a medium to big ones for lightweight ones. Place all boxes carefully close to the exit. Prior to that, make sure the floors are clean and there are no shoes or kids’ toys on the floor. When you have everything set for your mover’s arrival, you can expect the entire packing and loading process will run smoothly, for much less time.

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Hire a company that can handle your relocation without problems.

What comes after relocation to Staten Island? 150

There are so many benefits of living in Staten Island NYC. Besides a quality life full of opportunities, there’s plenty to see and do. If you are a foodie, you’ll have a fun time trying exquisite food at local restaurants. When you feel like boating, you can hop on a ferry and take a closer look at the Statue of Liberty.

If you wonder whether outdoor activities in NYC are a thing, Staten Island will pleasantly surprise you. The island is often called as Borough of Parks since it includes so many parks. From there, you can also access Moses Mountains, go on a hike, and enjoy an awesome view.

Choose a budget-friendly moving company

When looking for local movers Staten Island has on offer, focus on those that get along with your moving budget. If you’d like to shorten the time spent searching, head to websites that match people with suitable movers. You just have to fill the form with moving-related information, and you’ll connect with the movers that fit the requirements. Plus, the companies that work in customers’ interests include some of the best movers on the market. That way, you don’t have to worry whether the database contains fraudulent moving schemes.

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It’s possible to organize an affordable move to Staten Island.

However, if you plan to move long-distance, then consider hiring specialized long distance movers in Staten Island with all services you need in one single offer. They usually come at a much more affordable price than you’d expect. For example, storage solutions and moving boxes may come cheaper combined with moving services. It’s often a much better solution than to search for them separately.

Book multiple moving quotes

Choose some of the best residential movers Staten Island locals highly recommend, and book their quotes. However, make sure to check what kind of quotes they provide

  • Non-binding quote – the most common moving quote. You get roughly estimated moving cost that might go up in price.
  • Binding quote – the estimated price that won’t change. Unlike the non-binding quote, binding demands payment in advance.

Make sure the movers you allow payment in installments

When asked what is the least expensive way to move to Staten Island, one of the first things that come to mind are installments. If this option seems better in your case, check if the company that interests you allows this payment method. Just make sure the total cost won’t end up too high.


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