What are the average living expenses for a single person in NYC

Living or moving to NYC is something most people dream of. However, not everyone is capable of living in this wonderful city. There are some pros and cons of living here. And before you decide to move, you should check if this city will suit you. Therefore, there is no better way to check it than to explore it. Starting with the expenses, you might expect in NYC is a good idea. That is why, before you hire the Best Movers NY, you should see what are the average living expenses for a single person in NYC. This guide will help you with that.

What are the average living expenses for a single person in NYC?

Knowing the fact that over 8 million people live in this city, you cannot but wonder how these people manage to have a comfortable life. Most of them do not have a salary of more than 6 digits. Therefore, how do they manage to live in this world known expensive city? According to statistics, people we have asked about how comfortable and cozy their life in NYC is, and we came across one simple answer that has been repeated over and over again. You can make NYC as expensive as you want it to be. This means you can live a cozy life as long as you set your priorities and needs.

Coming to this conclusion, it all depends. People are different. Most of them will use all of their savings to buy or rent a property in NYC. But if you play smart, you will save some savings for some of the best local movers NYC has. You will have your items safe during the transport, transported to the wanted location, and you will not have to worry about them when the moving day comes. On top of that, you can only focus on what is waiting for you in this magnificent city.

buildings in NYC
Check the average living expenses for a single person in NYC before moving here.

Housing expenses

If you want to relocate to NYC ad rent a place, you’ll need around $900 per month. This means that if you do not have a good salary at the moment of the relocation, you need to have good savings. Do not rent a place if you do not have enough money for two or three more months. You do not want to end up on the street. And for this money, you can have a decent home and living space.

Of course, there is always an opinion for you to get a roommate. It is quite easy to get one in NYC. So, before you hire residential movers Brooklyn has, and relocate, make sure you know if you share your space with someone. This will give you a chance to pack properly. You do not want to make your home too crowdy. And think about the fact that this other person moving in with your needs to have a space for his stuff. Hiring these movers will not have to be too expensive if you declutter the number of items you are relocating. 

Extra costs

At this price, you should add about 10 dollars for rental insurance. It is important to have one. It will protect both sides, and it is not too expensive. 10 dollars per month will protect your stuff from some damages, vandalism, etc. Which you might say is priceless.

Utilities will cost you around 50 dollars. And that is the lowest price you might find. S think about adding to this $900 another $100. However, in NYC, the gas, heat, and ho after must be included in the price. But you need to have this extra cash just in case.

On all of these, add the price you will pay for your phone bills. This is the price that depends on each person. So the exact or the average number cannot be given.

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Find a roommate to spit your costs

Average living expenses for a single person in NYC divided

Along with these expenses, you are obligated to pay every month, some expenses will depend on every individual personally. So these prices that will be listed are not the same for everyone. But they will help you manage your budget and see if you can have some extra money to hire some of the best movers Manhattan has. Relocating here has never been so close.

  1. Transportation costs. The average price from 2016 is around $100 per month. Of course, if your job is close to your new home, you will not have to use transportation. Therefore, there is $100 more in your pocket.
  2. Groceries. The average single person in NYC spends around $300 per month on groceries. This price is given in the combination of grocery delivery and shopping for some organic food. But the fact is that you will probably need less money than this.
  3. If your home is small and you do not have a laundry machine, you will need around $15 for this action. However, if you have enough clothes to wear, you might not need these services every month. On the other hand, it is not so expensive.
  4. The price you will pay for some personal care is around $50 per month. But if you manage to find some stores that often have discounts on these products, you might spend less money. Either way, you will not need to buy make-up every month, and you do not need any products all the time. Calculate your savings wisely. And you will end up having everything you need all the time.
  5. Entertainment will get around $100 from your pocket. We all know how amusing NYC is. And if you like to go out or have dinners in some fancy restaurants, you might need more than $100. As we have said before, it is all up to you.
  6. Health insurance. This is important to have, so plan on spending around $320 every month. 

To sum up

Average living expenses for a single person in NYC will be around $2,550 per month. Because you will need around 30 000 dollars for taxes for a year, the single person living here will need to have a salary of around $40000 per year. This budget will name your life in NYC comfortable. There are some gaps where you can cut off some expenses, but you will not know that until you live here for a month or two.

taxi on the street
Most New Yorkers do not use public transportation so they can save more money

These are just some numbers and statistics n the average level. This does not mean that your life here will be this expensive or heap. These average living expenses for a single person in NYC will help you determine whether you can live here or not. Remember that these prices can be changed during the year, the pandemic, or any other bad things that might occur during a certain period.



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