Top reasons why New Yorkers move

Like in the other places, people were always moving in and out of New York. However, during the pandemic times, the number of people moving suddenly increased. So, the trend has become more obvious than before. Many reasons why New Yorkers move are still the same. In addition to them, some other factors became important for making such a decision. And, Best Movers NYC could witness those reasons clearly. The main factor that led to changes in motives was the sudden jump in prices. Living in NYC was never cheap. But, with the latest increases, especially in real estate, living in NYC has become very hard.

It is not easy to leave New York

For many people who have been living in New York for a longer period or were even born and raised there, leaving NYC is not easy. And that is perfectly understandable. However, when they have to leave due to economic reasons, they are mostly moving to the suburbs. Or at least to New Jersey, to stay close.  This is especially the case when they keep their jobs in NYC.

And most people moving due to this reason are moving away from Manhattan. If so, they are using the services of Manhattan movers. Being skilled and knowing the area well, the movers know how to find the best routes for relocation. That way, the relocation takes a shorter time. And it is thus much cheaper.

Statue of Liberty, NYC - Top reasons why New Yorkers move.
For many people leaving NYC is not easy.

There are several reasons why New Yorkers move

So far, we have mentioned one of the main reasons for moving from New York. But it is not the only one. In fact, the reasons for moving out of NYC depend on what people want to achieve. Some simply want better living conditions. For some, finding a balance between work and family obligations is a priority. If you are among them, you should count on the affordable assistance of the Brooklyn movers. Besides, some people simply want to join the extended family.

So, we could say that the main reasons for leaving NYC are:

  • Sharp increases in rental  and living costs
  • High taxes in NYC
  • Career opportunities and fierce competition
  • Constant noise and crowds
  • Bad air quality and weather
  • Poor work-life balance
  • Increased crime rates
  • Educational possibilities
  • Retirement to cheaper and warmer places

The fast rise in living costs is one of the reasons why New Yorkers are moving

Ever since the outburst of the pandemic, food costs have been steadily rising all over the US. However, in other parts of the country, costs are still bearable. But, in New York City, the increase has reached 87%. Besides the costs of food, all other costs have increased. And, the rental costs are the main reason for such sharp increases in living costs. For example, a one-bedroom apartment in the NYC center will cost about $3,400. You can find the same size apartment in the suburbs for $2,000. And you shouldn’t forget that other costs, such as utilities and commuting, have also increased.

Even before such a sharp increase, living in NYC was, for many, just meeting the ends. And for many, even moving to cheaper NYC suburbs can’t guarantee that they can earn enough to make it through the month. However, those who are not ready to leave NYC will try living in the suburbs. So, if you decide to give it a try, you can count on the services of Inwood movers.

A Couple Enjoying the View of the New York City Skyline - Top reasons why New Yorkers move.
Those who are not ready to leave NYC will try living in the suburbs.

Residents of NYC are paying high taxes

Taxes are one more reason why living costs in NYC are s high. The residents of NYC have to pay the 7th highest income tax in the country. This means that you will have to deduct 8.82% from your income. Besides, you will be charged an average of $3,755 per year in property taxes. And this is much higher than the national average.

Are you ready to go shopping? Well, then, you should be ready to pay as much as 8.87% in sales taxes. The figure can slightly change depending on the place where you do most of your shopping. 

Who is mostly moving away due to taxes?

Before coming to this question, we have to remind ourselves that NYC residents have to pay:

  • city taxes
  • state taxes
  • federal taxes

So, the high earners are among the first to look for other places to move to. The truth is that they are earning well. But they are also paying the highest personal income taxes. So, no wonder that they are looking to move to places like Texas or Florida. Washington and Wyoming are also states where they are usually moving. Some of them are also moving their businesses to other places. So, no wonder that they are looking for the assistance of commercial movers in Queens.

Career opportunities and fierce competition are among the reasons why New Yorkers move

You could hear many times that NYC is a place where dreams come true. Well, working in one of the financial institutions is possible. However, to climb the corporate ladder, you must first fight the fierce competition. And you need to have the skills, patience, and connections to secure a well-paid and prosperous job.

The truth is that the NYC job market is rich. But, finding an average pad job will not help you fight the increasing costs. In such a case, it is better to consider moving to another place. The advice of the Bronx movers is to check where your qualifications will bring you really good opportunities. For example, you might find a good job in Texas. And that comes with other benefits. Your income will be sufficient for a decent living. You will not be charged income tax. And you will soon be able to buy a nice house with a large backyard.

Person in White Long Sleeve Shirt Holding White Paper.
To climb the corporate ladder, you must first fight the fierce competition.

Opening a small business in New York

As there are no rules in life, you may open a small bakery in NYC and experience an unexpected business boom. But the chances for something like that are one in a million. Most small entrepreneurs will have to think about going somewhere else. Namely, every corner in NYC is full of small shops, antique stores, food stores, etc.

People can get tired of constant noise and crowds

There are some quiet oases in the City of New York. But, you will also feel like visiting the other parts of the city sometimes. Or to visit Broadway and see the latest performance. You may also decide to visit some of the stores located in the town center. The thing is that you will be surrounded by a crowd and noise which can easily make you nervous. So, instead of enjoying yourself, you will start to feel drained and tired. It may also be that you are commuting. So, from the morning, regardless if you walk or use the subway, you will be surrounded by people rushing to reach whatever destination.

With time, you may start to wish to have more privacy. And to live in a more peaceful place, enjoying a laid-back lifestyle. This is also one of the reasons why New Yorkers move. And that is why they are looking for professional and affordable assistance from long distance movers in Brooklyn. For them, even living in one of the places in Florida known for hoards of tourists would be a relaxing experience.

Bad air quality and weather are some of the reasons why New Yorkers move

Some parts of New York, with a lot of greenery and parks, don’t have problems with bad air. Still, the pollution in the bigger parts of the city is very high. Besides, NYC is considered one of the dirtiest cities in the US. That is why people refer to it as “grungy.” Besides, many parts of the city are not well maintained, and with time, you may find it difficult to live in such conditions. Looking for careers or some other opportunities, people are ready to overlook this aspect. However, with time, it is usually starting to bother them.

The Statue of Liberty stands tall in NYC harbor above the dock cranes of NJ.
Air pollution in NYC can sometimes be very high.

Weather is another factor why some people are ready to leave. In NYC, you will experience all four seasons. However, if you are just moving in, be ready for hot summers and freezing winter temperatures. Searching for a state with a lot of sunny days, people are often moving to Florida. And, when it comes to air quality, you can be sure that the ocean breeze will be truly refreshing for you.

Living in NYC, people are usually having a poor work-life balance

To earn enough for a decent living and manage to cover the basic costs, the people of NYC are usually working a lot. In many cases, they are working overtime. Or they are even finding second, part-time jobs. Add to that the time spent commuting. It is very easy to see that they don’t have much time for a family. Or for a social life. Therefore, in order to achieve a work-living balance, a lot of them are deciding to give a call to long distance movers in NYC.

With such a working tempo, burnout occurs much more frequently than in previous decades. And, if you have kids, you will naturally like to spend more time with them. Moving to places where you will have decent working hours and earn enough for a comfortable living makes sense. Not only that, you will have more time for your family. Such slowing down will also be very beneficial for your overall health.

Increased crime rates are one of the reasons why New Yorkers move

Overall, New York was never a safe place to live. Also, the NYC crime rates were always higher than the national average. The high poverty percentage and many homeless people on the streets added to the general insecurity impression. 

Man in Gray Long Sleeve Suit Holding a Pen.

From 2021 until now, the overall crime rate in NYC has increased by 57%. From 2021 until now, the overall crime rate in NYC has increased by 57%. And the  NYPD reported an increase in every major crime category. For example, car thefts have increased by 105%, and robberies increased by 56%. Although the police are undertaking measures to reduce this trend, it is still not showing sins of slowing down. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise to see long distance movers Queens being so busy lately.

Educational possibilities are much better in some other parts of the country

Although New York has a lot of educational possibilities and some highly rated schools, some other parts of the country can offer much more. However, the diversity of studying possibilities is not the main reason for moving. When it comes to having school kids in New York, you have to drive them to school. And to pick them au after two hours. Not even to mention the extracurricular activities. And, working long hours, you simply can’t balance those two obligations. And letting them use the metro on their own, with such high crime rates, is not an option.

Therefore, people with kids and young professionals planning a family are looking for other options. This usually means that the parents are deciding to use the services of long distance movers in Manhattan. They simply want their kids to have happier childhood. And, at the same time, to ensure they receive a good education. So, they are moving to more family and education-friendly cities. A good solution could be choosing one of the places in New Jersey. It is well known for its excellent education. The overall security is high. And parents can even keep their jobs in NYC.

Retirement to cheaper and warmer places

A lot of New Yorkers, after retiring, are moving to places that are cheaper and warmer. Usually, they are moving to Florida and Texas. And, when moving, they use the professional assistance of the long distance movers on Staten Island.

People sitting on a couch.
Retirees like to move to warmer and cheaper places.

The clime in those places is nice. So they can spend a lot of time outside. And that is considerably improving their health. Also, by moving to Florida, they will be able to enjoy some of the best medical institutions. Florida has a lot of retirement communities. So they will be able to join them whenever they wish. However, some retirees prefer to go to their original states to join the wider family.

Not all is bleak as it look at the first sight

Regardless of many people leaving NYC, there are also many who are moving in. We have here discussed the reasons why New Yorkers move out of the city. However, there are many who are impressed by the Empire State city. And those who want to try their luck in the City. And experience the vibrant energy of NYC. So, like with many other metropolises, there will always be reasons to move out. And reasons to move in. All is a question of time. And the question of presently prevailing reasons in peoples’ lives.

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