Top-rated NYC neighborhoods to settle in

The City That Never Sleep has more neighborhoods than one can count, each with its unique charm and lifestyle. With that in mind, it isn’t surprising that those considering moving within the city or relocating from afar can have difficulty deciding on the area to live in. Lucky for you, Best Movers NYC is here to help identify the top-rated NYC neighborhoods to settle in. Ones that ensure a comfortable and fulfilling urban living experience. So, join us as we explore some of the city’s most sought-after areas. While at it, we’ll also provide insight into their appeal and explain what makes them stand out.

Prospect Heights

Prospect Heights easily blends historic charm with modern amenities. Boasting tree-lined streets and a diverse community, it presents an inviting atmosphere suitable for families, professionals, and creatives alike. The real estate landscape caters to various tastes, too, offering options from classic brownstone townhouses to newly developed condos. With a median home value of $1,147,012, this neighborhood significantly surpasses the national median of $244,900. On the other hand, the median rent in Prospect Heights stands at $2,179, in contrast to the national median of $1,163. The prices are steep, yes. However, this difference indicates a clear preference for quality living spaces within this captivating area.

Brooklyn Bridge the symbol of the Brooklyn one of the NYC neighborhoods to settle in
Prospect Heights’ convenient location makes it a desirable place to live in.

Also, thanks to the neighborhood’s proximity to cultural attractions, residents can immerse themselves in the renowned Brooklyn Museum. They can also enjoy electrifying performances at the Barclays Center or find serenity in the sprawling greenery of Prospect Park. There’s no shortage of things to see and do when exploring Prospect Heights either. For instance, you can stroll along Vanderbilt Avenue, where you’ll find many dining options, including cozy cafes and trendy restaurants.

This neighborhood also boasts boutiques and local shops, perfect for those seeking unique finds. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is a must-visit for a dose of culture with its stunning flora and themed gardens. As for those about to move, don’t fret! Expect nothing less from Prospect Heights movers than exceptional services and assistance.


Located between Greenwich Village and the East Village, Noho is a dynamic area perfect for art and history enthusiasts. You’ll experience a unique fusion of bohemian culture and upscale amenities when in the area. What’s more, with its mix of converted lofts, trendy apartments, and classic townhouses, the local real estate offers numerous options.

NoHo has a rich cultural scene to be proud of, boasting galleries and theaters that contribute to its artistic atmosphere. As you stroll through its cobblestone streets, you’ll also discover hidden gems, local boutiques, and inviting cafes. We specifically suggest you explore the historic Astor Place which adds a distinctive touch to the district. And if you’re considering a move to this artistic haven, trust in the expertise of NoHo movers, whose top-tier services make the process straightforward.

wall art of Frida Kahlo
NoHo, one of the best NYC neighborhoods to settle in, is where art and urban living unite.

Within Noho’s creative landscape, landmarks like the Public Theater and Cooper Union Building are unique draws. But, the area’s liveliness also extends to its nightlife, with plenty of trendy bars and live music venues dotting the streets. So, whether you’re an art enthusiast, a food whiz, or simply seeking a setting to inspire you artistically, this neighborhood is just the place to be!


In the heart of New York’s real estate scene, Gramercy emerges as a captivating focal point. And to no surprise, living here comes with a steep price. In terms of average home cost and rent, the first sits at $966,907, meanwhile, the latter is at $2,784. For many, that’s a hefty price to pay, although for those about to relocate with Gramercy movers, one worth paying, considering everything this neighborhood has to offer.

Beyond its scenic beauty and convenient location, Gramercy boasts a strong sense of community. Its smaller size fosters a close-knit environment, making connecting with neighbors easier. Residents enjoy easy access to cultural venues like the Players, a hub for arts and literature, adding another enriching layer to their lives.

Among NYC neighborhoods to settle in is Gramercy Park street and sign in front of the building
Gramercy draws people in with its family-friendly and serene vibe.

Murray Hill

Murray Hill attracts those seeking charm and vitality among the top-rated NYC neighborhoods to settle in. Positioned on Manhattan’s east side, this inviting area captivates with its intriguing architecture, featuring historic townhouses and contemporary high-rises. Murray Hill, with a population of 23,158, showcases a real estate landscape defined by a median home value of $1,005,192. On the other hand, renters in this area face a median rent of $2,844.

What sets Murray Hill apart is its seamless harmony of tranquility and proximity to lively Midtown Manhattan. Iconic landmarks like the Empire State Building and Grand Central Terminal are just moments away, significantly enhancing the area’s allure. As you consider a potential move to this area, you can rest assured that Murray Hill movers will find solutions to make your move effortless.

Beyond the practical details, Murray Hill fosters a strong sense of belonging. Its range of eateries, rooftop bars, and engaging events create a setting where residents can truly connect. So, embrace Murray Hill’s distinctive blend of elegance and vibrancy, and you’ll find yourself at home in a district that sums up the very essence of a well-rounded New York City experience.

Financial District

Located in the southern tip of Manhattan, this district is both historically significant and modernly equipped. Real estate offerings include sleek, high-rise apartments and converted lofts catering to residents seeking proximity to the beating heart of the city’s financial and business hub. The median home value in the area reaches $1,256,362, whereas renters encounter a median rent of $3,135. Considering the price of owning a property here, it’s only natural that the neighborhood would lean towards renting, with 78% of residents favoring this option.

charging bull sculpture
Financial District boasts some of the most iconic landmarks among the top-rated NYC neighborhoods to settle in.

However, the high price isn’t without reason. In fact, the Financial District is a testament to the city’s economic power, hosting iconic landmarks such as Wall Street, the New York Stock Exchange, and the poignant 9/11 Memorial. The district’s energy is balanced by pockets of tranquility along the waterfront promenades, offering residents serene spaces to unwind. As you navigate the district’s streets, take a moment to explore the renowned South Street Seaport, where historic ships meet lively entertainment venues.

When it comes to moving to the Financial District, hiring the Financial District movers can make the process straightforward. These experts are well-versed in the logistical intricacies of the area, making coming home a simple endeavor. Post-moving, residents can also enjoy fantastic food, upscale shopping, and proximity to cultural gems.

Battery Park City

If you’re looking for an urban oasis along the Hudson River, consider relocating to Battery Park City with the assistance of Battery Park City movers. This planned community offers a distinct escape from the noise and currently houses 13,493 individuals. It features modern residential complexes and plenty of green space. For those looking to buy a property in the area, it’s worth knowing that doing so is possible at the average price of $1,596,697. Those looking to rent, however, should allocate approximately $3,491 towards doing so a month.

What truly differentiates this neighborhood from the rest of the city is its seamless integration of nature and modernity. The neighborhood boasts stunning waterfront views, expansive parks, and scenic promenades, creating an ideal environment for outdoor enthusiasts and families. Also, residents can explore the scenic Battery Park, where history meets nature, as well as stroll along the magnificent Hudson River. When it comes to amenities, know that there are numerous upscale dining and shopping options at Brookfield Place to experience, as well as cultural attractions like the Museum of Jewish Heritage to see.

Battery Park grass field among trees
Battery Park offers green spaces, iconic views, and waterfront serenity.


Tribeca, known as Triangle Below Canal Street, is a haven among the top-rated NYC neighborhoods to settle in. Its rich history intertwines with modern living, showcased in its iconic cast-iron architecture. What makes Tribeca genuinely unique is the art and culture. Galleries, theaters, and film festivals enrich the community, fostering a pleasant atmosphere for creative expression. Also, its proximity to the Hudson River invites outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy scenic waterfront parks and paths, perfect for strolls and recreational activities. What’s more, the neighborhood boasts plenty of restaurants, boutiques, and access to cultural landmarks like the acclaimed Tribeca Film Festival. As you weigh a move to the area, consider enlisting Tribeca movers to simplify the process and provide the right kind of services.

At the mention of luxury and urban elegance, the local real estate landscape immediately comes to mind. Boasting a commanding median home value of $2,000,001, this neighborhood sets the stage for prestige. Prospective renters encounter a median rent of $3,112, further reflecting a distinct preference for refined living spaces.

Additional top-rated neighborhoods to settle in

While the above happen to be some of the most popular spots in the city to live in, there’s more to the City than Never Sleeps than those. In fact, here are a few more top-rated neighborhoods to settle in that definitely deserve a spot on your radar:

1. Williamsburg

  • Originally settled by the Dutch in the 17th century, it was named after the town of Willemstad in the Netherlands.
  • In the 1990s and 2000s, Williamsburg became a hub for indie rock, hip-hop, and the local art community. It’s known for its music scene and numerous galleries.
  • Over the past few decades, Williamsburg has undergone significant gentrification. It transformed from a largely industrial area to one of the city’s most sought-after neighborhoods with upscale apartments, trendy restaurants, and boutiques.

2. Astoria

  • Astoria is known for its large Greek population, but it’s also home to residents from around the world.
  • The Kaufman Astoria Studios, located in the neighborhood, is one of the oldest movie studios in the US It has been the filming location for numerous movies and TV shows.
  • The area is home to the Museum of the Moving Image. This museum is dedicated to the art, history, and technology of film, television, and digital media.

3. Harlem

  • In the 1920s, Harlem was the epicenter of the Harlem Renaissance, a cultural, social, and artistic explosion of Black culture.
  • Opened in 1914, the Apollo Theater in Harlem is one of the most famous music halls in the US, known for launching the careers of many African-American artists.
  • The area is home to many historic churches. This includes the Abyssinian Baptist Church, one of the oldest African-American Baptist churches in the US.

4. Long Island City

  • LIC has seen a surge in real estate development over the past two decades, with numerous high-rise apartments and condos dotting its skyline.
  • The neighborhood is also home to MoMA PS1, an affiliate of the Museum of Modern Art and one of the largest art institutions in the US dedicated solely to contemporary art.

5. Park Slope

  • Park Slope is known for its well-preserved brownstones and is part of the Park Slope Historic District.
  • Often considered one of NYC’s most family-friendly neighborhoods, it’s known for its tree-lined streets, reputable schools, and Prospect Park.
  • Park Slope has a significant LGBTQ+ community and has been a center for LGBTQ+ activism and events for decades.

A valuable resource to learn more about the Big Apple is StreetEasy. It’s an excellent tool for anyone looking to explore real estate listings. It also contains valuable neighborhood guides, which will greatly simplify your quest.

diversity and contrast in the architecture of the New York
New York City’s blend of culture, innovation, and iconic landmarks makes it an unparalleled destination.

Explore the charms of the top-rated NYC neighborhoods to settle in

Having explored the top-rated NYC neighborhoods to settle in, it’s evident that the essence of the Big Apple lies in its dynamic areas. Areas that, while similar, each tell a unique story. Now that you know this, you’re better positioned to make an informed decision regarding moving. Of course, if you are still not sure quite where to settle, feel free to research further. The Internet is equipped with plenty of resources to aid your search. But, once you identify the parts of the city that speak to you, we suggest you pay them a visit. In-person! Only by doing so can you truly feel the vibe. And while at it, also realize whether it’s the vibe that vibes with you.



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