Top NYC neighborhoods for millennials

Moving to New York City is often followed by a big amount of stress. It is all because you have many decisions to make when doing this. Which movers to get, where to get the supplies for the move, and much more. But, more importantly, you have to decide on where you want to move. There is an influx of millennials in the area but some places are just more suited than others. There are many NYC neighborhoods for millennials that you can choose from and we are going to give you some names. After you decide on where you want to relocate, you should look for Best Movers NYC that will help you make the transition. But, first things first!

The best NYC neighborhoods for millennials

  • Astoria, Queens
  • Dumbo, Brooklyn
  • East Village, Manhattan
  • Financial District, Manhattan
  • Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn

Astoria, Queens

One of many places in NYC that millennials choose is Astoria. Even though you will need to take the subway to get to Manhattan, it does not mean that this place is worse. One of the biggest problems for millennials is the fact that they usually lack big money. That means that you will have to choose carefully if you want to find an affordable place. Well, you have found it. You can be sure that you will find an affordable place that will not break your budget. You just have to include the best movers in Astoria in your planning and you should be okay.

Dumbo, Brooklyn

The best NYC places for millennials need to have a variety of things to do. No one likes when everything is the same all the time. Millennials like to have freedom. The great thing is that New York City offers a ton of this. Dumbo is just another place on the list that you can choose to relocate to. It is great for millennials that are into art. This is a little art paradise in NYC and you should know that. Also, a fact that more than 20% of residents are into the art business shows that you will not make a mistake if you want to succeed in art. If this is something that you want, you do not have to look further. You can just look for the best movers in Dumbo and get over with it.

brooklyn bridge - NYC neighborhoods for millennials
Dumbo has a lot of offers for artistic people

East Village, Manhattan

When considering NYC neighborhoods for millennials, we have to mention East Village. The biggest pro here is the location of New York University. There is always an influx of young people here. That means that you will always have someone to talk to and make connections with. This is one of the greatest places to socialize because there are many places where you can go to. There are many cafes, many bars and you can go to each one every day. Best movers in East Village can help you with moving and your only task is to take advantage of what you are being offered. Start your new life now!

Financial District, Manhattan

One of the best neighborhoods in NYC for millennials is the Financial District. It is one of the most important places in NYC. This is one of the oldest parts of the city and all major things are located there. We mean companies, restaurants, banks, cafes, and much more. That means that you will have the chance to find yourself in the crowd.

It is one of the best places in the world to relocate to and start your new life from the beginning. Naturally, when moving here, you do not want to have amateurs by your side. What we mean is that moves to Financial District and more complex due to the crowd and the traffic. You want to have the best movers in Financial District to help you out. You want to start your new life on the right foot so be sure to have the right people helping you with this!

manhattan island
Success can be found in Financial District!

Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn

On the other hand, not everything in NYC has to be fast-paced. Many people think that there is no chance that you can enjoy some quiet time when you need it. But, we are here to tell you that you can. Brooklyn Heights is just one of many places where you can find the peace you are looking for. It is a historic part of NYC and it is one of the most beautiful. You will have the chance to enjoy beautiful parks without the sounds of sirens from the cars. Not every millennial wants to be in the crowd and that is why we have included this part of Brooklyn on the list. You just need to make sure that you find the best movers in Brooklyn Heights and you should be good to go!

a woman walking on the street
If you are for a quieter life, choose Brooklyn Heights

Is this the final list of the best neighborhoods in NYC for millennials?

Our goal was not to make you believe that these are the only places in NYC suited for millennials. New York City is a big place and we could not include everything in this list, even if we wanted. The important thing to know is that you are the only one that has all the information. You know what you want and that is a thing that should guide you. If you find a neighborhood that is out of this list, it is okay because it is perfectly suited for you. But, be sure to have the right help when moving there because the stress of relocating to NYC can eat you up!


Life in New York City is great. There are so many things to do, so many opportunities. But, all of us are looking for different things. Millennials are much special because they have specific needs. The great thing is that there are many NYC neighborhoods for millennials you can choose and start your new and successful life. All you need to do is think for a while about what you want and you should be able to make the right call.

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