Top NYC Hotel Rooftops

Searching for a perfect place for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, engagements, and other events? Then, rooftops are a great choice, especially in a city with a breathtaking skyline such as New York, a city that never sleeps. You are in the right place at the right time. Best Movers NYC prepared a list of top NYC hotel rooftops for any occasion. And although it was hard to single them out, we managed to narrow down the choice by the views they have. However, this guide is not only for those who have just moved to New York City – it is for all who want to experience amazing views both during the day and at night. And whichever hotel rooftop you choose for your special event, you won’t regret your decision since mouth-dropping skylines are awaiting you.

A couple searching for top NYC hotel rooftops
Before you book a table in a hotel rooftop bar, check out the views they have.

How to choose a suitable hotel rooftop restaurant or bar in New York City

When choosing a hotel rooftop bar or restaurant, the view is not the only thing you should pay attention to. There are other factors that may affect the overall impression and feeling during your special event. These are:

  • The skyline: As already said, the view is important. However, different events require different types of views. So, choose NYC hotel rooftops based on the event motive.
  • The timing: Different rooftops have different appeal during daylight and nightlight, and some rooftops are only open during some periods of the day. So, choose a place that matches your timing.
  • The occasion: Some rooftops have a cozy and intimate atmosphere, while others have a crowdy one. Depending on the occasion, choose the environment.
  • Sunset or sunrise: Check the availability of the hotel rooftops if you want to experience the sunset or sunrise.
  • Food and drinks: If you are a foodie with exquisite taste, check out the rooftop menus and see whether there are any peculiarities.

Have you recently moved to NYC or about to move here and have an event around the corner? Don’t know how to balance (post)-relocation tasks and event planning? No worries. Our residential movers NYC will handle everything so you can focus on your upcoming event.

The list of top NYC hotel rooftops

There are numerous splendid hotels in New York City with tip rooftop bars and restaurants. New York City is one of the best cities in the world when speaking of rooftops, thanks to the magnificent skyline. Almost all rooftops are luxurious places, where you can experience not only the view but also delicious food and quality beverages. NYC constantly keeps high standards when it comes to hotel rooftops since tourism and extravagant lifestyles are constantly present and expanding. Following is the list of some of the best NYC hotel rooftops you should visit after moving here with some of the best long distance movers NYC has to offer:

  1. Arlo Hotels
  2. AC Hotel by Marriot  New York Times Square
  3. Yotel Hotel
  4. Peninsula Hotel
  5. 1Hotel Brooklyn Bridge
  6. Harriet’s Rooftop & Lounge
  7. Hudson Hotel
  8. ModernHaus SoHo
  9. The Standard High Line
  10. The Conrad New York

Arlo hotels

Wonder why visiting Arlo Hotels? The answer is simple. As Arlo Hotels suggest, “save space on your camera roll for your visit to A.R.T. NoMad” – reason enough to book a table. It is located on the 31st floor, where you can enjoy your “skywalk” as Arlo says. What makes this rooftop one of the best NYC hotel rooftops is its glass floor which elevates the feeling of “sky walking” and the overall impression. However, a breathtaking view is not the only thing that will blow up your mind. What adds to the cocktail of emotions is the themed cocktail menu – a nice spice to your event story. So, try the Washington Heights cocktail and enjoy the moments. However, don’t forget to take a photo that will fire your news feed on social media.

And if you have recently moved here, find the nearest location. Arlo has hotels in NoMad, SoHo, Nautilus, Midtown, and Wynwood. So hurry up your movers Manhattan and enjoy by skyline as soon as possible.

NYC skyline
New York City has a lot of hotel rooftops that offer breathtaking views.

AC Hotel by Marriot  New York Times Square

The rooftop, Castell Rooftop Lounge of the AC hotel is located on the 21st floor and offers a beautiful and peaceful view above the bustling streets of the Garment District. What makes it famous is certainly its iconic Martini, and you can be sure that you won’t try a more delicious one than this in Castel Rooftop Lounge. The rooftop is open all year round, meaning you can enjoy a cozy and warm atmosphere near a fireplace in winter or beautiful sunsets on the outdoor terrace. When it comes to the atmosphere, you can expect a relaxed and peaceful one – great for those who have just moved here with long distance movers Manhattan and want to run away from the stress that relocation imposes.

Yotel Terrace is one of the top NYC hotel rooftops

The Yotel terrace rooftop bar is located in a luxury hotel in Midtown Manhattan, which is open all day, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Here, you can enjoy coffee, tea, and muffins during the day and have exquisite cocktails in the evening while gazing at the breathtaking view. Besides, there are happy hours for beer and wine. This rooftop bar is suitable for private events where you can host up to 400 people, which is perfect for weddings. Besides, you won’t have to come back home after the event, just rent a suite in a hotel and rest until the next day when you can have late breakfast in the rooftop bar again. Besides, you can rent a room in a hotel as a temporary solution before moving into your new home with some of the best local movers Manhattan has to offer.

NYC view
NYC is home to numerous rooftop bars and restaurants

Peninsula hotel offers one of the top NYC hotel rooftops

Peninsula Hotel is one of the most popular hotels in New York City located on Fifth Avenue. Its Chalet De Bing is widely known among New Yorkers thanks to its glamorous Asian-themed interior and exceptional gourmet cuisine. It is perfect to visit it in winter since it offers a cozy atmosphere. When it comes to food, it is inspired by the Engadin, a region in Switzerland. So, if you want to have a cozy and intimate atmosphere, visit Peninsula Hotel and experience a winter fairytale. So, if you have moved to NYC in winter, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy NYC’s winter skyline while your long distance movers Queens are handling your relocation tasks.

Harriet’s Rooftop & Lounge

This open-air rooftop bar in 1Hotel Brooklyn Bridge has an urban chic decor mixed with a vibrant and cozy atmosphere. It also offers its guests an infinity pool. However, it is only possible to use it as a hotel guest. But if you are not a guest, you can book a table and enjoy different types of beverages, such as wine, beer, and cocktails. And if you have recently moved here, you’ll get the chance to meet the locals at Harriet’s Rooftop & Lounge and experience the local vibe. However, if you are about to move, check out our database for some of the finest movers Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, or Bronx, and schedule a perfect relocation.

An infinity pool in one of the NYC hotel rooftops
Harriet’s Rooftop & Lounge offers an infinity pool which will contribute to the overall skyline impression

Hudson Hotel offers one of the top rooftops “Sky Terrace”

Located on the 15th floor of the Hudson Hotel, Sky Terrace is a seasonal rooftop perfect for spending sunny days and enjoying the city’s skyline. What makes it stand out from other rooftop bars is the fact that it has a relaxed local atmosphere. Here, you can enjoy lying in a hammock, no matter whether you are a hotel guest or not. It is a perfect place to run away from trendy places and have a (digital, work, and life) detox. The rooftop wraps around the entire hotel and has lots of seating with a view of the Hudson river. If you are a Sangria lover, you’ll like the place since here you can try a special sangria selection (more than 10 Sangria types). So, Sky terrace is a perfect way to escape the relocation hassle – leave it to movers Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, or Staten Island.

the view from Sky terrace, one of the top NYC hotel rooftops
Enjoy the view of the Hudson River from the Sky terrace rooftop bar

ModernHaus SoHo

Want to see the Empire State, Freedom Tower, or other NYC landmarks? Then, head to ModernHaus SoHO and its Jimmy SoHo rooftop, and you’ll surely experience breathtaking views while having an intimate moment. The rooftop primarily offers drinks. However, there are bar-bite menus in case you get a bit hungry. JIMMY SoHo also offers an outdoor rooftop pool, which is primarily for hotel guests. However, during summer weekends, the rooftop is open to the public, where you can enjoy pool parties. When it comes to the interior of the rooftop, it is inspired by Picasso’s Blue period, and the furniture is a mix of old and new, vintage and modern, and the atmosphere is very intimate, meaning you can enjoy the conversation followed by cool music in the background.

The Standard High Line offers top NYC hotel rooftops

Unlike other hotels, The Standard High Line is home to two rooftops Le Bain & The Rooftop and Top of the Standard. Le Bain & The Rooftop offers the best views in the Meatpacking district and has a relaxing ambiance, comfortable furniture, and even a jacuzzi. Thanks to its astroturf floor, you’ll get the feeling you are sitting in a garden. The garden feel and amazing skyline are a perfect match. When it comes to the atmosphere, this rooftop bar offers DJ nights, and the rooftop bar transforms itself into a nightclubhow great is that?

On the other hand, the Top of the Standard is more of a classical rooftop bar type but with fantastic views. And when it comes to music, it is completely opposite to Le Bain & The Rooftop. Here, you can enjoy jazz with a more sophisticated atmosphere. So, if you have just moved to NYC, let your residential movers Staten Island deal with the moving process and head to one of these rooftops to relax a bit from the stress that relocation imposes.

Conrad New York Downtown – Hilton

Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar is located on the 16th floor of Conrad New York Downtown, which offers a breathtaking view of the Hudson River and New Jersey skyline, New York Harbor, and the Statue of liberty. Did you know the bar has its own signaturethe Poptail drink? The drink was made by the bar’s chef Brian Lee. So, if you want to try something new, then the Loopy Doopy rooftop Bar is a perfect match. The rooftop bar offers the opportunity to throw up private or semi-private parties, and it can receive up to 100 guests. And what makes it different from others is the fact that walk-ins are welcome, meaning they don’t take table reservations. However, Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar closes for the season on October 8, 2022, and will reopen in May 2023, according to their website.

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Ensure a seamless move with Best Movers NYC and get to enjoy the NYC rooftops as soon as you move

Want to explore top NYC hotel rooftops before or after the move? Don’t have time to do it since you have to deal with the relocation? No worries, with Best Movers NYC, you can set your mind free knowing that the movers will handle all relocation processes since whichever company from our database you choose, you’ll get an exceptional moving service, meaning you won’t have to lift a finger. So, contact us, and we’ll get you matched with some of the finest movers NYC has to offer. Ensure a seamless moving experience and enjoy the NYC skyline.

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