Top neighborhoods in NYC for college grads

Finding the best neighborhoods in NYC for college grads requires a lot of planning. Many young people anticipate starting their jobs in NYC as graduation season approaches. If you fall into this category, congratulations on your new degree and choice to relocate to New York City! However, before you hire expert local movers NYC, you must choose where to reside in this exciting metropolis.

New York is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world, with more than 800 languages being spoken inside its five boroughs. Each neighborhood has its own character and feeling of identity as a result. Your lifestyle will be considerably impacted by the neighborhood you choose. We’ve made a comprehensive list of a few neighborhoods that we think are the greatest places for recent graduates to live to aid you in making your decision.

Do a careful budget calculation

Young professionals from all around the world are drawn to the renowned New York City. There is something for everyone in this city, which is popular with students from many professions. Every college graduate who moves to New York City has many opportunities to network with international professionals and gain international experience. But more importantly, you can have a successful career and a good job here.

Living in New York puts you in the middle of all the action because it is the home to many well-known businesses from across the world. But there is a cost to being surrounded by prosperous folks. New York is also among the most expensive cities to live in, which presents difficulties for recent graduates. If you choose to invest in your future, you will seize the opportunity to discover your way in this city. Compare moving estimates in NYC now to learn more about potential moving costs.

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Finding the best neighborhoods in NYC for college grads requires a careful budget calculation

Washington Heights

Geographically speaking, the neighborhood of Washington Heights is at the very northernmost tip of everything in Manhattan—south of Inwood, to be exact. There are rumors that several Dominicans lived in Washington Heights. Given the popularity of Dominican cuisine in the region, this fact is not improbable.

One of the few areas in New York where renting an apartment doesn’t drain people’s bank accounts is Washington Heights. That location is the one that provides larger areas at a lower cost. One can find a two-bedroom apartment in Washington Heights for $2000-$3000 per month.

East Village, Manhattan

In the past, East Village was the haven for all punks, artists, beatniks, and other self-described misfits. It has been gentrified, like many areas, but it retains some gritty character. It’s usually a popular choice for undergraduate and graduate students because it’s close to New York University.

Its diversified composition hasn’t altered much either. Vintage boutiques, retro record stores, cocktails at dive bars, or a relaxing picnic in Tompkins Square Park are just a few things to do in this area. The Bowery Electric constantly has various genres playing, and music is still a significant aspect of life here. Rents may be rising, but if you can afford to live here, you won’t regret it. Take it from our professional movers Manhattan.

One of the best neighborhoods in NYC for college grads is NoHo

NoHo has long been one of Manhattan’s most sought-after neighborhoods. If we had to single out one aspect of this area that draws young people, we would choose its geographical location.

Between Mercer Street, East 8th Street, Houston Street, and Bowery/4th Avenue is where you’ll find this lovely site. It used to be a modest neighborhood with a variety of residents. Today, NoHo is home to a large number of talented college graduates and artists. Additionally, there are lots of business people and young families here. You won’t see many retirees here because it’s not the ideal area for them.

You’ll see that NoHo is home to many professionals and students and one of the best neighborhoods in NYC for college grads. There are affordable housing alternatives in NoHo. As a result of its ideal location and abundance of transportation options, you may enjoy low transit costs here. It boasts top-notch colleges and businesses where you can get a career. It’s a lot of fun to go about and learn about its fascinating history. The area has intriguing cafes, upscale shops, and many more attractions.

sunset in NYC
Noho has a rich and fascinating history

Astoria, Queens

If you have decided to hire Queens residential movers and move to Astoria, you’ve made a great choice. This area hasn’t experienced as much gentrification as other areas of New York City.

You can always find a fantastic restaurant nearby, and its peaceful streets make it ideal for establishing a family. Speaking of cuisine, you might find some of the best there. Anything can be found here, including Greek, Afghani, Spanish, Mexican, Thai, Chinese, Brazilian, Italian, traditional American, Egyptian, and Tex-Mex, which are amazing.

Additionally, commuting hours are insignificant because Midtown is only a 15-minute subway trip away. Astoria Park’s breathtaking vistas of Upper Manhattan will appeal to everyone who enjoys spending a day in the park. Rents are also extremely reasonable and haven’t increased significantly like in other areas. All things considered, it’s an excellent area for folks looking for a tranquil spot to live close to the city.

Central Harlem, Manhattan

Since the 1920s, Central Harlem has been a center of culture and the arts. A rich history, stunning architecture, and a sort of mash-up of the old and new can be found in this area, stretching beyond the northern edge of Central Park to the Harlem River. The area reached its zenith in the 1920s and 1930s. Local clubs like the Cotton Club and the Apollo hosted performances by Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday.

The authors Langston Hughes and Zora Neale Hurston rose to literary fame. But the Depression brought about challenging economic difficulties that persisted into the 1980s. As New York City’s building boom persisted, redevelopment finally got underway. New condo buildings are being built, while old brownstones have been rehabilitated. It’s probably reasonable to say that the area is currently going through its second rebirth.

a street in Harlem
Check out its inexpensive pricing and historical feel

While certain streets have a 24/7 ambiance, others have an almost pastoral feel. Brownstones that have been conserved successfully and still have the same appearance as they did at the turn of the century make up most of it.

There are other streets where the housing stock is more damaged or replaced. Overall, it conveys the idea that a community is progressing positively. The inexpensive pricing and historical feel of Manhattan are increasingly luring people here from neighboring streets of all stripes. It takes great satisfaction to create a vibrant feeling of community that everyone enjoys. Local movers in Manhattan heartily recommend this neighborhood.

Fordham, the Bronx

In a city with rising prices, the Bronx has long provided a comparatively inexpensive area to live in. Many long-time residents of other communities have been evicted due to gentrification and rising prices. But one of the best neighborhoods in NYC for finding a bargain is still the Bronx, according to local movers Bronx. Fordham University provides the best chances for fresh graduates who are just starting off.

Although Fordham University gave the neighborhood its name, there are plenty of other things to do there. For instance, the Bronx Zoo, one of the world’s biggest and most diversified zoos, is close by. The New York Botanicworld’s al Garden, which accommodates over needs, is nearby. Edgar Allan Poe’s residence for book lovers is also located here. The house where the author lived out his days and wrote Annabel Lee. It has become a popular location partly due to its proximity to the D and #4 trains. As the neighborhood expands, many pre-war structures are being refurbished. Along Fordham Road and Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, Fordham will also discover the key shopping sector.

Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn

Locals and residential movers Brooklyn refer to this neighborhood as “Bed-Stuy,” which combines Bedford and the more affluent Stuyvesant, two historically distinct regions. Many African-Americans settled in Brooklyn during the 1920s and 1930s, and it is still a significant cultural center today. Be prepared to witness numerous elegant brownstones on tree-lined streets, a clear sky, old structures, and churches.

Since the 1990s, the neighborhood has progressively undergone gentrification due to the influx of artists, families, and young professionals. The brownstones, some of the most affordable in NYC, are the main attraction for many. They are still around because of the landmarking rules, albeit some have lovely elements and others need renovation. There are many different cuisines to tickle your appetite.

For some of the greatest Brooklyn pizza, visit the newly opened Trad Room’s Japanese Tapas menu. For seasonal French food, don’t miss L’Antagoniste at Saraghina. The Herbert Von King Park is ideal if you require a green area for a workout or a Sunday stroll.

Brown Concrete Structure Under Sunny Sky
Bed-Stuy has a unique vibe

Greenpoint, Brooklyn

This spot is perfect for everyone – so call local movers in Brooklyn right away. Greenpoint has maintained a modest charm with long-standing mom-and-pops blended with newer stores and bars, despite being a little off the beaten path due to the lackluster transit connections. And while glass highrises are changing the waterfront and taking away some of its attractive gritty beauty, these changes are also introducing new waterfront parks, new coffee shops, and other shopping.

Only the G train, which connects Brooklyn and Queens but does not go into Manhattan, serves the neighborhood. However, if the trains arrive fast, you may be there in approximately 20 minutes if you work in Midtown and don’t mind changing trains.

Vinyl-sided homes prevail on many of the tree-lined avenues of what was formerly a firmly working-class area. A portion of the neighborhood also has a historic district that is home to row homes, apartment complexes, many churches, and the remnants of a former pencil factory.

Ridgewood, Queens

Even though the pandemic caused several companies in the neighborhood to close, new ones are continually opening. In Ridgewood, which has the same amenities as Bushwick but is calmer, you can find an apartment for less money than in Greenpoint and Williamsburg. Ridgewood is a diversified neighborhood with both residential streets surrounded by trees and industrial sections. Experts from movers Queens believe it’s a perfect spot for recent college grads. Four historic districts are located there, contributing to the area’s beauty.

Excellent Mexican, Dominican, Italian, Ecuadorian, and Nepalese cuisine can be found here, along with many breweries and beer gardens (Evil Twin Brewing, Queens Brewery, Bridge and Tunnel Brewery).

The M is the primary train for commuting, and the L only serves a tiny area of the neighborhood. It can take 40–50 minutes to get to Manhattan, but Citi Bike has arrived in Ridgewood, making trips to other Brooklyn neighborhoods quick and simple.

NYC at night
Ridgewood, Queens is another great spot for college graduates


Sunnyside is probably not for you if you’re looking for the nightlife and action of a neighborhood like Greenpoint, Astoria, or the Upper East Side. It excels in cost and accessibility: the 7 train can take you to Midtown in less than 20 minutes.

Here, you’ll discover big prewar apartment buildings and Sunnyside Gardens, a beautiful area of landmarked brick townhouses that share an interior courtyard. The cuisines and levels of formality are varied in Sunnyside. The nearby Woodside and Long Island City restaurants are also great, as are Takesushi for Japanese, Philomena’s for artisan pizza, SoleLuna for Italian, and Ricas Pupusas & Mas for El Salvadorean. On 39th Street, Alewife Brewing offers a sizable outdoor area for relaxation and a sizable selection of unique brews.

Jackson Heights, Queens

Jackson Heights is the most varied neighborhood in New York City if you’re searching for a spot to enjoy all of the city’s diversity. The number of languages spoken here is close to 170, and the ethnic restaurants serve food from all over the world. Cultures and nationalities have always coexisted peacefully in Jackson Heights.

A diverse blend of South Asian, Indian, Tibetan, Nepalese, and Latin American communities may be found here. The majority of the neighborhood is working class and home to many families, although due to the area’s more affordable housing, many young professionals are now relocating here.

Buildings from four to eight floors may be found in the neighborhood’s center. More row homes, smaller co-ops, and lower costs are located beyond that. Since many pre-war structures have been declared as landmarks, the neighborhood’s historic beauty won’t be fading anytime soon. This makes for a lovely stroll as you pass pre-war structures constructed in the French Renaissance, Romanesque, and Tudor styles.

Travers Park hosts summer concerts. This place is guaranteed to appeal to everyone with a love of nature. Hire professional local movers in Queens and head to Jackson Heights.

Good luck finding your new home

Finding the best neighborhoods in NYC for college grads can be challenging. Recent grads sometimes gravitate toward neighborhoods with other recent grads. Pick a community that complements your way of life. An important factor will be the apartment itself. But consider your time management strategies and your top priorities. Every area in this city is a little bit unique and will appeal to particular people depending on what it has to offer. Best Movers NYC  wish you a happy move!

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