Top 5 renter-friendly neighborhoods in NYC

Living in New York is a dream of many. Understandably so, since New York is a social and business epicenter of the Northeast. That said, living in New York can get quite pricey. Not only can rent be extremely expensive but other living costs, too. That’s why living in NYC is seemingly not for every pocket. However, there are many renter-friendly neighborhoods in NYC. Reasonable rent prices combined with quality affordable movers is just what you need to turn the dream of moving to New York into reality. You might not be able to afford a luxury apartment in the most expensive neighborhood, but there’s definitely a place in NYC for you. Just remember, that wherever you are in New York you’re still in the heart of the land of opportunities!

A sea of affordable renter-friendly neighborhoods in NYC

New York is often portrayed as extremely expensive and out of reach for many people. I’m here to tell you that that’s not true! Most people can afford to live in New York if they put their mind to it and invest time to look for affordable options. In general, Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island are more affordable than Brooklyn and Manhattan. That said, every borough has its gems. Both in quality and affordability. It’s easier to find a cheap place to rent if you don’t have any particular preferences when it comes to an exact location. However, many people are set on a particular borough. That makes apartment hunting somewhat harder. If you have a particular borough in mind, below are the most affordable neighborhoods in New York per borough.

A landscape of New York.
Living in New York is a dream of many!

1. Staten Island – The most affordable of them all

Staten Island is as the name says located on an island. That means that most of Staten Island has a wonderful view of continental New York and the ocean. That said, it’s almost perplexing then that it’s as affordable as it is. Luckily, Staten Island offers prices as low as $1,200 per month for a one-bedroom apartment! What more, there are a couple of neighborhoods that offer those prices. The most affordable neighborhoods in Staten Island are:

These neighborhoods also offer equally affordable two and three-bedroom apartments. You can expect to pay anywhere from $1,400 and up per month for a two-bedroom apartment, and anywhere from $1,900 and up for a three-bedroom apartment. That, however, is still extremely affordable compared to costly parts of New York.

2. Bronx – Ethnic and affordable

A good chunk of modern pop culture has its roots in Bronx. Especially in the last couple of years. Bronx is a borough with a lot of history and culture which makes it desirable to many people. It has more of a laid-back artistic vibe which makes it perfect for anyone looking for a hip neighborhood. Luckily, though less affordable than Staten Island it is still quite affordable. In Bronx prices for one-bedroom apartments start at around $1,300 a month. This rent can be found in:

It’s also possible to rent two and three-bedroom apartments for a reasonable price in Bronx. Two-bedroom apartments are easily attainable for roughly $1,600, while three-bedroom apartments are most common at around $1,900.

3. Queens – Renter-friendly neighborhood in NYC that’s as friendly as it is affordable

Queens is alike to Bronx in many ways. However, Queens is arguably even more diverse than Bronx is. Moving to Queens aside from being great for a wallet is also perfect for all those wishing to make friends with their new neighbors. This borough is largely dominated by friendly Hispanic and Italian families. When it comes to prices, though, Queens is, in general, more expensive than Staten Island, but it has roughly the same price points as Bronx. However, even though more expansive in general, there are some rare but insanely cheap finds in Queens. You can sometimes find studios in Queens for less than $1,000! Prices, though, for one-bedroom apartments usually start around $1,300. The most affordable neighborhoods in Queens are:

Two and three-bedroom apartments can also be rented for very cheap. $1,500 is an average price for a two-bedroom apartment in Queens, while a three-bedroom apartment can be rented for as little as $1,900.

Top view of houses in Queens.
Aside from being affordable, Queens also offers peace and a friendly community!

4. Brooklyn – Pricier but still affordable if you look hard enough

Brooklyn is, in general, the second most expensive borough in New York. Many people gravitate towards Brooklyn because it’s very modern and business-oriented. For many individuals moving business to Brooklyn seems like the perfect thing to do, which it probably is. Brooklyn is in the very core of New York but is still not as expensive as Manhattan. If you are hoping to move to Brooklyn but you’re not made out of money, Brooklyn also offers options for you. It’s, in general, more expensive than Staten Island, Bronx, and Queens, however, there are still neighborhoods in Brooklyn that are quite renter-friendly. These neighborhoods are:

Here base rent for a one-bedroom apartment is roughly $1,400. Two-bedroom apartments can be found for around $1,600, while three-bedroom apartments usually cost to rent roughly $2,000 per month.

5. Manhattan – Crème de la crème of New York

Even the size of Manhattan screams exclusivity. If your eyes are set to Manhattan, and Manhattan alone, you’re not alone. Manhattan, however, has a reputation for being extremely expensive. And even though that’s true for many neighborhoods, it is not true for all of them. There are many affordable yet great neighborhoods Manhattan offers. If you have a few more bucks to spare to feel exclusive here’s what neighborhoods you should look into:

Don’t expect to pay less than $1,500 per month for a one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan. That said, even the cheaper two and three-bedroom apartments can get pretty up there in price. To rent a two-bedroom apartment in Manhattan you’re going to have to spend at least $1,700, and roughly $2,100 a month for a three-bedroom apartment.

Manhattan street in one of the renter-friendly neighborhoods in NYC,
Even though generally expensive, Manhattan offers cheaper options!

New York renter-friendly neighborhoods for every pocket

Moving is a big deal. Not only do you have to organize a move, but above all, you have to decide where to move to. New York is a dream place for many people. And even though it has a reputation of being extremely expensive, finding renter-friendly neighborhoods in NYC is possible if you put your mind to it. With dedication and help, everything is achievable. Make your dream of living in New York come true, while at the same time saving money, by moving to one of the affordable NYC neighborhoods.

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