Top 10 restaurants in Manhattan – 2022 edition

Living in a great place such as Manhattan allows you to be a part of some of the glamorous and luxurious events. You do not even have to be part of the jet set in rode to attend these happenings. On the other hand, getting into some of the finest restaurants in Manhattan needs constant research. Luckily, even these restaurants do not require you to have a big salary. Moving and living in Manhattan means you can try some of the fanciest dishes every month, if not a week. If you have not relocated here yet, hiring Best Movers NYC will give you a chance to dedicate your time to exploring these restaurants. Therefore, booking one of these 10 restaurants in Manhattan for your first night in your new home will be a chance you do not want to miss.

Top 10 restaurants in Manhattan

NYC, with its best-known neighborhood, Manhattan, is known to be the best place to dine some of the various food, day or night. You will be facing a difficult time. Because there will be tons of restaurants that you want to visit after you relocate with some of the best movers in Manhattan. Therefore, do not waste your time unpacking and spending the first night in your new home alone. Find the restaurant you like and start your life in Manhattan in a great style.

man serving food in best restaurants in Manhattan
Choose the cuisine you like and pay a visit to your favorite restaurant

Polo bar

According to some studies, people are becoming more eco-friendly. This is because they want their food to be made from sustainable materials. The interior of this establishment is also completely eco-friendly, which means that it will be a great choice for people who are looking for a place to eat their favorite meals. Looking after put planet is something that cannot have a price. Because of its interior, this place might be a little more expensive than you have accepted. But you can be sure that while you enjoy tasty meals, you will still be saving the planet. 

Another great thing about this establishment is that it doesn’t have a repetition of its meals, which means that you can enjoy a new variety of tastes during your dinner date. So, even if this was your first choice after you have hired residential movers in Manhattan, you can visit it again and have some of the best meals for the first time. 

Per Se New York

With three Michelin stars, this restaurant will provide you with some tasty food that has more of the European style. Plus, it is in the center of Manhattan. So no matter where you have moved, in which neighborhood, it will be easy to get here. You can even talk to some of the best movers in Staten Island, that you have hired to relocate you about what is the fastest and easiest way to get here from Staten Island.

Per Se restaurant will surprise you will some of the most polite stuff, a friendly neighborhood, and most importantly, always being able to cancel and book another reservation. It can be really crowded in some parts of the day. But if you are very well organized and plan to eat here, we’re sure you will manage to get to the table any time you like. Plus, it s really close to some bars, where you can have a drink while you wait for your table to get ready.

dishes served in restaurant
Try everything that you find interesting and get out of your comfort zone.

Batard is maybe one of the most famous restaurants in Manhattan

If you have moved to some other neighborhood in NYC, like Brooklyn, this restaurant will be near you. Located on West Broadway, you will have a chance to visit it with some nice and easy commute between these two places. So do not bother to make a reservation the moment some of the best movers in Brooklyn have relocated you.

This restaurant represents the connection between France and New York. And, if you wonder how this connection is, maybe the most beautiful one. These two places are connected through the food and some of the nicest meals. The minute you enter this lovely restaurant, you will be welcomed like a famous person who they have been waiting for. Batard will give you a chance to get out of your comfort zone and try something new and different. That is why Batard is one of the best restaurants in Manhattan.

Cafe China

If you have relocated from another state or continent, even some of the best long distance movers Manhattan has will recommend you this restaurant. The Chinese restaurant has a variety of dishes that you will enjoy almost every night. The main problem this place has is that it is so good and you will feel so welcomed that you would not like to visit any other restaurant.

It has a possibility to take food out or even make some orders and get them delivered to you. So if you have moved from China, you can taste the food from your country in the heart of NYC. Imagine having a tea-smoked duck in the center of the Big Apple. Pretty awesome, right?

chinese food on plate
Having different cuisine in the center of NYC is something everyone should appreciate more.

El Quijote

Europe is calling! This Spanish cuisine will bring some joy to your stomach and heart. There are plenty of dishes you can try and explore the taste of Spain. But, one of the strange things is that here you can eat some of the finest seafood. From lobsters to paella with squid, you will have a problem deciding what to eat. For those who do not know what these dishes are and how tasteful they are, you should go and have lunch near the moment you relocate.

And even if you have relocated outside of Manhattan, coming here from any other part of NYC, like Queens, is easy. El Quijote is located on West 23rd Street near Seventh Avenue. This means that you will have plenty of options to come here. So after the best movers in Queens have relocated you, you can easily unpack, refresh yourself and go to have some lunch or dinner in this lovely place.

Are you interested in some Korean food? Visit Oiji Mi, one of the best restaurants in Manhattan

Located in Flatiron District, this restaurant has won so many hearts. After just one visit, people with no experience with this type of food never leave this place again. Korean food is a type of food that is the best in its native country. But this restaurant in Manhattan can compare to Korea. Trust us. The favorite thing people here like to taste and get every time they come is the fruit wine.

But, if you decide to try everything on this menu, you will need weeks to taste and try everything. Make sure you have made some reservations on time. And for those who are worrying that coming here will take a lot of your time, you are wrong. Coming here and finding this restaurant will be able even without google maps.

Since this place is often crowded, making the reservation earlier is the best thing you can do. So, even before the best movers in the Bronx relocate you to your new neighborhood in manhattan, you can call and book a place. Once again, living outside of Manhattan will not represent any troubles with coming here. So do not think of this as an obstacle.

 Librae Bakery

Near the University of New York, this bakery is no ordinary one. It has been voted to be the best place to spend some free time, as millennials would say. This is the best bakery and eating place because you can find one product from several different counties. Plus, it is the most diverse place where you can take a coffee and break. Being close to the university, this place welcomes everyone with a smile on their faces. If the bagels are your cup of tea, hurry up and take some of the nicest and softest food you will find in NYC.

bakery with food
Try something different any time you get a chance

If you are a fan of French culture, you will find yourself in places called L’Abeille

If you think that there is no more romantic place on earth than France and Paris, you will find yourself wondering about this lovely place. French cuisine is one of the best in NY here. There are some of the most romantic spots and tables. Which will be ideal for your first romantic date in this lovely city. You can even prepare for it when you find a date in NYC. The great thing about this is that this place is not so expensive. Therefore, you can reserve a table at a reasonable price. And even if your relocation cost is too high, you can still separate some money aside and have it for this place.

On the other hand, if you are not sure how much your relocation will cost, you can always as for a free moving estimate and make sure you have enough money for the relocation and dates. You can organize an affordable move to NYC and still have the best moving experience without any damage and trouble.

Wan Wan

Here you can find some of the best Thai dishes you can imagine. If you are into this spicy food and you like to eat everything new, make sure you visit Wan Wan. There is no in-between here. You will either love it or hate it. But to know that you must make some time and have dinner or lunch here. Check if you will like this type of food. You will be surprised.

The last one on our list of best restaurants in Manhattan is a restaurant called Ilili

This is not a unique restaurant. This Lebanese cuisine will offer you meat dishes, and you, as a meat lover, will enjoy every bite. The regular hamburger will not be the same after you take things from the menu here:

  • Steak Tartare,
  • Lamb that is always fresh,
  • Beef Kebab,
  • Ultimate dish, etc.

If you are wondering what is an ultimate dish, here is an explanation. This meal is actually you leaving everything to the chef. The chef will decide what to serve you, how spicy, how much of it, etc. This mysterious bite will change your opinion about meat and dishes made out of it. Do not miss the chance to leave it to the chef to prepare you for what he does the best.

chef making dish
Take the ultimate dish and watch the chef make magic with your food in some of the best restaurants in Manhattan

All of these restaurants in Manhattan can offer you different things. Which one you like the most depends on your taste and whether you are willing to travel to some of them. Remember that choosing some of the most crowded restaurants means you need to make a reservation days before. Do not stress about not getting a table at your favorite restaurant when you want. As we have said before, Manhattan is full of nice restaurants, and we are sure that you will find one suitable while you wait for your chance to get your favorite one.

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