Things to know before moving to Long Island City

If you are looking for a place that combines nature, art, and entertainment, Long Island City is the perfect place for you. Long Island City is a residential and commercial neighborhood on the western tip of Queens, a New York City borough. Before becoming a part of Greater New York, Long Island was a government seat of the Town of Newtown. Because it is a part of the Queens District and relatively close to New York City, the neighborhood became known for its quick and ongoing residential and commercial growth. Moreover, if you are planning on moving to Long Island City, consider hiring services of a professional moving company, like Best Movers NYC. With the help from a professional moving company, your relocation will go smoothly and you will avoid some major issues that can happen when doing a DIY relocation.

What you should know before moving to Long Island City

This New York neighborhood has around 57,000 residents. Being in the Queen County, this part of the borough is one of the best places to live in New York. Moreover, this also means that the area is densely populated and provides an urban feeling. The majority of the population consists of young professionals looking to pursue their careers in the city or beyond.

a couple walking down the street with items in their hands as a part of the moving to Long Island City process
Being relatively close to New York City, the neighborhood has a lot of pros and cons to offer

The neighborhood is also quite diverse, where the Hispanic and African-American populations make up for the highest percentage in demographics. On the other hand, by hiring best local movers in Queens, you ensure that your relocation process goes smoothly. So, if you want to enjoy beautiful scenery, parks by the water, and art galleries, this neighborhood might be the perfect choice for you.

The weather of Long Island

The neighborhood lies in the transition zone between two climates. On one side, you have a humid subtropical climate, while on the other you have a humid continental climate. This means that the seasons in the neighborhood are:

  • Summer: Hot and humid with occasional thunderstorms
  • Spring and fall: Very mild climate
  • Winter: Very cold with a mixture of rain and snow

Areas like South Shore are also suffering from constant cool breezes from the Atlantic Ocean which makes it a lot cooler than the rest of the Long Island. Namely, this just means that the neighborhood offers a great place for living to people who enjoy experiencing all four seasons. Summers are great for relaxing and hitting the beach. Winter offers a great opportunity to enjoy various sporting events like cross-country skiing.

The taxes of Long Island

If you are planning on moving to Long Island City, make sure you are able to afford to pay taxes. Long Island has a very high property tax. This is due to the close proximity to New York City and the beaches. Also, because of the good schooling system in the area. However, these are not the only taxes you have to pay.

a bunch of papers and a calculator besides them representing taxes
The high tax rates of the city make it hard for people to adjust and save more money

Namely, the state of New York also has high income taxes, as well as the standard federal tax. So, if you, for example, work in New York, but live in Long Island, you will have to pay income taxes in both places. On the other hand, if you work and live in Long Island, you will only have to pay one set of income taxes. To start off on the right foot – find low-income apartments in the area.

Moving to Long Island City means being a part of a growing job market

One thing is certain: Long Island does not have the number of jobs New York City does. However, one thing that the neighborhood can boast about is its growing job market in specific industries. For example, the industry of manufacturing seems to be losing jobs nationally is growing in Long Island. On the other hand, small businesses are the backbone of the neighborhood. According to recent studies, around 90% of the businesses in the area have around 20 employees in their company. To increase the multi-family residential complex in the neighborhood, there is a large market for construction workers at the moment. However, although the job market grows, the high-paying jobs seem to decrease. So, before you decide to contact best movers in Long Island City to relocate you, make sure you can find a proper job to sustain your lifestyle.

What can you do to entertain yourself?

You will certainly not run out of things to do for entertainment in this neighborhood. Especially if you are someone who enjoys art. There is a plethora of art galleries, museums, performing art centers, etc. On the other hand, if you are a fan of music, you can visit a lot of bars that allow live performances or even some of the music venues in the area. Different locations in the city will bring different genre musicians for everyone to enjoy.

two women holding surfing boards on the beach
Surfing, hiking, music, art, or museums, Long Island City can offer a huge variety of entertainment

Moreover, if you are a nature-lover, Long Island has a lot of natural beauty to offer. Do you like to surf maybe? Hit the beach and try out the waves. Maybe you like to walk around in nature? Join hundreds of people taking the hiking trails across the beaches and local forests. If you are a foodie, you will enjoy the Japanese, Mexican and French cuisine in the neighborhood.

Is moving to Long Island City something you should do?

Well, this all depends on what you seek. Looking at it from an objective perspective, each city or neighborhood will have its pros and cons. The way you accept and balance them out is very important. However, living in New York or its proximity also means living a fast-paced lifestyle. There is a plethora of different activities you can engage in the area and a lot of great food to eat. On the other hand, you will have to find a good job to be able to afford to pay the taxes. More importantly, you should evaluate whether or not this neighborhood allows you to live your own lifestyle.

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