The top things to consider when moving to a high-rise building in NYC

Before moving to a high-rise building in NYC, you should consider a few things. Start with the location and neighborhood, the difference in cost of living, and the amenities they offer. Additionally, you can look into the building rules and regulations and the maintenance and repairs. Different neighborhoods, such as Midtown, Upper East Side, and Battery Park City, offer different lifestyles. Also, the cost of living varies across the five boroughs.

Manhattan is the most expensive, and Staten Island is the cheapest. Still, you can find what you need in all the boroughs. You can also move easily there with Best Movers NYC and their recommendations. Living in a high-rise building means you can have some luxurious amenities. Think about fitness centers, pools, and rooftop decks. On top of that, there is 24-hour security, concierge services, and package delivery. However, there are some cons you should be aware of as well. These buildings can have stricter rules and regulations and pricier maintenance.

Location and neighborhood

Instead of rushing and moving to a high-rise building in NYC, you should consider the location and the neighborhood you will live in. This will make it easier to have the amenities you want and also be close to important places like your job. New York City has many neighborhoods across the five boroughs, but the most popular neighborhoods with high-rise buildings are Midtown, the Upper East Side, and Battery Park City. Each of them offers a distinct feeling and many opportunities. The Upper East Side is one of the beloved residential neighborhoods in Manhattan. It is also expensive, and apartments can be smaller than in Midtown. Still, some of the most elegant high-rise buildings are here, and a beautiful area is filled with museums and galleries. With the help of Upper East Side movers, you can easily make it your home.

A woman holding a map
Research and find your perfect neighborhood in NYC

Midtown is a bustling neighborhood located in the heart of Manhattan. There are many office buildings and restaurants, and it can be the perfect place for business professionals. However, the neighborhood can be noisy and quite expensive. In the southern part of Manhattan, you can find Battery Park City, a newer and modern neighborhood. The buildings have better amenities, the apartments are new, and you can find different-sized places. There are also many recreational facilities, waterfront restaurants, and parks. Its location, which is a little bit further away, can be either a good thing or bad, depending on you and your needs. Still, with the help of Battery Park City movers, you can enjoy views of the Hudson River and the Statue of Liberty every day.

The difference in the cost of living

When looking for places to move to in New York, you must always account for the price of living and housing. The most expensive borough is Manhattan, with the average apartment rent being around $4,600. After Manhattan come Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island. Once you create your moving budget, you can look for different neighborhoods in the borough you want to live in. Not all parts of Manhattan are super expensive either; you just need to know where to search.

Amenities and services

Moving to a high-rise building in NYC can come with plenty of advantages, and almost all of those come from the amenities these buildings offer. They are designed to enhance the resident’s lifestyle and allow you to enjoy them. Depending on the location and the building, you can get some very luxurious high-end things that are not available in other buildings. A neighborhood such as Cobble Hill has better amenities than some areas in the Bronx. This is something to think about before calling residential Brooklyn movers to help you move. Since high-rise buildings aim to ensure everyone has what they need, they often offer fitness centers, pools, and rooftop decks. These fitness centers can be fully equipped, so you don’t need to go anywhere else. In some, you can even find personal trainers to achieve your goals without having to leave your building.

Steps to the pool
The pool is often on the list of offered amenities in high-rise buildings

Having a pool can be very relaxing, especially after a long day, plus it can be a great spot to meet your neighbors. We should not forget about rooftop decks which have beautiful views of the city skyline. In addition to amenities, these types of buildings offer other things, such as 24-hour security, concierge services, and package delivery. These can make you feel much safer in your home and allow you to relax. No matter what you need help with, you can now call the concierge, and they will be there for you. While all of these might sound amazing, you have to pay more than in low-rise buildings. Of course, here you are not only paying for the apartment you choose but for all the additional services. All these amenities you can get in high-rise buildings can make your life much cozier.

Building rules and regulations

Moving into a high-rise building in NYC means you must thoroughly understand the building rules and regulations. Almost all buildings, no matter if they are high-rise or low-rise, have some standard rules. These will include noise restrictions, pet policies, and how you use amenities. On top of that, high-rise buildings can often have additional, sometimes stricter rules. These are in place so that everyone can feel good and happy during their stay in a public space or their home.

Rules like this might include restrictions about renovating your unit. So, before remodeling, ask your building manager and read your lease to know what you can and can not do. Additionally, there are often restrictions on subletting or renting your unit. It is imperative you know all these rules before you sign your lease. High-rise buildings have much more residents than low rise, and they take their rules very seriously for everyone to feel comfortable.

A paper with written contract on it
Read your lease carefully before signing

Maintenance and repairs

High-rise living means living with many people in the same place. These large buildings can sometimes encounter problems, and there must be proper maintenance. Building managers are responsible for this maintenance and repairs in the building. They are also responsible for the upkeep of common areas, such as the lobby, hallways, elevators, and the area in front of the building. When you move into your new home, you might wonder what you need to do if you encounter a problem that needs preparation. While yes, you can contact someone to come and repair that for you, often building management can help you with that. For an additional fee, some buildings offer to fix all your home issues.

The most common maintenance and repair issues in buildings are plumbing and electrical problems. Other than that, there might be problems with heating and air conditioning issues, and your door might get stuck sometimes. Sometimes these problems, which seem minor if you live in a house, can become more significant problems in high-rise buildings. An innocent problem like a leaky pipe might require shutting off water to the entire building, which other tenants won’t like. Precisely because of the size of these buildings and the difficulties with maintaining and repairing things, the costs of these services can be higher. You might be required to pay additional fees or for all of your home’s repairs.

A person holding cash
High-rise buildings might have higher maintenance costs

Security and safety

As we have mentioned earlier, living in high-rise buildings in NYC has its own security and safety features. Many of them have controlled entry points, requiring residents and guests to show identification. This can also include having key fobs or access cards for the residents. Having these in place means that not everyone can walk into the building. Additionally, these buildings have surveillance systems all over the lobby, entrance, hallways, and elevators. All this adds to the safety and security of living in such a large building. In the apartments, you can find items such as sprinklers and smoke detectors if something unexpected happens. While the existence of these systems can make you feel safer, you need to be aware of all the potential risks and concerns.

A common concern is the theft risk, especially in common areas such as pools and lobbies. Unfortunately, some neighborhoods have a higher chance of this than others. That’s why you can choose a safe neighborhood like Brooklyn Heights. This is an excellent area for families, and many people call local movers Brooklyn Heights offers to help them with their move there. Still, try not to leave your items without supervision, and if you can, use mailboxes and lockers. There is also a high chance of fires or power outages due to the large number of people living in the space. As a resident, you should know all the emergency protocols and evacuation routes. These will allow you to stay calm in unexpected situations and go to safety.

A lobby of the building you will probably see after moving to a high-rise building in NYC
Loobies and other public areas are often covered with cameras

Community and lifestyle

High-rise buildings in New York City will offer you a unique and vibrant lifestyle. Since they provide residents access to a wide range of amenities and activities, they can be perfect for making communities. You can quickly join the group with spaces and events that boost social interaction and connection. From rooftop bars and lounges to movie screenings and fitness classes, high-rise buildings in NYC are designed to bring people together. As a building resident, you can enjoy various events and activities your building management hosts. These include holiday parties, cooking classes, wine tastings, and fitness classes. They are a great way to meet people and join the community. The best borough for getting into a community is probably the Bronx. Just ask local Bronx movers, and they will be happy to confirm that as well.

The social atmosphere in high-rise buildings is different from other types of buildings. Since people here share amenities like gyms, pools, and common spaces, they also have more chances to interact. You are likelier to know your neighbors and engage in social activities than in low-rise buildings. This can be excellent for any social butterflies, providing a sense of safety and security. And in a city as big as New York City, this can be just what you need after moving.

People talking and smiling after moving to a high-rise building in NYC
Moving to a high-rise building in NYC can lead to new friendships and a sense of community

Moving to a high-rise building in NYC: Yes or no?

Truthfully, moving to a high-rise building in NYC can be an exciting and unique experience. Still, carefully consider all aspects before making this decision. To recap, some of the key considerations include

  • location,
  • amenities,
  • building regulations,
  • maintenance fees,
  • and the potential for noise and privacy concerns

Despite the challenges, there are many benefits to living in a high-rise building. You can get stunning views, access to amenities, and a strong sense of community. High-rise buildings often offer a wide range of events and activities for residents. These provide excellent opportunities for socialization and meeting with others in the building. Additionally, high-rise living can be a great way to experience the excitement and vibrancy of city life. All while making new friends along the way. However, it’s also important to remember the potential challenges of high-rise living. Noise can be a significant issue, particularly in buildings located in busy areas. Also, you never know who can be your neighbor. Maintenance fees can also be high, and you might have stricter building regulations and policies.

Ultimately, whether or not high-rise living is right for you depends on your preferences and lifestyle. Moving to a high-rise building in NYC can be a great choice if you value convenience, community, and access to amenities. However, if you prioritize peace and quiet, privacy, or outdoor space, you may want to consider other types of buildings or living arrangements. Always put the pros and cons onto a list, and see which side is more important to you. Life in New York City can be hectic, but you can find a home here.

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