The complete list of moving supplies for an easy move

When you are planning a move and when you think about how to prepare for the same one, there are numerous questions that just pop in your head along with the planning. From how much time will you need to how many moving supplies you are obligated to get for the relocation. Planning a stressful event like this will require a lot of patience and some of the best organizational skills. And when it comes to the amount of moving supplies for an easy move that you need to get, there will be no problem. All you have to do is check out this complete list of them and get ready for an easy and stress-free relocation. But if you stop at some point and you have no idea where to go next, you should think about hiring one of the best moving companies NYC has, and get help from the professionals.

How to prepare for a move?

There is one thing that you must do before preparing. That thing is making a checklist. When you plan a move, as we said before, there are a lot of tasks that need to be done. Having them all written down on one checklist is something that will help you a lot. This means that you will need a piece of paper and some colors. This piece of paper will contain everything that needs to be done for the move. From hiring professionals like long distance movers NYC offers you, to the moving supplies you need to get. The checklist would be placed somewhere visible. So that every family member that is relocating with you can see it all the time. And even if you are moving alone, the checklist should always be in your sight. There is some task that you can do while you are renting. The best place to put this checklist is actually the fridge.

two persons choosing the best moving supplies for an easy move
Talk to the people who have experienced some kind of moving.

The kitchen is the most common room that you are in so the checklist will be constantly seen. Use different ones for different tasks. For example, getting moving supplies for an easy move should be in green color. This way you will see it all the time. The next thing to do is to talk to someone who has some moving experience. See how many moving supplies they needed and make sure that you combine different experiences. If you plan these things right, you might have the best moving experience ever. And the moving process will not be so stressful.

What to determine before making a list of moving supplies for an easy move?

Since you have already stepped into the packing process, there are certain things that will help you calculate the exact number of moving supplies you will need. This is also the case of you are moving your office. Prepare everything for some of the best commercial movers NYC has. However, if you are just about to start, here are some tips on how to prepare things for packing.

  1. Focus on decluttering. No one knows the exact amount of stuff they have. That is why decluttering has been shown as the perfect way to prepare for a move. You will need to make three piles. The one with the items that are more than necessary. The second one will be for the items that you want to donate. And the third pile will be the items that you need to throw away.
  2. Find a place where you can donate. The piles with items that are functional but you are not in need of, starting with some electronic devices to the clothes, you can donate. That is why it is crucial to find places where you can give all these items.
  3. Leave the emotions out. You will need to be objective when it comes to decluttering and preparing things for packing. This means that no matter how much you care about some item if you are not in need of it, place it in a pile that you are not bringing along. This can be a hard job, but will some help from friends and relatives, you will do this job easily.

List of moving supplies for an easy move

Once you have finished decluttering, it is time to get the moving supplies. You should always start with boxes. There are two ways to get the boxes. You can either buy them or rent them. But the one tricky thing about these boxes is to get the right size of them. It is not so much in the amount than in the size of certain boxes. person taping the box

Check where you can find moving supplies for an easy moveYou do not need too many large boxes. The reasons for this are simple. For once, you will be overloading the boxes. Seeing too much space left will make you put more stuff inside. This is not a good decision. By overloading the boxes you can cause damage to some items. The other reason why this is bad is that these overloaded boxes are heavy to lift. If you are not getting help from some of the best residential movers NYC has, you need to be trained on how to lift heavy items.

The next ones on the list are packing tape and packing paper

Make sure you find the quality packing tape. You do not want to tape boxes with a low-cost one that might peel off. And make sure you get it a lot. Some people, when they want to be sure, use more than enough parking tape for the boxes. This will not harm the box, but will certainly make the box and the items inside safer. This is also one of the most important pieces of advice some of the best moving companies Brooklyn has will give you.

When it comes to packing paper, this little thing can save a lot of items. You can wrap fragile items with it. The other great thing about packing paper is that you can fold it and place it in a box that has a lot of room left in it. This way, when adding additional packing paper, you avoid items turning around and moving inside of the box while the transportation. Make sure that his paper is ink-free so that the ink will not bleed on your items.

Wrapping materials are one of the moving supplies for an easy move you will need to get

The great thing about these materials, so that you do not need to have a plastic wrap that is just for moving-specific. But just to be extra sure, you can get one roll of sturdy plastic wrap. This warp you can use for fragile items. The other one you find you can see for items that are not fragile and breakable. You can use to it stop bottles from leaking or to place some time together and keep them that while the transportation. Once again, using extra layers will not harm the items. You want to be sure when you hire moving companies Manhattan has that your items will be relocated safely.

man having fun with wrapping materials
Get more wrapping materials than you need just in case

One of the warping materials that are required is actually bubble wrap. This is something that you would like to get for fragile items. It will keep them safe during the move. And the great thing about his wrap is that you can use the leftovers of the boxes that have some free space inside. So that the items will not move. Just like with the packing paper.

Plastic bags and labels or markers

If you are wondering why you need markers and labels, the answer is pretty simple. You will place labels or write with markers on the box. This way you will know what is inside each box. This will be a huge help once the unpacking process starts. It will be easier to place the boxes in a certain room. To make it easier, when you pack the items in boxes, make sure you pack them room by room. This way, once the items from one room are packed, you can label the box and make it ready for relocation. After some of the best movers Queens offers you have unloaded it from the truck, you will know where to place it.

person writing on box
Label the boxes.

Make sure that the necessary things are in the one box that will be marked and labeled and be the last one to pack in the truck. Logically, it will be the first one to unload and you can use these items the moment you enter your new home.
Plastic bags are here to place small items in them and not lose them during the packing and the relocation.

Moving supplies for an easy move that you will need when the moving day comes

To start, make sure that the toolset you have is not packed before the moving day. You might need some basic tools to disassemble the furniture or other items. Place them someplace visible and make sure that they are near you when the moving day comes. It might also come in handy for movers from some of the best moving companies Bronx has, in case they have forgotten something.

Rent a truck

If you have not hired professional movers, you will be to rent a truck. Choosing the best one will be one of the hard tasks. Once again, you need to all to the people who had some kind of moving experience and make sure that you make the right choice. You can ask for a free moving estimate or get a quote from Manhattan residential movers that rent trucks and get the right one for you.

Check if the company you are renting a truck from has a trailer. They will help you load the truck and bring items from the door to the truck. However, the best way to avoid moving injuries and items being broken is to get help from professionals. Do not think that this is a waste of money. Sometimes, you can break more items and pay for the repair more than the professional will cost you to relocate your items safely.

Search for dollies

If you are an amateur when it comes to relocation, you should know that there are a few types of dollies. You will need appliance dollies, utility dollies, and furniture dollies. Getting dollies will help you with moving heavy boxes and bulky pieces of furniture to load the truck and reverse, to unload it.

man loading a truck
Get some dollies to help you load your truck

How can you save money when getting moving supplies for an easy move?

Getting moving supplies can be more expensive than hiring movers Staten Island has. That is why there are some tips on how to save more money when getting moving supplies. The number one tip is that instead of packing paper or wrapping materials, you can use your towels and clothes. You can wrap the fragile items in towels and make sure that they do not break. This way you will not have to pay for some extra packing materials. On the other hand, you will need to do some extra washing of the clothes and towels once you unpack.

man thinking
Packing can be tricky, but it’s always easier with help.

Use your clothes to fill the gaps in the boxes. Two great things can come out of this. You will need fewer boxes to pack the clothes and you will not need additional moving supplies to warp and protect the items. Just make sure that the clothes you are packing in the boxes to fill the gaps are not your favorite ones. They can both be damaged during the relocation. Be careful when you calculate the moving supplies for an easy move when you get them by yourself. Check with the moving company how much will the whole moving process cost and calculate if it is profitable for you to do it yourself.

Additional tip

You can always rent storage units. Here you can place the items you are not sure that you have paced in the proper way. And even if you do not want to move them or you do not have enough money to pack them and load them in a bigger truck, you can keep them safe in the storage unit.

Getting moving supplies for an easy move can be a really easy task if you know what you are searching for. That is why making the checklist, decluttering items, and being well organized is a key to a successful move. You can either get help from the professionals, or you can do it by yourself. Calculate the amount of money you will need for both types of relocation. See which one of those is the most suitable for you. And get ready for some of the greatest moving experiences ever.

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