The Best Places To Move From NYC

People like to say that the world is your oyster, and that’s especially true if you are living in New York City. However, life in NYC might not be suitable for everyone. So if you happen to realize that you aren’t as happy as you thought you might be after moving to New York City, you can just as easily move to some other place. At Best Movers NYC, we have the first-hand experience of how huge the number of people who move from or to New York City is on a yearly basis. And if you are thinking about relocating to a more different area, here are the best places to move from NYC. We have tried to present you with diversity and some fine options that we think you are going to like.

The five best places to move from NYC

Of course, we have to begin by saying that the best place for you depends on what you want and need. Whether you are a young professional, a family-oriented person, or a retiree, the United States of America offers numerous options for people of all likes and preferences. All you have to do is put some effort into finding your match.

New York City's skyline.
Not thrilled about being a New Yorker? No worries – here’s how to change that.


The City of Chicago is one of the largest and most populous cities in the U.S. Chicago is well-known for its bold architecture and a skyline that’s punctuated by skyscrapers. With an abundance of coffee shops, entertainment venues, parks, schools, shopping malls, restaurants, etc, Chicago can offer you pretty much all of the amenities of New York. That’s why we think that moving from NYC to Chicago is perfect for those people who are looking for a change of scenery but aren’t interested in changing their lifestyle too drastically. After all, Chicago, just like New York, is a concrete jungle.

Los Angeles

Unlike Chicago, a city which is very much like New York, Los Angeles is going to present a serious change in life. The East Coast and the West Coast are like apples and oranges – they can’t be compared. Lost Angeles is a place with a much warmer climate, and it’s a city where a completely different set of values is respected. After all, Los Angeles is all about the glitz and glam and that old Hollywood lifestyle.

So when will moving from NYC to LA be the right decision for you? Well, once you want to migrate to a warmer climate and possibly meet a movie star or two, then you ought to pack your bags and move to LA. Of course, you might have a dream of becoming a movie star yourself. That’s also the perfect reason for you to make Los Angeles your home sweet home.

A highway in front of LA.
Los Angeles is one of the best places to move from NYC simply because it’s so different.

New Jersey

Are you looking for something that’s more peaceful but still close enough? Then New Jersey might be one of the best places to move from NYC. After all, you can reach New York City after moving from NYC to NJ by taking a ferry ride. Moving to New Jersey can be the best decision. Especially for those people who have gotten tired of living with New York’s hustle and bustle, but wish to keep their job in NYC. Usually, people who are in those kinds of situations decide to move to New Jersey because they find it easy to commute. Of course, this is simply our suggestion – you have the right to make your own decision.


There probably isn’t a lot that we need to say about Miami – one of the most famous cities in the United States. Usually, it’s hard to find a person that doesn’t at least like Miami, as the majority of people love it. Who might be best suited for Miami? Well, you first have to bear in mind that you are best suited for a certain city if you feel like it.

However, due to Miami’s nightlife and lifestyle, people who are most likely to find happiness in Miami are those who are looking for a good time. You can be sixty and interested in that kind of lifestyle or you can be twenty and not be interested in it at all. One thing is a certainty – by moving from NYC to Miami, you are definitely going to change your way of life. You can be the judge whether or not that’s a good thing.


How does a bit of that Southern hospitality sound like? Well, if you have always thought that people in the South were warm and hospitable and you have always found something attractive in that kind of a lifestyle, then Dallas will be the right place for you. There’s a pretty good reason why we have chosen Dallas and not some other city in the South.

A view of Dallas - one of the best places to move from NYC.
Who knows – you might fall in love with Dallas!

Dallas is a modern metropolis that’s also a cultural hub of the region. Ring any bells? Well, that’s because you won’t have to get accustomed to small-town living after moving from NYC to Dallas. Even though Dallas is a big city, it still might be a bit more peaceful than New York. That’s why it’s perfect for those people who are looking for a slight change but still a change nonetheless.

How can you tell what are the best places to move from NYC for you?

Well, the answer is a simple one – do your own research. There are so many beautiful cities in the United States that it should be simple to decide. The number one thing you need to take into consideration is what you need. Do you want to have some peace and tranquility? Would you like to move to a sunnier region? Or do you prefer cold places? Remember – there are no right or wrong answers, so let your imagination roam free. To find the best places to move from NYC, all you have to do is look. We are sure that the right answer is in front of you.

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