The best NYC neighborhoods for real estate investors in 2022

The biggest challenge for real estate investors in New York City is whether the purchase is smart. People do not like taking risks, and, somehow, no matter where you invest in NYC you will make a smart decision. Buying and investing in NYC means that you are up to big challenges and competition between many people trying to find the property and the real estate worth buying or renting. If you are looking for a place to invest, NYC is definitely the area you should be exploring. So, for all of you thinking about the best NYC neighborhoods for real estate investors and how to choose the most valuable and the best one, you should check out this guide. And once you determine, whether you are buying it for yourself or if you wish to rent, you should consider hiring some of the best movers New York has and making sure your relocation is taken care of by professionals.

The best NYC neighborhoods for real estate investors

You cannot separate one particular area where it will be a great chance to invest in real estate. You will need to make a choice based on your needs, the purpose of buying, and many other things. That is why the areas in this guide are separated into small groups that will help you determine the best to move with some of the best local movers NYC has and invest in a beautiful home.

NYC buildings photographed from above
Explore all the best NYC neighborhoods for real estate investors and pick one that suits you

Invest in places where young renters choose to live

  1. Lower East Side
  2. East Village,
  3. Bushwick
  4. Bed-Stuy

Have in mind that all of these places have suffered from the pandemic and that people did not rent as much during this period as they used to. However, since the situation has changed this year, you should consider investing here. Young people, from students to young professionals, choose these places for many reasons. One of them is that these places are authentic. You will find many streets and parts of these neighborhoods with ornaments and restaurants you will not see anywhere else in New York City. The downside is that the number of homeless persons has increased. If you do decide to relocate to this area, make sure to do so with the most reliable movers Manhattan has. Young people will pay a lot to live here. Some statistics show that they are willing to pay over $5000 a month, so they surely see the value in this part of the city.

For each and every one of these places listed, you will be able to find a place to invest. You need to figure out how much money you are willing to spend here and how fast it will pay back. But according to the numbers we have given you, you will get your invested money real quick. You will start earning money from renting faster than you think.

Bushwick and Bed-Stuy – are they different than the previous ones listed as the best NYC neighborhoods for real estate investors?

The only difference here is that these places are a lot closer to the subway and you will find many people choosing these two based on this fact. Everything is closer to some of the major stations and you’ll get from one part of New York City to another one in no time. An easy commute is one of the top priorities when young people choose a new place for living.

one of the best NYC neighborhoods for real estate investors seen from above
Find places that have an easy commute to make your life in NYC easier

The best NYC neighborhoods for real estate investors looking for unique places

  1. Tribeca
  2. West Village

Most people living here feel a strong connection to the neighborhoods. They take part in everything that is going on in their neighborhood and they do not like to hear anyone speaking badly about their homes. Moving here with Manhattan residential movers will mean that you will really need to step up and show the community you respect this area and want it to be your home.

This is maybe the biggest reason why you will not have competition once you decide on investing in real estate here. There aren’t many people who will decide to buy or rent a place here knowing the situation with the community. However, none of the people who have bought the property here have made a mistake. The places they have are already rented. For example, there are currently only 33 places in Tribeca free to rent. This is something that brings value to the property. It is one of the most desirable neighborhoods and with fewer places to rent. That is why it is unique and presents an opportunity of a lifetime.

Looking for places that are newly developed with lots of amenities? Say no more

  1. Downtown Brooklyn
  2. Fort Greene,
  3. Dumbo,
  4. Williamsburg
  5. Clinton Hill

People will rent a home here because they find it too expensive to buy. However, if you explore and track the market you will find the best opportunity. Once you do, make sure you take that chance and invest in real estate here. There are numerous reasons for you not to miss it.

For starters, if you are planning to rent a home here, you should know what the potential renters are thinking. They want to live in a new development that is nice, finished, with high equipment, etc. They will look for buildings with doormen and make sure they have everything to create a home here. If you yourself are planning on moving here with some of the best movers Brooklyn has, you should know that these places draw in people with high salaries and professionals who are looking for their way to the top. That is why they will choose a place that will provide them with everything. Without leaving the building, they will have all the time in the world to focus on their work.

NYC view from a river
Each neighborhood has something special

Which one of the listed is the best NYC neighborhood for real estate investors?

Most of them choose Downtown Brooklyn. The main reason is that it is near the Brooklyn Academy of Music, where you will find everything you need. Move here with one of the best local movers Brooklyn has if you want to invest in your kids and your future. Another great reason to consider Downtown Brooklyn is that you will be in a place where the last 25-year tax reductions are available in the city. It is connected to other major places in New York City and the easy commute is just one of the benefits of investing here.

Williamsburg and Greenpoint are also NYC neighborhoods for real estate investors. You will be able to rent a place for over $2000 per foot. The money you invest at the beginning will pay off pretty soon.

Invest in neighborhoods where you can get a good price

  1. Washington Heights
  2. Central Harlem,
  3. Yorkville,
  4. Hell’s Kitchen
  5. Midtown West

If you are a real estate investor and you are looking for more affordable neighborhoods, these 5 listed ones should be just right for you. A lot of investors who already have homes and moved here would say that Yorkville is the most affordable one.

Many people looking for their new home, whether they are buyers or rented have started looking for places in Yorkville after the expansion of the Q train. That is why most people choose on working here while living in any other part of New York City. For example, if you have just moved to Staten Island with some of the best movers Staten Island has, you will have an easy commute to work. This also means that values have increased also. Compared to some other places in the same city, the median asking price in this neighborhood is around $1,900,000.

The other place that had a great increase is the neighborhood called Hell’s Kitchen. Over the last two or three years, there was a 13 percent increase to nearly 340 homes for sale. You will be able to rent a place here for a lot more money than you ever thought so. And investing is not as expensive as in previous places.

NYC at night
Find places where there is rich nightlife if your focus group is young people

Why do people choose Midtown East when they look for the best NYC neighborhoods for real estate investors?

To start with, it is a perfect place for everyone looking to start or expand their business. Office spaces are really affordable here, so investing in this type of property will also be a good decision. There is a certain time of the year when everyone is looking for a new chance and opportunity to develop their job. You can find a space you can offer to rent at a reasonable price and get your income rise by renting these places. Of course, the thing you will need to do that will take some time is explore and track the market. And to find a great moving company to help you with your commercial relocation.

When it comes to hiring the best moving company to relocate your office supplies and equipment, you should think about hiring some of the top commercial movers Manhattan residents trust.

However, no matter at what time of the year you decide on investing here in office spaces, you will not make a mistake. There are even places that have a combination of office spaces and apartments. There are many people that are working from home, and this combination is a blast for them. And it will be for you too.

What are the prices in Central Harlem like?

Central Harlem is somewhat more affordable than Manhattan, but what does this truly mean? For instance, back in 2019, you couldn’t rent a decently sized place below $4000. Now, you can rent two bedroom apartment for just over $5,000. Years ago, real estate investors did not have this chance and opportunity. So, once you find a place to buy for $400,000 or $600,000, you shouldn’t let the opportunity pass you by. For those of you who are thinking of buying your own home here, check out the area from 125th to 155th Street. Moving here with Manhattan residential movers will be the right call for you and everyone in your family.

a beautiful sunset in one of the NYC neighborhoods for real estate investors
If you track the market you should find a place to invest in real quick

What to look for in a neighborhood before investing in real estate there?

Investing in real estate is not just about choosing a good-looking building. It is way more. So look beyond the surface of a property and make sure you know what you are doing. This means that you need to know what are your priorities and to which group of people you will rent the real estate you invest in. Look at what is happening in neighborhoods nearby. If there are not safe and you cannot find good schools think about decorating and organizing a home for people who do not have kids.

You should also check if there is something new happening here. Are there any parks that are about to be opened? How many and which restaurants you can find nearby? Is there a new school that is about to be built? All of these questions are something you need to ask yourself before investing in real estate. While this isn’t easy, if you are determined enough, you should be fine no matter where you invest in New York City.

buildings in NYC
Think about your personal reasons for investing in one of the NYC neighborhoods for real estate investors and you’ll have your answer

Keep in mind that renters pay to live in a certain place for a reason. Figure out the reason for people living in a certain neighborhood and you will be able to determine whether you should invest there or not. All of these NYC neighborhoods for real estate investors have something in common – they’re all impressive locations you’ll be satisfied with. No matter where you choose to invest, you will make the right call you won’t regret.

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