The Best Neighborhoods in NYC to Rent an Office

Finding the perfect office space is very important. Choosing the right office can not only help a business grow but also boost productivity and creativity. That’s why you should make sure to choose an office that looks and feels right. However, you should also make sure to rent office space in a place that’s well-suited for an office. No one denies that New York, in general, is the place to be if you’re hoping to start or grow a business. But not all parts of NYC are equally as good for an office. But unlike finding reliable movers through Best Movers NYC, finding a neighborhood to rent an office in can be hard work. Luckily for you, we’ll help you narrow the search. Here are our top picks for the best neighborhoods in NYC to rent an office in?

Top neighborhoods in NYC for an office

New York has a lot to offer for working people. Not just in terms of work opportunities but also resources. For example, there’s no better place for networking than NYC. Fact! But aside from that, New York makes finding a new office space and moving an office a lot easier than other cities. That’s mostly due to NYC’s focus on business, the above-mentioned opportunities, as well as great commercial movers NYC business owners wholeheartedly recommend. But above all, NYC offers some of the best neighborhoods for renting an office.

A landscape of New York.
NYC is one of the best places in the world for starting or growing a business!

Midtown Manhattan – The absolute best neighborhood in NYC for renting an office

Looking for that movie-like, business-oriented neighborhood? Then Midtown Manhattan is what you’re looking for! It’s the largest central business district in the world and is home to thousands of businesses and corporations. Ernst and Young, Bank of America, Boston Consulting Group, and Twitter, are just some of the renowned companies that made their home there. The aesthetic of the neighborhood is also very businessy as well as modern and urban. It’s no wonder why many businesses gravitate towards it.

If all of this sounds too good to be true, it’s because it actually may be. Renting office space in NYC  is almost always expensive. But unfortunately, Midtown Manhattan is one of the priciest parts of NYC. The average rent is roughly $76 per square foot, which is significantly more than in some other parts of NYC. But for those who can afford it, they certainly won’t regret it! Renting an office in one of the best neighborhoods NYC has to offer for business ventures will certainly pay off!

Plaza District – Midtown’s more sophisticated older brother

Plaza District offers all of the same perks and benefits as Midtown Manhattan, but it has a different vibe. It is a very sophisticated neighborhood with business-oriented yet very classy architecture. That’s why many prestigious financial and consulting firms, like Deloitte, JP Morgan, and Accenture, decided to make Plaza District their home. So if prestige is something you’re after, make sure to consider this wonderful neighborhood.

As well as with the Midtown Manhattan, rent can get quite pricy. Rent goes for as high as $94.19 per square foot! Ouch, that’s got to hurt the wallet. It may not be worth it for a fresh or a small business, but Plaza District is definitely one of the top places for renting offices in NYC. That is if you can afford to. Sometimes it’s about making a reasonable choice, and not the “absolute best” choice.

A very luxurious office.
Plaza District offers the most luxury out of all NYC neighborhoods!

The Columbus Circle – A more affordable choice many people can afford

And now, for us regular folk. Columbus Circle is known to many and for a good reason. This wonderful neighborhood is the cultural and intellectual hub of NYC. The streets are lined with well-kept tree rows that add something extra to the elegance of the historic architecture. If you find it important to be in an intellectually stimulating environment, Columbus Circle is the place for you. After all, the American Museum of Natural History will be just around the corner or down the street from your office.

Luckily, when it comes to Columbus Circle, prices are not as steep as with the earlier neighborhoods. Despite it being considered one of the best places to rent an office, Columbus Circle is still affordable. The average rent is about $58 per square foot which probably doesn’t sound as bad as previous options.

Always stay true to yourself

Some neighborhoods are considered better than others for renting an office. However, A neighborhood that’s perfect for everyone else may not be perfect for you. Just like choosing movers out of all the moving companies NYC has to offer is very personal, so is picking a neighborhood for your future office. The above-mentioned neighborhoods are considered to be crème de la crème of NYC for business. However, that doesn’t mean that any of them have to be the right choice for you. You may prefer to rent office space in Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, or the suburbs. As long as you’re happy, it doesn’t really matter what’s consider the best or not the best. So research and inform yourself, but make sure to stay true to your personal preferences and desires.

A woman working in her office.
It’s very important to be happy with your office, be it in one of the best neighborhoods in NYC to rent an office in or someplace else!

Almost every neighborhood in NYC is the best place to rent an office for someone

A great office can help you grow and boost your business. And how exactly does it do so? It does so by making you happy, satisfied, and productive. And if you’re all those things you’ll be working much harder and be more creative. Where your office is, is just as important as how you feel in it. Your office should be convenient to get to as well as make you happy when you look out of the window. But the location of your office can also help your business directly by putting you in the epicenter of the NYC business world. That’s why you should choose the location of your office wisely within one of the best neighborhoods in NYC to rent an office in!

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