The best neighborhoods in Brooklyn to raise a family

The first thing that comes to people’s minds when thinking about moving to New York is the adventurous lifestyle of the Big Apple – a city that never sleeps. But New York is not only about partying, nightlife and business. New York offers more than that. It’s a city of endless possibilities. And when we say endless possibilities, we mean that there’s something for everyone. Whether you opt for fabulous nightlife, a career, or you are looking for quiet family life, NY is an excellent choice. Yes, you’ve heard it well. NY offers a quality family life. Now, you may wonder what NYC neighborhood to choose? No matter which one you choose, you certainly won’t regret it – especially Brooklyn. But, what are the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn to raise a family? If you’re not sure, don’t worry. Best Movers NY prepared a list to help you decide.

Areal photography of a neighborhood
Finding a perfect neighborhood is equally important as finding a house

Why Brooklyn?

Whether you are new to New York or already a resident, it is not easy to decide what neighborhood to choose. There are many things to consider before picking the most suitable one. The decision may be even harder to make if when you are moving with your family. Work, school, commute, recreation – all these play a key role in choosing the best neighborhood area to raise a family. So, Brooklyn is a perfect choice. Its walkability, sense of community, and family-friendly activities are ideal for family life. You’ll definitely call it home. Besides, rental rates and property taxes are more affordable if you are searching for a multiple-room house. If Brooklyn is your choice, best movers Brooklyn can help you with your move. We will be glad to be a part of your family’s relocation. Let us make it an enjoyable experience.

Factors to think about when choosing the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn to raise a family

There are about 77 neighborhoods in Brooklyn, which, you’ll agree, makes it very hard to decide which one to choose. To make your choice easier, we’ve prepared you a list of things you should keep in mind when deciding on the best one.

  • Safety – the well-being of your family is every man’s main concern. Choose a neighborhood that has low crime rates.
  • Schools – Education is your top priority, so choosing the right school is essential in raising your children. Bear in mind that moving is a very stressful event in your children’s lives, so make this transition easier for them by choosing the appropriate school.
  • Walkability – In order not to spend much time driving to work or taking your children to school. Find a neighborhood that has good walkability.
  • Public Transportation – If you don’t have a car, you need to find a neighborhood that has a good transportation system.
  • Activities – You don’t want your children to commute long to have some fun, so find a neighborhood where you can easily get to their favorite recreational places.
  • Community – A strong community system will make your life easier.

If Brooklyn is your choice, think about what kind of environment you want to live in. But, before you decide, read our list of the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn to raise a family.

Top three best neighborhoods in Brooklyn to raise a family

Everyone has different tastes and requirements about the best places to live. However, sometimes we would appreciate getting some hints. We’ve prepared a list of the top three best neighborhoods in Brooklyn to raise a family. If these three are on your research list, then our choice can help you reduce it. No matter which neighborhood you choose, local movers Brooklyn are at your disposal.

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Home is where your heart is, so listen to your instincts when choosing the best neighborhoods In Brooklyn to raise a family.

Park Slope

Located in Northern Brooklyn, Park Slope is one of the biggest neighborhoods in the Brooklyn area. It has drastically developed in recent years, so it is no surprise that Park Slope offers some of the best educational institutions, both public and private – Berkly Caroll school being one of the most popular. Besides, safety is one of the main reasons for families choosing this neighborhood. Also, its diversity is what attracts families the most. Greenspaces, architecture aesthetics, children-friendly places, business amenities, the abundance of cafes and restaurants, and many more make Park Slope a very appealing area. And, if you want to rest from the busy streets, you can always visit the amazing Prospect Park. However, the only downside of this neighborhood may be higher rents. 

Brooklyn Heights

What makes this neighborhood attractive to families is its naturally-friendly environment. It is located across the East River from lower Manhattan. Brooklyn Heights stays loyal to the system of row-houses with minimal high-building construction. Not to forget its waterfront promenade that is perfect for long, family walks. The neighborhood constantly improves, which you can see in the demand for more schools. Despite the improvements, it has preserved the family’s sense of living. Another advantage of living in Brooklyn Heights is that its downtown is easily walkable as well as other neighborhoods, such as DUMBO (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass). The popularity of the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood mirrors in the home-rent demands.

Row houses neighborhood: best neighborhoods in Brooklyn to raise a family
Neighborhood aesthetics and the sense of community is what makes family life enjoyable

Bay Ridge

This neighborhood is one of the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn to raise a family. It is home to generations of families with amazing cultural diversity. Its strong community is what makes this neighborhood a perfect place for raising children. Bay Ridge residents advocate for keeping its unique old architecture, thus protecting it from overbuilding and massive development. If you want to settle in a quiet residential area, then Bay Ridge is a perfect choice. Also, it offers an excellent educational system.

Focus on finding the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn to raise a family and experience an enjoyable relocation with Best Movers NYC

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